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									Eco-Friendly Ways
to Beat the Heat
The Home Depot’s Top Ten
Green Home Checklist for Summer

Canadians love to spend their summer days outside lounging by the pool, grilling hot dogs or sleeping under the
stars. But as the mercury rises, so does water usage and energy consumption. To conserve water, save energy
and avoid power outages in warmer months, the following ten outdoor projects should top your to-do list this

      Home grown
      Going green can start in your own backyard by growing plants that are zoned to your area. These plants are
      hardier, require less maintenance, need less water and last longer. When choosing flowers and shrubs for
      your garden, buying local also means less fuel emissions.

      Give your pump a break
      Who knew? The backyard swimming pool can consume enough energy to account for 60 per cent of
      your summer electricity bills. Reduce energy consumption by purchasing a heavy duty pool and spa
      timer rather than leaving your pump running.

      Save more than just water
      Rainwater collection is one of the best ways to save water, money and energy. Rather than always reaching
      for the hose, simply place a rain barrel under your downspout ahead of summer showers. Since it’s ‘au
      natural’ and free of chemicals like chlorine, this renewable resource is the best thing to quench your lawn’s

      The following water-wise tips provide greener solutions for cultivating a healthy lawn and garden:
      1. Timing is everything – water your lawn in the early morning, rather than mid-day, to avoid evaporation by
         the sun’s rays.
      2. Quality over quantity – instead of watering plants and grass quickly and frequently, tend to greenery with
         less frequent but deeper drafts.
      3. Concentrate your efforts – purge the urge to douse leaves and focus on watering the base of a plant.

      Green your grill inside – and out!
      You don’t need harsh chemicals to keep your barbeque clean. Start by removing the grills and scraping
      away excess build-up with a grill brush, scraper or grill stone. Once most of the grime is removed, spray the
      grills with cooking oil and apply a mixture of warm water, soap and vinegar. Another great green option is
      Eco Mist BBQ cleaner. This all-natural product exceptionally cuts through grease both in and outside of your
      grill. Available for $7.99 this unscented, non-allergenic cleaner will have your BBQ looking as good as new.
5   Eco-friendly weed control
    Protecting your kids from harmful chemicals this summer starts from the ground up. There are a number of
    ways to control weeds in your garden without chemical herbicides that can cause serious health problems.

    Scotts EcoSense Non Selective Weed Control, available for $7.97 at The Home Depot, provides another
    easy, environmentally preferred option to get rid of weeds – guaranteed. To manually remove weeds that
    have snuck their way into your garden, try using Fiskar’s Weed Remover. This tool safely and easily
    removes dandelions, thistles and other invasive weeds from your lawn and is a better choice for the

    At the forefront in supporting lawn care that’s better for the environment, The Home Depot was the first
    home improvement retailer in Canada to voluntarily stop selling traditional pesticides, while lining its shelves
    with environmentally preferred options.

    Bug out!
    To prevent pests such as mosquitoes and wasps from ruining your fun in the sun, say no to chemical
    insecticides and yes to environmentally preferred alternatives.

    Mosquitoes are the most active during the early morning and early evening so stay indoors during peak
    pest hours if you can. If you do find yourself outdoors, use your barbeque as a mosquito repellent by
    throwing a bit of sage or rosemary on the coals. You can also create a bit of ambiance and repel mosqui-
    toes at the same time with citronella candles that come in a variety of styles to enhance any backyard

    To avoid wasps, try hanging an artificial nest that mimics the shape and colour of a natural nest. It fools
    wasps and hornets because they mistake it for a large nest full of angry competitors. Since wasps are
    highly territorial, this will discourage new nests from starting nearby.

    Clean your deck green
    Decks take a beating during the winter from rain, snow and dirt. To clean your deck, try getting down on
    your hands and knees to administer a deep scrubbing with Eco Mist Deck Wash, available for $7.99. This
    cleanser is strong enough to remove mold and mildew stains without damaging your garden or any other
    exterior surfaces.

    Keep cool
    Save air conditioning for the unbearable heat and keep your house cool by opening windows in the early
    morning to let fresh air in. Before the day warms up, close windows again, drawing blinds and curtains to
    keep the sun’s hot rays out. Invest in a programmable thermostat to lower air conditioning during the day
    while your family is at school or work to avoid extra energy expenditures.

9   Composting 101
    Composting is a cheap and easy way to break down organic material into nutrient-rich, fertile earth that can
    be added to soil to increase its health.

    Six steps to get you started:

    Step one: Build a compost pile on bare earth to allow worms and other beneficial organisms to aerate the

    Step two: Lay down twigs or straw, a few inches deep to aid drainage. Add compost materials in layers,
    alternating moist and dry. Moist ingredients are food scraps, tea bags, seaweed, etc. Dry materials are
    straw, leaves and wood ashes.

    Step three: Add manure, green manure (clover, buckwheat, wheatgrass) or any nitrogen source. This
    activates the compost pile and speeds the process along.

    Step four: Keep compost moist by watering it occasionally, or letting the rain filter in.
     Step five: Cover with wood, plastic sheeting, or carpet scraps. Covering helps retain moisture and heat,
     two essentials components of composting. The compost should be moist, but not soaked and sodden.

     Step six: Turn. Every few weeks give the pile a quick turn with a shovel to add oxygen to the process.

     Hang it up
     Did you know the tumble dryer consumes the most energy of all of your household appliances? To cut back
     on energy usage, put up a clothesline and hang your laundry outside on sunny summer days. Hanging
     laundry to dry is one of the easiest ways to become greener because cutting your tumble dryer use reduces
     your home's CO2 emissions. Save money and energy by taking your laundry outdoors.

     About The Home Depot’s Green Home Check List: Each season, The Home Depot will introduce
     seasonal home maintenance projects Canadians can now undertake to become more eco-
     conscious. The Home Depot offers over 1,700 Eco Options products to help our customers create
     greener homes.

     Want to go green this Summer? The Home Depot can help!

     The Home Depot’s Top Ten Green Home Checklist for summer outlines tips to help conserve
     water and save energy all season long. Review the shopping list below for easy environ-
     mentally preferred products to tackle this summer’s to-do list:

     1. Stainless Steel Solar LED Bollard Lights- 4 Pack ($19.99)

     2. Heaven & Earth 200 L Collapsible Rain Barrel ($79.99)

     3. Eco Mist Stainless Steel Cleaner ($7.99)

     4. Scotts Eco Sense Non-Selective Weed Control 2L ($14.97)

     5. Scotts EcoSense Slug and Snail Bait 500 g ($9.97)

     6. Perfectly Natural Garden & Flower Fertilizer 3-3-6 2.3KG ($12.99)

     7. ThermaCELL Citronella Colorfusion Color-Changing Candle ($14.99)

     8. Scotts EcoSense Yellow Jacket Trap ($11.97)

     9. Garden Gourmet Composter ($39.97)

     10. Lehigh 20 ft Retractable Clothesline ($13.19)

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