Project Homeless Connect for Lan by fjzhangweiqun


									Project Homeless Connect for Lane County
            February 7, 2008    -   9am to 3pm
  Lane Events Center at the Fairgrounds, 13th and Jefferson

Final Report 2008

I just want to say how proud I am of all the people who did such an amazing job of putting together
another Project Homeless Connect! I want to thank each and every one of those volunteers. If a
measure of a community is how they care for those in need, then I think these two years of PHC
demonstrate what a great community this is.

Kitty Piercy
Mayor of Eugene and PHC Honorary Co-Chair

For More Information about Project Homeless Connect for Lane County, contact:

Richie Weinman, Co-Chair, or (541) 682-5533

Pearl Wolfe, Co-Chair, or (541) 682-4629

or visit our website:

*Photo credits: Paul Neevel (color), Jon Christopher Meyers (black & white)

Project Homeless Connect for Lane County                          February 7, 2008      Page 2 of 17
                          PLANNING TEAM MEMBERS

                                                  Steering Committee
                                           Co-Chair                               City of Eugene
  Richie Weinman
                                           Steering Committee & Funding           Community Development
                                           Co-Chair                               Lane County
  Pearl Wolfe
                                           Steering Committee & Funding           Human Services Commission

                                                  Honorary Co -Chairs
  Faye Stewart                                                                               Tracy Lampman
                                Kitty Piercy                    Sid Leiken
  Chair, Lane County                                                                         Chair, United Way
                                Mayor, City of Eugene           Mayor, City of Springfield
  Board of Commissioners                                                                     of Lane County
  Sophia McDonald                          Staff Event Coordinator                Consultant

                                             Administrative Support
                                                                                  Lane County
  Diana Alldredge                          Administrative Support
                                                                                  Human Services Commission
  Dhenuka Hoffman                          Fiscal Director                        United Way of Lane County
                                           AmeriCorps/Vista                       Lane County Department of
  Matt Honore
                                           In Kind Donations                      Children and Families
                                                      Team Leaders
  Evelyn Anderton                          Service Providers                      Community Volunteer
  Susan Ban                                Service Providers                      ShelterCare

  Kate Barkley                             Public Relations/Media                 Community Volunteer
                                                                                  Convention & Visitors Association
  Lisa Lawton                              Public Relations/Media                 of Lane County, Oregon
                                           Logistics/Operations                   City of Springfield
  Kevin Ko
                                           Bicycle Repair                         Development Services
  Deleesa Meashintubby                     Medical                                Volunteers in Medicine
  Megan O’Connor, Elizabeth
                                           Volunteers                             United Way of Lane County
  Runté, Michelle Lowery
  Palmer Parker                                                                   Oregon Country Fair
  Tod Schneider                                                                   City of Eugene PD
  Lynda Rose                               Food                                   Cuisine with Class
  Diane Terrett                            Medical                                PacificSource Health Plans
  Laurie Trieger                           Guest Services                         Community Volunteer
                                                                                  Looking Glass - Youth & Family
  Eric Van Houten                          Guest Services and Outreach

Project Homeless Connect for Lane County                      February 7, 2008                         Page 3 of 17
                          Project Homeless Connect
                          2008 Service Area Leaders

                                              Service Area Leaders

  Donna Butera                             Homeless Students and Schools       Bethel School District

  Colleen Bauman                           Dental                              Dana’s Cheesecake Bakery

  Dan Budd                                 Food Services                       Food for Lane County

                                                                               Public Defender Services
  Marie Desmond                            Legal Services
                                                                               of Lane County

  Bev Farfan                               Greeters                            Lane Community College

  Jeff Geiger                              Rural Guest Outreach                Lane Education Service District

  Lyn Gilman-Garrick                       Animal Care Services                Pro-Bone-O

                                                                               Eugene Hearing and
  Laurence Hamblen                         Legal Services
                                                                               Speech Center

  Ben Hilberg                              Food/Durables/Kitchen               Lane Events Center

  B.J. Hurwich                             Recycling/Waste Management          Community Volunteer

  Diana Huntington                         Animal Care Services                Community Veterinary Center

                                                                               Cindy Ingram Bookings
  Cindy Ingram                             Entertainment
                                                                               and Promotions

  Eric Jones                               Website                             City of Eugene

  Val Haynes                               Dental                              Head Start of Lane County

