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       Stand-Alone Photovoltaic Systems: A Handbook of Recommended Design Practices                                               (SAND87-7023). Soft
        cover, spiral-bound, 436 pages. Presents recommended design practices for stand-alone photovoltaic (PV) systems. System-level tradeoffs
        necessary for any PV application are discussed. Presented are: a system sizing method that can be completed without access to a computer,
        instructions and blank worksheets, and 15 specific examples of PV systems designed to meet a wide range of applications. Each example includes
        sizing, design, hardware specifications, installation description, and cost information.

       Maintenance and Operation of Stand-Alone Photovoltaic Systems Soft cover, spiral-bound, 247 pages. A guide for
        engineers, planners, maintenance supervisors, and all maintenance personnel involved in the operation, inspection, troubleshooting, repair, and
        maintenance of PV systems. It is designed to be used in the field by the personnel performing the actual inspection, maintenance, or repair of solar
        power systems.

       Working Safely with Photovoltaic Systems Soft cover, 27 pages. This booklet contains safety recommendations for people who
        work with PV systems.

       Water Pumping: The Solar Alternative (SAND87-0804). Soft cover, 56 pages. Provides an introduction to understanding the
        characteristics, including economics, of PV-powered water pumping systems. Although thousands of these systems exist worldwide, many potential
        users do not know how to decide whether or not PV pumping systems are an attractive option for them. This report provides current information on
        design options, feasibility assessment, and system procurement so that the reader can make an informed decision about water pumping systems,
        especially those powered with PV.

       Renew the Parks Soft cover, spiral-bound, 47 pages. Sandia's PV Systems Assistance Center staff worked with the National Park Service
        (NPS) in 1994 to survey and assess current PV systems and potential application opportunities throughout 367 NPS units. This document, which is
        a summary of the results of that survey, also identifies barriers to PV use and includes listings of NPS existing PV systems and proposed PV
        projects, NPS guidelines on environmental emissions and electrical power generation, and a draft Sandia-generated renewable energy site

       Renew the Forests (SAND96-1466). Soft cover, spiral-bound, 59 pages. The USDA Forest Service and DOE, through Sandia’s PV
        Systems Assistance Center, formed a partnership to expand the use of photovoltaics and other renewable energy systems in the nation’s forests. Its
        work includes a comprehensive survey of current Forest Service use of photovoltaics, and the development of pilot projects. The survey identified
        more than 500 existing photovoltaic systems and better than 98 percent owner satisfaction with the systems’ performance. In addition, more than
        200 potential applications for photovoltaic systems were identified based on current power needs. This document describes the results of the first
        phase of this work and gives synopses of 11 of its pilot projects.

       Renew the Public Lands (SAND96-2660). Soft cover, spiral-bound, 44 pages. The Bureau of Land Management and DOE, through
        Sandia National Laboratories, have partnered to expand the use of PV and other renewable energy sources within the BLM. This publication
        describes and documents a comprehensive survey of current BLM PV use, and describes the success of several pilot projects.

       Evaluating Photovoltaic Applications (SAND93-0120). Soft cover, 11 pages. Booklet to help decision makers in electric utilities
        identify and evaluate possible applications for photovoltaics.

       Photovoltaic Systems for Utilities (SAND90-1378). Soft cover, 20 pages. This report discusses the use of PV technology within the
        electric utility industry. Current, cost-effective applications--those with immediate payback periods--are illustrated. Readers are given key technical
        factors that should be considered in determining whether PV is an appropriate choice to meet their energy needs.
   Photovoltaic Power as a Utility Service: Guidelines for Livestock Water Pumping (SAND93-7043). Soft cover,
    116 pages. Technical report on how to use PV for pumping water for livestock, primarily aimed at utilities. Includes utilities' experiences with this

   The Interconnection Issues of Utility-Intertied Photovoltaic Systems (SAND87-3146). Soft cover, 28 pages. For PV
    to realize its potential as a significant contributor to U.S. energy requirements, PV systems must be capable of benign interconnections with existing
    electric utility systems. Technical questions, including such issues as how the PV system will respond to the dynamics of the utility system and how
    it will impact the quality of the utility's voltage and power, have to be discussed. In an effort to understand these questions and their answers, the
    National PV Program has amassed a significant data base concerning PV/utility interface issues. This report discusses technical issues associated
    directly with the PV/utility interface.

   The Interconnection of Photovoltaic Power Systems with the Utility Grid: An Overview for Utility
    Engineers (SAND94-1057). Soft cover, 40 pages. This report examines various aspects of and issues associated with the growing interest in
    interconnecting PV systems with utilities. Included are sections on barriers to widespread use, specific system design issues, utility-specific issues,
    and an overview of the design and installation process. It also presents a guide to applicable codes, standards, and related documents. Identifying
    and solving the potential problems associated with utility interconnection of dispersed power generation systems will assist in enabling the
    technology to develop and emerge into the marketplace.

   Photovoltaic Power Systems and The National Electrical Code: Suggested Practices (SAND2001-0674). Soft
    cover, spiral bound, 140 pages. This guide provides information on the NEC and how it relates to PV systems. It is not intended to interpret or
    replace the NEC; it merely paraphrases the NEC and aligns information contained in the NEC with PV subsystems. This material is not intended to
    be a design guide nor an instruction manual for an untrained person. Furthermore, it is not intended to cover all aspects of the NEC or PV systems--
    it must be used in conjunction with the full text of the NEC.

   Solar Photovoltaics for Development Applications (SAND93-1642). Soft cover, 48 pages. Introduces PV technology to those
    specializing in development activities. Examples of actual installations illustrate the many services supplied by PV systems in development
    applications, including water pumping, lighting, health care, refrigeration, communications, and a variety of productive uses. The various aspects of
    the technology are explored to help potential users evaluate whether PV can assist in achieving their organizational goals. Basic system design,
    financing techniques, and the importance of infrastructure are included, along with additional sources of information and major U.S. PV system

   Power Where You Need It: The Promise of Photovoltaics                                 (SAND2000-1124). Soft cover, 52 pages. Features 200 color
    photographs of photovoltaic installations throughout the United States, illustrating the diversity of PV. Minimal text highlights how PV can bene-
    fit individual homeowners, utilities, the military, and others. Designed to expand the possibilities for using PV as an enabling technology.

   The Solar Way: Photovoltaics on Indian Lands                          (SAND2001-3863P). Soft cover, 60 pages. Features 150 color photographs
    of photovoltaic installations located on Indian lands throughout the United States, illustrating how PV meets the needs of Indian tribes as they seek
    to abide by the Seven Generations philosophy. Includes tribal and other contacts.

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