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									                                                                                        Texas is about to build
                                                                                        seven new Nuclear Power
                                                                                        Plants along with several
                                                                                        new Coal-Powered Plants.
                                                                   We must run for office at all
                                                                                          levels all over the country.
Congratulations on your efforts            The dollar has lost 10% of                    If we don't do it - who will?
 to get the Green Party on the             its value since Xmas.
           AZ Ballot!                                                                    Time has run out to wait
I am glad to have been able to                                                           for someone else to act.
                                           Oil prices have doubled in                       We must Act NOW!
       participate in your
         petition drive.                   the last 2 years.
   Now run for office!                                                                  Last year I ran for public office
                                           Gas prices are breaking pocket
                                                                                        last year and found that as a
                                           books.                                       candidate, you have more
        Who is Kat?                                                                     accessibility to larger audiences
                                           Food prices have increased                   and opportunities to speak
I am a member of the Green
                                           7.5% in the last year and will               about issues that other
Party of Texas, have served on
our party's State Executive                continue to rise because of                  candidates can't/won't talk
Committee, as State Co-Chair               transportation costs.                        about or give straight answers
and as Spokesperson for the                                                             to. By doing so you can get
National Women's Caucus of the             Environmental laws and tribal                people interested, excited and
GP. I have served as a                     treaties are being overridden                involved.
consensus facilitator for the              en masse by Executive Order                  Use the Public Financing
Green Party at all levels and for          to build our new Great Wall                  system you have in AZ to run
other organizations, groups,               of Apartheid from Mexico -                   for ANY office you can.
and coalitions, including Clean
                                           it didn't work in Germany, it                While you're at it, register
Money San Antonio, our local
                                           won't work in Palestine, and it              Greens to keep ballot access in
public-financing coalition. I
currently work as a bookkeeper             sure won't work here.                        AZ and most of all...
for a homeless/marginalized                                                                           HAVE FUN!
services non-profit. In 2007, I            A chunk of ice the size of New
became the first Green to run              Jersey just fell into the ocean
for City Council in San Antonio.           off the ice shelf of Antarctica.                                     kat
                                           How long before costal
                                           residents the world over have
                                           to move inland to escape the                                 4

                                           rising ocean levels?                         

                                                 Your power is in your vote; use it while you still can!
                                                                                   ...kat swift
                                                                              *cat logo by Chris Robinson - volunteer and future voter

                   save the earth then watch cartoons
               “We need to unite across the unprivileged categories because we are conscious of suffering, but
               we also need to unite from within privileged categories to remedy the suffering, to change the
                system for all. In fact, if we re-establish the mothering model and equip ourselves with the
  logic of the gift economy, we will give attention to others’ needs and satisfy them, not only at an individual, but at a
 social level. The true overturning is not to put one category in a privileged position in place of another, but to put into
     effect the general norm-al mother-based other-orientation that bridges and breaks down categories altogether.”
                                                – Genevieve Vaughn, For-Giving

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