                                                                               City of Eugene,
  Francesca Johnson                        Human Rights
                                                                               Human Rights Commission

  Robin Johnson                            Food Services                       Lane Community College

  Maresa Kirk                              Library Services                    City of Eugene Public Library

  Al King                                  Employment                          Lane Workforce Partnership

  Cary Lieberman                           Animal Care Services                Greenhill Humane Society, SPCA

Project Homeless Connect for Lane County                    February 7, 2008                        Page 4 of 17
                                     Service Area Leaders (c o nt i n ue d)

  Deb McGeorge                             Food Procurement                    Food for Lane County

  Bea Morrison                             Wellness                            ShelterCare/White Bird

  Pam Pomerleau                            Fairgrounds / Facilities            Lane County Event Center

  Kara Penniman                            Confidential Services               4J School Clinic - Mental Health

  David Robertson                          Food Service Oversight              Community Volunteer

  Dan Rupe                                 Veteran’s Services                  Veterans Reintegration Services

                                           Early Childhood and Parent
  Lise Schellman                                                               Relief Nursery

  Colleen Stewart                          Housing                             St. Vincent de Paul

  Stephanie Talbott                        Basic Needs                         Catholic Community Services

  Andy Vobora                              Transportation                      Lane Transit District (LTD)

                                                                               Lane Community College
  Clive Wanstall                           Food Services
                                                                               Culinary Program

  Rose Wilde                               Benefits                            Department of Human Services

  Mark Zolun                               Café Decor                          Iraila Restaurant

Project Homeless Connect for Lane County                    February 7, 2008                         Page 5 of 17

        Action Rental                                 Food for Lane County
        Adams Elementary School                       Frances and Dean Benson
        Adam's Place Restaurant                       Frito-Lay
        ALSCO                                         Funk/Levis
        Andrea and Nino Ortiz                         Galen and Charlene Phipps
        Arlie & Company                               Gaydos, Churnside & Balthrop, P.C.
        Betty Jean Keele                              Goodwill
        Bill and Debra Weinman                        Greenhill Humane Society
        Bi-Mart                                       Hap Ponedel
        Biodegradable Food Service                    Holiday Inn Express Hotel and Suites
        BJ Hurwich                                    Hugh and Sue Prichard
        Blue Heron                                    Hutch's Bicycle Shop
        Blue Heron Cycles                             Hynix
        BOLT Delivery                                 Imagine Graphics
        Burley                                        Imperial Floors
        Care Medical                                  Iraila Restaurant
        Cascade Medical Team                          J.M. Marshall
        Central Pet Supply                            Jackie Turle
        Central Print and Reprographic Services       Jan Lichenstein
        Childer's Meats                               Jan Temple
        Chuck and Rachael Boyer                       Janet and John Wagner
        Cindy Ingram Booking and Promotion            Jean Tate
        City of Eugene                                Jeff and Lisa Lawton
        City of Springfield                           Jeya Aerenson, Acupuncture Services
        CMS                                           Joan and Marvin Cypress
        Community Veterinary Clinic                   Joan Copperwheat
        Costco                                        Kate and Carla Laue
        Cuisine with Class                            Kate Barkley
        Custom Craftworks                             Kay Lyn Gidley and Richard Heil
        CVALCO                                        Kirk Giudici
        Cynthia Lewis-Berry                           Lane Community College: Culinary Arts &
        Dana Weinstein                                Hospitality Management Program, School of
        Dana's Cheesecake                             Massage, School of Nursing
        Daniel Cohn                                   Lane County Board of Commissioners
        Daphne James and Bernard Schaeffer            Lane County Department of Children and
        Deanna and Gat Eisinger                       Families
        Deborah and Kurt Engle                        Lane County Department of Health and Human
        Deborah S. Kelly                              Services
        Democratic Party of Lane County               Lane County Master Recyclers
        Dr. Barry Nobel                               Lane County Human Services Commission
        Dr. Firas Salhi                               Lane County Human Rights Commission
        Dr. John Larson                               Lane County Public Defender's Office
        Dr. Lawrence Greenfield                       Lane Events Center at the Fairgrounds
        Dr. Martha Ravits                             Lane Transit District , LTD
        Edgewood Animal Clinic                        Langenberg Oxygen Water
        Elizabeth and Rodney Horikawa                 Laurel Hill Center
        Elliot and Marina McIntire                    Laurie Trieger
        Eugene Conference Center                      Len Crane
        Eugene Police Department                      Leslie Peterson
        Evelyn Anderton                               Linda Phelps
        EWEB                                          Lion's Club
        Eye Beam                                      Lochmead
        Felicia A. Seavey                             Long's Meat Market

