Treasurers report

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					Treasurers report

    AGM 2009
         Adoption Accounts
• Move to adopt the accounts for the year
  2008-2009 as presented in the Annual
  report before you
          Set the subs rates
• I now move to adopt the subscription rate
  for 2010-2011
• I have looked at the likely rate of increase
  to our costs for this year – 1% nalc
  increase, 3% increase in agency fee to
  CCD (contractual), other costs impacting
  on local authority rate of increase of 1.8%
• Overall rate of increase on existing budget
              Subs rates
• You have recommendation of 2% increase
  in front of you
• If you decide on a different rate of
  increase, I will revise the budget for the
  consideration of the GP and County
• I do not want to take the reserves below
  amount of CCD agency fee
Some budgetary considerations
• VAT registration will have some impact on
  our finances – not yet known
• Rebranding will have some cost
  implications (new display material, revised
  web site)
• Uncertainty about external support
• Uncertainty relating to economic climate
        1% subs rate increase
• Will need to use some funds from reserves
• Will need to look at budget headings –
  which can do
• Eg fewer newsletters per year, less
  attendance at external meetings, all
  training events will need to break even (as
  a minimum)
• Will not be able to increase service to
  members if demanded eg through LGR