PFD676-60 DIESEL GENSET Powered by DOOSAN Engine by nul66065


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PFD676-60 DIESEL GENSET                                                         Powered by DOOSAN Engine

                                                                  Model No.                             PFD676-60

                                                                  Prime Power              kW/kVA       541/676

                                                                  Standby Power             kW/kVA      600/750

                                                                  Engine Model                          P222LE

                                                                  Alternator Model                      MP-480-4

                                                                  Dimensions                mm          3440*1400*1850

  Image shown may not reflect actual package.
                                                                  Weight                    kg          3350

Prime Power (PRP): Prime power is available for an unlimited number of annual hours in variable load application, in accordance
with GB/T2820-97(eqvISO8528): A 10% overload capability is available for a period of 1hour within 12-hour period of operation.

Standby Power (ESP): The Standby Power is applicable for supplying emergency power for the duration of a utility power
interruption. No overload, utility parallel or negotiated outage operation capability is available at this rating.

Ambient reference conditions:altitude 1000m, air pressure 100kpar, relative humidity 40%, ambient temperature 40℃.

Standard Specifications

General Features                                                Electric Data
 ◆   400/230V, 60Hz at 1800rpm, 3-Phase, 0.8pf                  Voltage                  400/230V(1)
 ◆   DOOSAN engine with Marathon alternator                     Frequency                60Hz (2)
 ◆     Electric start, electric speed governor                  Connecting type          3 phase 4 wires
 ◆     24V Charge alternator                                    Power factor             0.8(lagging)
 ◆     Dry type air filter, fuel filter, oil filter             Exciter type             Single bearing brushless, self exciting
 ◆     Single bearing alternator                                Insulation class         H/H
 ◆     Class "H" insulation, IP22 protection grade              Protection grade         IP21/IP23
 ◆     Main line circuit breaker                                Voltage control          AVR
 ◆     Manual control panel                                                              ≤2.5%(stead state)
 ◆     Optional digital control panel                           Voltage regulation
                                                                                         ≤(-20~+25)% (transient state)
 ◆     Battery and connect wires
                                                                Volt. stable time        ≤1.5S
 ◆     Flexible pipe and silencer
 ◆     User manual and documents                                Voltage waving           ≤1%

 ◆     Full function test before dispatch                                                ≤5%(stead state)
                                                                Frcy. regulation
                                                                                         ≤+10)% (transient state)
Standards & Certifications                                      Frcy. recover time       ≤5S

  ISO8528, GB/T2820, ISO3046, BS4999,                           Frequency waving         ≤1%

  BS5000PT99、AS1359, IEC34                                      Comments
                                                                (1)Voltage 220/110V, 380/230V,415/240V,440/254 are available
  UTE5100, VDE0530                                               (2) Above data are based on 50Hz products. For 60Hz product,
  ISO9001:2000, ISO14001                                             please contact us.

           Materials and sepecifications are subject to change without prior notice                      2008 DALIAN PUYANG
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ENGINE SPECIFICATIONS                                                                             DOOSAN Engine

Manufacturer/brand:             DOOSAN                           Key Features
Model No:                       P222LE                             As an integrated engine manufacturer, DOOSAN company is
                                                                   a business enterprise specializing in producing a variety of
Engine Type:                    12V, 4 -cycle
                                                                   diesel engines for marine and stationary installation as well.
Max. Engine Power        kW     650                                The company has taken a leading role to build up the image
Aspirate:                       Turbocharged, inter cooled         of ¡Korea¡ as the world¡s top shipbuilding country. In
Governor Type                   Electronic governor                addition, the engines manufactured by the company around
                                                                   the world are lightening up every corner of those places of
Cooling Method:                 Forced water circulation
                                                                   isolated islands and remote areas.
Number of cylinders:            12
                                                                 Main advantages
Bore x stroke:           mm     128*142                            ◆   Small volume and light weight
Displacement :           L      21.93                              ◆   Extremely compact design and powerful .
                                                                   ◆   Advanced exhaust turbo-charging and air-air inter cooling
Compression ratio:              N/A
Fuel consumption:                                                  ◆   High efficiency and operational reliability.
     75%                 L/hr                                      ◆   Very low noise emission
     100%                L/hr   130.1                              ◆   12 / 24V starting motor and charge engine.
                                                                   ◆   All accessories, 3 filters and electric systems are
Lub. Oil Capacity:       L      43
Coolant Capacity:        L      113                                ◆   Four valves for each cylinder and direct fuel injection
Exhaust Gas Volume                                                     increases power output and reduce fuel consumption
m3 /min
                                                                   ◆   Extremely low oil consumption
Exhaust Temp.           ℃       584