Project Homeless Connect for Lane County          February 7, 2008                        Page 6 of 17
Looking Glass                              Public Relations Society of America
Louise Burns                               Rainbow Optics
Lupine Collars and Leashes                 Revolution Cycles
Lyle and Theresa Thompson                  Rexius
Lynn Brown                                 Rich and Janan Dean
M.A. and Salvador Decarlo                  Richard Hughes and Lana Lindstrom
Macy's                                     Richie Weinman and Linda Garber
Marcia Hadley                              Robert Champer and Debra Schlenoff
Marion Sweene                              Roger Guthrie
Mark and Ann Hinnen                        Ron and Anita Larson
Mark Levy                                  S.C. and E.A. Erfurth
Marlene Lasher                             Sandy Adams, Distributor for Natura Pet Foods
Mary Monette                               Sandy Garred and Duane Farnham
Mary Signer Meikle                         Sandy Solomon and Victor Blum
Mary W. Hewitt                             Sanipac
Matt Friday and Bruce Carlson              Santa Clara Animal Hospital
Maureen Sciotte                            Sara Collins
McKenzie Mist                              Scott and Mary Halpert
McKenzie-Willamette Medical Center         SELCO Credit Union
Merial Ltd.                                Shelter Care
Mother's Cookies                           Shirley Shiffman
Nancie Peacocke Fadeley                    Spring Valley
Nancy Williams                             Springfield Library
National Project Homeless Connect          St. Vincent de Paul
Norma Sax and Dick Stewart                 Stanley Cram and Pat Friedl
Northwest Medical Teams                    Steven Zibelman and Sharon Sherman
Northwest Vending                          SuperCuts
NW Natural Gas                             Susan C. Wolling
Oregon Community Credit Union              SWEEP Optical
Oregon Country Fair                        Sweet Life Patisserie
Oregon Housing and Community Services      The Healthy Pet
Department                                 Tim and Helen Little
Oregon Medical Group                       United Seating and Mobility
Organically Grown Company                  United Way
Pacific Office Automation                  Volunteers in Medicine
PacificSource                              Wags! Dog Emporium
Palmer Parker                              Wheelworks
Patti and Tom Barkin                       White Bird
Paula Rini and Daniel Wectawski            Willamette Dental Group
Paul's Bicycle Shop                        WOW Hall
PeaceHealth                                Yona Ash
Pearl Wolfe and Bill Goldsmith

Project Homeless Connect for Lane County      February 7, 2008                             Page 7 of 17

Project Homeless Connect is part of a nationwide movement to:
    increase access to services for people who are homeless or at risk of being
    engage the community in finding a solution for homelessness

Project Homeless Connect for Lane County is a local effort to:
    improve access to services for people who are homeless or at risk of being
      homeless in Lane County
    offer our community one day and one location in which individuals and families
      who are without safe and stable homes can address basic needs and access
      critical services
    engage and increase the involvement of individual volunteers, the business and
      non-profit community to work together to provide access to services and long term
      solutions for people who are homeless
    provide a venue where the community can welcome its homeless citizens as
    leverage private, corporate and foundation money and in-kind support to augment
      city and county efforts to expand services for people who are homeless in Lane

Project Homeless Connect for Lane County was conceived by local community leaders who
attended the 2006 Oregon Leadership Summit on Ending Chronic Homelessness. These
individuals, representing private service providers, the Lane County Human Services
Commission, Cities of Eugene and Springfield, and the United Way of Lane County, believed
that this event would make an important contribution to the following initiatives:
       The Lane County Ten Year Plan to End Chronic Homelessness, approved in
        November 2006 by the Lane County Board of Commissioners.
       Helping the Homeless in Eugene, a Eugene City Council Goal. In 2007 Mayor Piercy
        appointed a “Blue Ribbon Committee” to seek financial support toward ending
       The City of Springfield’s standing commitment to provide for its most vulnerable

United Way of Lane County was the fiscal and business agent for the event. The Lane County
Events Center at the Fairgrounds donated the use of the Exhibit Hall. Lane Transit District
(LTD) provided free transportation to and from the event, as well as vouchers for follow-up
appointments. Project Homeless Connect for Lane County drew upon the experience of
Portland’s Project Homeless Connect (January 2006) and Project Homeless Families Connect
(July 2006).

