Sailing With Carnival Cruise Lines by nul66065


									                             Sailing With Carnival Cruise Lines
                                 A Unique Fund Raising Event

    Carnival Cruise Lines would like to help raise money for your non-profit organization,
    association, church, etc. & will provide a “contribution” using a cruise as a fundraiser.
•   The non- profit organization raises funds through a unique and exciting event!
•   Participants enjoy a vacation and feel great about supporting their church, association, or favorite
•   Press releases & advertising of the cruise can bring recognition to your agency and the non-profit
•   Friends & family tend to vacation together.          Gain access to potential new contributors who have
    disposable income!

Here’s How it Works:
Carnival will match the funds raised by the non-profit organization up to $10 per day per stateroom
($5.00 per person/ based on double occupancy).            The “contribution” check, based on the actual number
of staterooms that sail, will be made payable to the non-profit organization, church, association, etc
and will be mailed to the travel agency handling the cruise, after the sailing. Substantiation of the
donations raised by the organization through the cruise promotion must be submitted at the time of
final payment.

The organization may choose to raise funds by marking up the cruise rate and/or by taking the value of
the free berths earned as their contribution. Here are some examples: (Refer to Flexi-Points Amenity
Program for more details and requirements).
    1.   Group marks up group price by $35 per person on a 7 day cruise: Group sells 50 cabins
         50 cabins x $70 (two people in a cabin) = $3,500
         Carnival will match up to $70 per cabin ($35 per person) : 50 cabins x $70 = $3,500
         TOTAL FUND RAISING = $7,000
    2.   Group marks up group price by $30 per person on a 4 day cruise: Group sells 75 cabins
         75 cabins x $60 ($30 per person/ two people in cabin) = $4,500
         Carnival will match up to $40 per stateroom ($20 per person) 75 cabins x $40 = $3,000
         TOTAL FUND RAISING = $7,500
    3.   More funds can be raised by holding a raffle for a free cruise to be taken with the group.

         It’s that simple to “cruise into charity” with Carnival!
           More information: CONTACT: ANN SEDGWICK- or (800) 327-7276
     Fund raising program is capacity controlled by ship and sailing date. Subject to availability/amenity points.

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