AC Alternator Specifications
                                                                 Technical Data
◆   2/3 pitch design avoids excessive neutral currents and
                                                                 Manufacturer :                 Marathon
    also ensures very low waveform distortion
                                                                 Model No.                      MP-480-4
◆   Brushless alternator with brushless pilot exciter for
                                                                 Voltage:                       400/230V
    excellent load response.
                                                                 Frequency:                     60Hz
◆   AVR or DVR Self regulation ensure the steady voltage
                                                                 Stator:                        2/3 pitch
    out put which benefit your equipment.
                                                                 Connecting type:               3 phase 4 wires
◆   Easy Paralleling with mains or other generators, 2/3
                                                                 Power factor:                  0.8(lagging)
    pitch stator windings avoid excessive neutral currents.
                                                                 Exciter type:                  Brushless, self excited
◆   .Alternators meet the requirement of NEMA, IEC, IEEE,
                                                                 Insulation class:              H/H
    CSA, BS which ensure the high quality performance.
                                                                 Protection grade:              IP21/23
◆   Self driven cooling fan ensure the working temperature.
                                                                 Alternator Cooling             Direct driven fan cooling
                                                                 Voltage control:               AVR
                                                                 Telephone Influence Factor     <50 per NEMA MG1-22.43

                                                                 Available Voltage
                                                                 For 50 Hz                     For 60 Hz
                                                                 ◆ 220/380                     ◆ 240/415

                                                                 ◆ 230/400                     ◆ 254/440

                                                                 ◆ 240/415                     ◆ 260/460

                                                                 ◆ 254/440                     ◆ 277/480

            Materials and sepecifications are subject to change without prior notice                        2008 DALIAN PUYANG
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PK-01 Manual Control Panel
General display
 ◆ Genset Voltage
 ◆ Genset AC
 ◆ Genset Frequency
 ◆ Running hour counter
 ◆ Engine oil pressure
 ◆ Engine oil temperature
 ◆ Coolant water temperature

Warning & shutdown protection
    ◆ Manual Engine Control Module
                                                                      Genset Meters
    ◆ Low Oil Pressure
    ◆ High Engine Temperature                                         Select Switch
    ◆ Auxiliary Shutdown
    ◆ Over speed Protection
                                                                      Engine Gauges
    ◆ Protection hold-off timer
    ◆ Charge Failure warning                                                                   PK-01 Manual Control Panel

PK-02 Atomatic Control Panel (6100 Module)
General Introduction
Model 6100 is the basic configuration for nobody on duty
controlling generators. Auto start as the main power failure.
Auto control system, with large LCD display in English with auto
Control Panel, generator are of various functions such as auto /
manual stop (emergency stop), programmable plugs for input
and output, detected data, symbols, diagram will show in the
LCD, etc.
                                                                                               PK-02 Automatic Control Panel

Warnning Functions Shutdown Functions
◆ Over current                    ●   Low oil pressure
◆ Start battery over voltage      ●   High temperature                                                 Emergency Stop
◆ Start battery under voltage     ●   Fail to crank
◆ Low fuel level                  ●   Fail to shutdown
◆ Low water level                 ●   Emergency stop
◆ High temperature                ●   Remote emergency stop
◆ Low oil pressure
                                  ●   Genset voltage abnormal
◆ Misplace                                                          LCD Display
                                  ●   Over voltage
◆ Auxiliary warning
                                  ●   Lost of speed signal         ◆Genset Voltage (V)          ◆Mains Voltage (V)
◆ Battery charger lose
                                  ●   Over speed                   ◆Genset Current (Am)         ◆Mains Current (Am)
◆ Inhibit crank
                                  ●   Under speed                  ◆Genset Frequency (Hz)       ◆Mains Frequency (Hz)
◆ Inhabit on load (log in )                                        ◆Genset Active Power (kW)    ◆Mains Active Power (kW)
                                  ●   Over frequency
◆ Low engine temperature                                           ◆Genset Apparent Power (kVA) ◆Mains Apparent Power (kVA)
                                  ●   Under frequency
◆ Switch off                                                       ◆Genset Power Factor         ◆Mains Power Factor
                                  ●   Battery charger lose
◆ High oil level                                                   ◆Genset Hour Count             
                                  ●   Auxiliary shutdown
◆ Low fuel pressure                                                ◆Genset Oil Pressure
◆ Fail to synchronous                                              ◆Genset Temperature          For more information, please
                                                                   ◆Genset Fuel Level           refer to 6100 control operation
             Materials and sepecifications are subject to change without prior notice                  2008 DALIAN PUYANG
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Standard Accessories                                                Optional Accessories

◆   Standard control panel (Manual control)                          ◆   Automatic control panel
                                                                     ◆   Intelligent battery charger
◆   Exhaust silencer with flexible pipe                              ◆   Automatic transfer switch (ATS)
◆   Battery, battery cables and battery rack                         ◆   Paralleled control panel
                                                                     ◆   Manual Sump Oil Drain Pump
◆   Shock absorber                                                   ◆   Soundproof /weatherproof canopy
◆   6-8hrs base fuel tank (for canopy type)                          ◆   Oil-water separator
                                                                     ◆   Water heater
◆   Dry type fuel filter, oil filter and air filter                  ◆   Fuel heater
                                                                     ◆   Trailer

Weight and dimensions

                                                                             PFD676-60 (Open set)
                                                                             Overall size (L*W*H), mm:

                                                                             Weight (kg):3350

                                                                              PFD676-60 (Canopy set)
                                                                              Overall size (L*W*H), mm:

                                                                              Weight (kg):

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