Now in its second year, Project Homeless Connect continues to be a way in which “Ordinary
people do extraordinary things to end homelessness.”

Project Homeless Connect for Lane County          February 7, 2008                     Page 8 of 17
                                  HOMELESSNESS IN
                                    LANE COUNTY

On any given night in Lane County, 2,111 people are homeless on the streets or living in temporary
shelters (Combined 2008 One Night Shelter Count and 2007 Street Count). These include:

1,517 Sheltered (based on the One Night Shelter Count in Lane County on January 31, 2008) including:
    1,365 people who stayed in emergency shelters, transitional housing, and used motel vouchers
    152 people who were turned away from shelter due to lack of space
    565 people or 37% who reported being continuously homeless for a year or more, or had at least
       four episodes of homelessness in the past three years

594 Unsheltered (based on the Street Count* in Lane County on January 25, 2007) including:
    288 people in the Rural street count (U.S. Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management and
       Rural food pantries and rural schools)
    56 people in the Metro street count (Eugene/Springfield, day and night access centers)
    250 people counted by Street ministry (Eugene/Springfield metropolitan area)
*administered every two years

Total One Night Homeless Shelter Count and Street Count: 2,111

Many more families are “hidden away” by doubling up and moving between family and friends, living in
cars or facing imminent threat of eviction. Most people who are homeless are without shelter because of
an acute life crisis such as divorce, domestic violence, eviction, job loss, or a medical crisis. People who
are homeless struggle daily with the repercussions of unmet basic human needs for safety, stability and
shelter. Homelessness in Lane County requires more than just a one-night count, as the numbers below

Homelessness: Education and County-Funded Social Services
   1,965 children in Lane County Schools were homeless in 2006-07 (Oregon Dept. of Education)
   8,813 individuals in 6,863 households who were homeless sought social services through Lane
     County Human Services Commission-funded programs during calendar year 2007
   1,814 individuals who were homeless sought medical services from Riverstone Health Clinic
     during calendar year 2007

Cost of Homelessness
Homelessness affects all residents of Lane County because people without shelter require costly support
services (data is from fall 2007):
    $362 is the average cost of a visit to the Sacred Heart Hospital Emergency Room
    $858 is the average daily cost of care at the Johnson Unit, Sacred Heart’s acute psychiatric care
       facility, where the average stay is 8 days
    $189 is the daily cost of in-patient detoxification services at Willamette Family Inc.’s Buckley
       Center, where treatment for alcohol takes 3-4 days and 4-5 days for heroin
    $359 is the daily cost at Lane County Jail ($126 for “housing” plus $233 for arrest and booking)

Project Homeless Connect for Lane County                February 7, 2008                           Page 9 of 17
                            THE NUMBERS BY AREA

     1,158 guests in attendance
     602 community volunteers
     281 service providers representing 81 businesses, government agencies, and nonprofit service
     185 cash and in-kind donors

Items Given Away
     834 hygiene kits
     772 sleeping bags
     452 blankets
     419 coats
      171 backpacks
      2,001 pairs of socks
      57 pairs of shoes
      1,256 clothing items
      1500 60-minute phone cards
      1,135 gloves, hats or scarves
      264 whistles or flashlights
      200 packages of diapers or training pants
      163 underclothes
      155 books
      83 stuffed animals or toys
      72 food snacks
      31 school supplies

Basic Needs
      341 contacts were made for information, referral, questions about services, and program intake
      42 people received a voucher for clothing, propane or other items from St. Vincent de Paul
      45 people provided with a voucher for a state ID or birth certificate
      148 people received information about emergency preparedness
      35 people utilized mental health peer advocacy services
      34 people were offered a bed at the Eugene Mission
      5 people received vouchers for Greyhound bus tickets
      Total Contacts/Basic Needs: 608

      90 contacts were made regarding Social Security
      62 people received information or applied for the Oregon Health Plan
      42 contacts were made regarding tax help
      31 people applied for food stamps
      23 people registered to vote
      11 people had an intake interview or scheduled an appointment with Senior & Disabled Services
      159 contacts were made for information, referral, questions about services, and program intake
       Total Contacts/Benefits: 418

