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PumpWerks Productions


									    PumpWerks Productions
                             at “The Compound”
                  …No Work & All Play!!!
…..taking your band to the next level!!!

Has your band played a few gigs? Recorded a demo in your basement? Had your friend
take a band photo?....

Not sure where to go from here?

PumpWerks Productions picks up where other rock & roll and music programs left off….

Various packages offered… All packages are 3 hours/day for 5 days, (except for The Big
Kahuna, which is 3 hours/day for 2 weeks), and include a live performance in a major
music venue in the Boulder/Denver, CO area.
All packages include your group working intensively with a professional music producer
with over 25 years experience in the music industry and over 15 years in music
education. See below for experience and resume.

The Producer Package…
This package includes your group working intensively, 1 on 1 with a music producer.
Your group will perform at a major music venue in the Boulder/Denver area. Want some
help with that “elusive” chorus? Need to come up with a cool bridge? Want to smooth
out some rough edges? Just not sure what to do with that cool idea you have…. This is
the basic package, and included in every other package.
1 week

The Press Kit Package…
This package includes The Producer Package, with the addition of extensive group
discussions as to, “What is a press kit, and why we need one”. Each group will discuss
and create a professional press kit. This includes a shrink wrapped professional studio
demo recording, group bio, stage layout/input list, etc. Learn and discuss various studio
recording techniques, and record in a professional studio environment. We will discuss
CD and CD insert design. Each group will create their own demo CD with insert. Each
member of the group will get a demo master and a computer file of all press kit material
to make as many copies as you’d like. Every group also gets 10 finished copies of the
press kit (including an 8 ½ X 11 promo picture, group bio, stage layout/input list, and
shrink wrapped professional studio demo) ready to be given to music venues to start
getting gigs!!
Length depends on studio schedule. 1 week minimum.

The Studio Demo Package…
Same as The Press Kit Package but with studio demo CD only (no written press kit
materials or 8 ½ X 11).

The Written Press Kit Materials Only Package…
Same as The Press Kit Package but with written press kit material and 8 ½ X 11 only
(no studio demo CD or recording).

The Public Relations/Promotion Package…
This package includes The Producer Package with the addition of extensive group
discussions as to, “What is public relations/promotion, and why we need it”. We will
discuss promotional marketing techniques and strategies, and ways to get your group out
there and known. Each group will create an 11 X 17 full color flyer/poster template and
3 X 5 full color handout template, as well as a sticker design. Your group will get 10
color flyers, 20 color handouts, and 100 stickers, as well as a computer file to print as
many of each as you’d like.
This package can be an addition to any package for a small fee per group member.

The Big Kahuna Package…
The name says it all!! This package includes The Producer Package, The Press Kit
Package, The Public Relations Package, and The How-To-Get-Gigs Package. You get it
all!! See ya at the gig!!!
2 weeks

The How-To-Get-Gigs (what a press kit is really for) Class…
This class offers extensive group discussions on how to get your group out playing.
We’ll discuss ways to find places to play and ways to approach venues/clubs and their
booking agents/owners. Organization of a booking calendar and contacts will be
stressed. Groups will see how press kits, demos, and public relations all play a major role
in getting your group out playing in public.
2 hour class

Haven’t played in a group before but always wanted to? Haven’t found a band yet?
Give us a call…. Let’s see what we can do!!!

Always give a call. We can discuss and arrange a custom a package that
fits your groups’ needs.


     Credentials and Resume
      Former director of Rock & Roll Camps at Dog House Music
      Instrumental Music Director at New Vista High School (Boulder Valley Public
       School District)
      Instrumental Music Director at George L. Bridge School (private school in
       Boulder County)
      Hold a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Music Performance from Denver
       University (The Lamont School of Music)
      Studied music theory at University of Northern Colorado for 2 years
      Licensed teacher in the State of Colorado
      All Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) and Colorado Bureau of Investigations
       (CBI) background checks complete in order to teach
      Certified in CPR and First Aid as required.
      Producer, group music instructor/coach, and private music instructor over 10
      Owner of the previous PumpWerks Productions (different company with same
       name) a booking agency, public relations, and recording facility. Numerous
       groups have been recorded and had been put on national tour
      Professional freelance bass player (both electric and upright) for over 25 years,
       has toured extensively (nationally and internationally) and recorded (studio and
       live) on numerous projects and jingles…and still is!!
      My mom thinks I’m the greatest…(if I didn’t write this, she’d kill me!!)

For a complete resume, go to Click on Resume.

For a complete biography, go to or

For press, go to for some
recent coverage on Channel 4 News (11/28/2008) or for some coverage in

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