Project Homeless Connect for Lane County              February 7, 2008                       Page 10 of 17
Confidential Services
      75 people received peer counseling on domestic violence issues
      22 people received HIV tests
      19 received Hepatitis C tests
      14 people received crisis counseling
      3 people received pregnancy tests
      212 contacts were made for information, referral, and questions about services
      Total Contacts/Confidential Services: 345

     81 people were counseled by the Workforce Network about employment services
     Total Contacts/Employment: 81

Services to Families with Children
      251 people received information, referrals, regarding services and program intake
      63 people received face painting
      31 families received diapers or training pants
      19 families received information on public schools
      9 families received Head Start applications
      8 families received parenting or child development information
      3 people received information about completing high school
      Total Contacts/Services to Families with Children: 378

Food and Guest Services
     Approximately 2,000 people were served in the café (menu: omelets, burgers, Boca burgers,
      ham & beans, chips, side salad, fresh fruit, cookies, milk, water, and coffee)
     11 local musical acts provided 6 hours of entertainment
     251 hair cuts were given
     87 people had an old bike exchanged for a refurbished bike
     70 bikes were repaired
     32 people received a refurbished bike
     33 new bike trailers were given away
     140 bike helmets were distributed
     92 people received a bike light or voucher for a light
     100 bells were installed on bikes
     21 dogs and 8 cats were kenneled
     48 people received spay/neuter vouchers for Greenhill Humane Society
     337 people received food for their pet
     32 pets received flea treatment
     27 pets received nail clipping
     357 miscellaneous pet supplies (carriers, collars, leashes, blankets, beds, etc.) were given away
      Transportation – Lane Transit District (LTD)
     182 people were brought to the event by LTD
     222 people were transported by LTD after leaving the event
     412 people received LTD vouchers for follow-up appointments

Project Homeless Connect for Lane County              February 7, 2008                        Page 11 of 17
     76 contacts were made regarding energy conservation
     78 Housing and Community Service Agency (HACSA) applications were submitted
     9 people were referred to the ShelterCare waiting list
     8 new accounts were opened at OUR Credit Union
     605 people received information, referrals regarding housing services and program intake
      Total Contacts/Housing: 776

Human Rights
    50 contacts were made about police and legal concerns, parking/car camping, and
    20 contacts were made regarding the Eugene Human Rights Commission’s programs.
     Total Contacts/Human Rights: 70

     100 people received legal advice or referral
      Total Contacts/Legal: 100

Medical and Wellness
     139 physician or nurse consultations took place
     67 people were referred for follow-up appointments
     184 dental consultations took place
     66 vouchers were distributed for follow-up dental appointments
     800 people received dental hygiene kits
     189 people were tested for vision and hearing
     150 pairs of reading glasses were distributed
     44 eye exams and 44 pairs of glasses by Rainbow Optics
     10 vision vouchers, SWEEP Optical Laurel Hill
     75 people were given prescription medication
     74 people received a flu shot
     4 people received a pneumonia vaccination
     22 people received a tetanus immunization
     45 people received diabetes testing and education
     111 people had their vital signs checked
     37 people received acupuncture treatments
     61 people received massage treatments

      49 contacts were made by the U.S. Dept. of Veteran’s Affairs
      12 contacts were made by Lane County Veteran’s Services
      11 contacts were made by St. Vincent de Paul/Vet LIFT
      8 contacts were made by Veterans Employment Services
      Total Contacts/Veterans: 80

      10 cubic yards of recyclable material was diverted from the landfill
      315 gallons of food waste was diverted for composting or chicken feed
      270 gallons of plastic waste was diverted from the landfill

Project Homeless Connect for Lane County             February 7, 2008                      Page 12 of 17
                                     SERVICES OFFERED

All goods and services were provided at no charge to event guests

     Intake forms completed with assistance of volunteers
     Guests were escorted to their first service area by intake volunteers, or assigned a volunteer who
        stayed with them throughout the day
     Guests received multiple items as they left the event, including blankets, phone cards, hygiene
        kits, coats, socks and clothing
Basic Needs
    211Lane: guest orientation to the 211Lane community resource website for information and
    Catholic Community Services: vouchers to purchase an I.D. or birth certificate
    DMV: information about identification, car registration, etc.
    Eugene Library: circulation information, reference information, referrals to other agencies
    Eugene Mission: information about emergency shelter
    Eugene Police Department’s Crime Prevention Team: information about transportation, basic
      needs, legal help, pets
    First Christian Church: information about food and day-shelter programs
    Food for Lane County: information and referral to local food rooms
    Lane County Senior and Disabled Services Vulnerable People Disaster Preparedness Coalition:
      whistles, flashlights, and other items; information about disaster preparedness
    Looking Glass News Roads: food, condoms, hygiene items and bus tokens; information and
    Mental Health Peer Advocacy (MindFreedom International, NAMI, Life and Universe, Lane
      County Mental Health Consumer/Survivor Council, Center for Family Development, SAFE/
      Wonderland): Peer counseling and information about advocacy programs
    St. Vincent de Paul First Place Family Center: day shelter services information
    St. Vincent de Paul Service Station: gas and clothing vouchers, clothing, backpacks, gloves,
      hats, sleeping bags, socks, and referrals to housing and parking programs
    ShelterCare: information on help for people with a mental illness (Shankle Safe Haven and The
      Inside Program)
    White Bird: information and referral
    American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) Tax-Aide: help with taxes
    The Department of Human Services (DHS): information about Oregon Health Plan (OHP), TANF,
       and food stamps applications
    The League of Women Voters/Lane County Elections: voter registration
    Senior & Disabled Services: intake interviews, information about benefits and prescription drug
    The Social Security Administration: help with social security
    White Bird Legal: help with OHP and social security applications, referral
Confidential Services
   HIV Alliance: safer injection kits, Hepatitis C and HIV testing
   Planned Parenthood: pregnancy tests, emergency contraception, condoms, counseling, parent
      packs, information and referral

Project Homeless Connect for Lane County              February 7, 2008                        Page 13 of 17
       Sexual Assault Support Services (SASS): peer counseling and information about SASS services
       Willamette Family Treatment: information about substance abuse treatment programs
       Womenspace: peer counseling and information regarding domestic violence
       White Bird Crisis: crisis counseling, information and referral to mental health and alcohol and
        drug programs
   The Workforce Network: job search help, “I match,” vocational rehabilitation, resume/skill building
Services for Families with Children
     Birth to Three: books, diapers, information on parenting programs
     Catholic Community Services: information about programs for families with children
     The Child Center: information about services to families of children with adjustment difficulties
     Direction Service: intake interviews, information, resources and assistance for families of
       children with special needs
     ECCares: diapers, information on and referral to special education program for infants and
     Head Start of Lane County: applications and information on preschool education services,
       dental care information and supplies
     Lane Family Connections: referral and information on child care resources
     Network Charter School: information about finishing high school
     New Roads School: information and referral
     Oregon Family Support Network: information about family services
     Pearl Buck Center: diapers, information and referral
     Public School Homeless Programs (Bethel, Springfield, Eugene 4J and Lane ESD): face
       painting, education and legal assistance, information and referral
     The Relief Nursery: information about early childhood and parenting programs for high-risk
     ShelterCare: emergency and transitional housing programs for homeless families with children
     Womenspace Youth Programs: information and referral
Food and Guest Services
    Cuisine with Class: overall food service direction and coordination
    Lane Community College Culinary Program: café staff serving omelets, fruit and pastries from
      9:00-11:00 and burgers, ham & beans, side salads from 11:00-3:00
    Lane County Events Center at the Fairgrounds: coffee service throughout the day
    Lane County Master Recyclers: food sorting, recycling, composting and waste management
    Cindy Ingram Bookings & Promotion: live entertainment in the Cafe
    Lane Transit District, LTD: guest bus transportation to and from the event; vouchers for follow-
      up appointments
    City of Eugene Parks and Recreation: shuttle services from day shelters to the event
    The City of Eugene’s Bicycle Division: bicycle helmets, strobe lights and vouchers for lights,
      bells, maps, bike safety information
    Paul’s Bicycle Way of Life, Blue Heron Cycles, Hutch’s Bicycle Shop, Revolution Cycles,
      Wheelworks: repair and delivery of donated bicycles to the event for distribution
    Burley Design Cooperative: new bike trailers for distribution
    “Wheels” pavilion: bicycle and cart repair, exchange for bikes that could not be repaired
    Back pack check: secure space for guests’ bags and backpacks.
    Pro-Bone-O and Community Veterinary Center: pet area coordination and volunteer recruitment
    Greenhill Humane Society: dog kennels, spay and neuter vouchers
    Supercuts: haircuts

Project Homeless Connect for Lane County               February 7, 2008                        Page 14 of 17
    Catholic Community Services: information and referral
    Housing and Community Services Agency of Lane County (HACSA): information and Public and
      & Assisted Housing applications
    Lane County Energy Assistance Program: information and referral
    Looking Glass New Roads and Station 7: information about services for homeless youth
    Metropolitan Affordable Housing Corporation: information and referral
    OUR Federal Credit Union: information about savings and loan programs, referral to LifeLine
      financial education program, $10 credit for new accounts
    ShelterCare: information about emergency services, supported housing, transitional housing,
      and homelessness prevention
    St. Vincent de Paul LIFT and Connections: information about housing programs, basic needs
    St. Vincent de Paul 2nd Chance Renter Rehabilitation: information about services, referral for
Human Rights
    The Eugene Human Rights Center: information and consultation
       Civil Liberties Defense Center: advice and referral
       Fair Housing Council of Oregon: advice and referral
       Lane County Public Defender’s Office: advice and referral
       Lane County Legal Aid Service: advice and referral
Medical and Wellness
    Volunteer dentist, hygienist, screeners: dental exams, hygiene kits and instructions
    Lane County Public Health, Volunteers in Medicine, Oregon Medical Group: MD/RN
    NW Medical Teams: dental van
    The Lions Club: hearing and vision exams
    Rainbow Optics: eye exams, glasses and vouchers for vision exams and glasses
    SWEEP Optical: eye exams, glasses and vouchers for vision exams and glasses
    Medications: over-the-counter and prescriptions dispensed
    RiverStone Medical Clinic: information and assistance with Oregon Health Plan applications
    White Bird and RiverStone medical clinics: medical and dental vouchers for follow-up
    PeaceHealth: medical area supplies
    Care Medical and United Seating and Mobility: wheelchair repair
    Cascade Health Solutions: Flu shots, DTAP tetanus vaccines, pneumonia vaccines
    PacificSource: diabetes testing and education
    Lane Community College medical office assistants: Checked vital signs
    Jeya Aerenson: Acupuncture treatments
    Licensed community volunteers: Reiki treatments
    Licensed community volunteers: Massage treatments
     Lane County Veterans Services: information, follow-up appointments
     St. Vincent de Paul Vet Lift: information on housing for veterans
     U.S. Dept. of Veterans Affairs: referral, advice, applications
     Veterans Employment Services: information and referral

Project Homeless Connect for Lane County              February 7, 2008                    Page 15 of 17
                                  GUEST COMMENTS

The volunteers were really helpful. This was the first time I’d been here and it was really helpful to have
all this information and help in one place.

I hope you do this again. It was very helpful and I know there are many others less fortunate than me
who could benefit.

This was the most wonderful thing I've ever seen!

Today helped me get a job interview.

Everyone was so friendly and made me feel comfortable.

It was overwhelming how many people really care!!

I have nothing bad to say. The event was good.

This should happen more than once a year. I am very grateful for the services and help I received.

Perfect – you couldn't do any better!

                            VOLUNTEER COMMENTS

       Project Homeless Connect was a life changing experience for me.

                                This was an amazing day.
     Thank you for letting me be a part of Project Homeless Connect. It was a great
     experience for me personally, and I appreciated the opportunity to help people
       with the 'giveaways' at the end of their visit. I happened to be at the library
       later in the day and saw one of the guests who received a brand new bag.
          He was waiting in line to use the computers and was figuring out his
              new bag. He seemed to be enjoying the bag and I was happy
                   to see the donated item out in the community being
                           put to use. It was an amazing event.

                            I guess I really didn’t know what
                              homelessness was until today.

Project Homeless Connect for Lane County                 February 7, 2008                         Page 16 of 17
                                           NEXT STEPS

The cycle of homelessness can only be broken through a comprehensive, community-wide
approach that offers housing and human services to those in need. Coordinated planning and
collaborative service delivery are essential to helping people avoid homelessness. The
following goals have been identified as part of Lane County’s plan to end chronic homelessness
in the next ten years:

       1.   Create new permanent housing beds for chronically homeless persons

       2.   Increase the number of homeless persons staying in permanent housing

       3.   Increase the number of homeless persons moving from temporary housing to
            permanent housing

       4.   Increase employment among homeless persons.

       5.   Gather accurate and timely information about homelessness so that the community
            can identify people who are homeless and plan effective programs to end

Project Homeless Connect for Lane County         February 7, 2008                    Page 17 of 17

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