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Go Green - Save Blue! by dla17169


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									?             Wa ter Saver                                           Newsletter

      Water Resources and Conservation
                ?           ? ?                                                                                  2010


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    Did you know?
                                                 Go Green - Save Blue!

    All of the following are FREE
    to Chandler Utility Customers:
                                                                 Chandler Residents Save Money
                                                                       after Water Audits
    1. Rebates from $50 to $600
       on low water use landscape,
       irrigation timers and clothes         The City of Chandler has offered        Saving water is easy. Here are a
       washers.                              FREE home water audits for over         few tips.
    2. Workshops held every spring           a decade. Conducted by trained
       and fall to help you plan and         staff, audits often identify leaks      Tip #28
       maintain a waterwise land-            and ways to reduce outdoor water        Fix a leaking toilet flapper and save
       scape.                                consumption while still maintaining     up to 1,000 gallons per month.
    3. Home water audits. To help if         a lush, beautiful landscape. Last
       you have a high water bill and                                                Tip #42
                                             year residents saved up to 40 percent   Use a water-efficient showerhead
       are not sure you have a leak.         on their water bills after following
    4. Informational brochures about                                                 and save up to 750 gallons a
                                             water conservation advice.              month.
       landscaping and household
       water-saving tips.                    A common cause of increased wa-         Tip #5.
    5. School programs and HOA               ter consumption is the toilet. Over     Wash clothes only when you have a
       presentations. Staff is avail-        time, toilet flappers can become         full load and save up to 1,000 gal-
       able by appointment.                  warped which allows water to leak       lons each month.
    6. Landscaping and watering              from the tank into the bowl. Often
       advice.                               silent, they can be responsible for     Tip #23
    7. Retrofit kits (for homes built         thousands of gallons that are lost      Spend five minutes or less in
       before 1992) that include water                                               the shower and save up to 1,000
                                             down the drain each month.
       saving devices.                                                               gallons per family per month.
                                             Other sources of water waste iden-      Call our Water Conservation
      Contact Water Conservation             tified during an audit include water     Specialist to schedule a free audit
     for more information about              softeners, automatic pool fillers,       at 480-782-3583. See more tips at
        these FREE services.                 leaks in irrigation lines and irriga-
                                             tion timers that are programmed to
           480-782-3580                      overwater.
 Where Does All That Water Go?                                                              Get Your Gre
Q. How can I tell if my toilet is             Q. Is my showerhead low flow?                         (and earn up to $60
      leaking?                                      How can I tell?
A.   Toilets are easily the biggest water     A. Check the side of your showerhead
waster inside the home and can waste          where the gallons per minute should be
                                                                                            Would you like an extra
thousands of gallons per month. To test       printed. A low-flow shower head will
                                                                                            $600 in your pocket? Are

your toilet for leaks, place a few drops      emit around 2.5 gallons per minute. If
of food coloring in the tank and wait 15      your home was built before 1992 and           you interested in convert-
minutes. If you see color in the bowl, you    the fixtures (shower head, toilets, faucet     ing your grass yard into a
have a leak and may need to replace the       aerators) have never been replaced, you       colorful, fragrant, inter-
flapper, which is easy and low-cost. Toilets   may be able to save hundreds of gallons       esting living space? You
should be checked every year because          of water a month by installing a free         can save hundreds of dol-          After
leaks can be silent and you may not notice    plumbing retrofit kit. These kits contain
                                                                                            lars on landscape main-
them. The Water Conservation office has        a low flow shower head, faucet aerators,
a video on-line that will show you how to     and a toilet tank displacement bag.
                                                                                            tenance costs as well as
check for leaks. We also offer free leak                                                    money on your water bill.
detection tablets and a brochure called             Call the Water Conservation             Turning your grass into
Home Toilet Leak Detection. Call for your          office at 480-782-3580 or visit           cash is as easy as follow-
copy.                                                     ing these simple steps:

                                                     2009 marked the sixth annual                      Step 1

                                                 Environmental Art Contest for

                                                 Chandler fourth-grade students. The          Meet the Requirements
Environmental                                    contest is sponsored by Chandler’s
                                                 Water Conservation, Storm Water,                Single family home and a mini-
                                                 and Recycling Programs. Students            mum of 1,000 square feet of grass
      Contest                                    were asked to illustrate how they
                                                 were water wise, prevented pollution,
                                                                                             must be removed.
                                                                                                 After removal of the grass, more
                                                 or remembered to recycle.          More     than half your landscape will be low
                                                 than 950 students participated and          water use plants with crushed granite
                                                 the winners were honored by Mayor           or organic top dressing.
Call now to get your                             Boyd W. Dunn at an award ceremony
FREE calendar and poster!
          (while supplies last)
                                                 in the City Council Chambers. The 19
                                                 colorful drawings were used to make a
                                                                                                      Step 2
                                                 2010 desktop calendar and educational           Conduct the Conversion
                                                 poster. Visit any one of Chandler’s
                                                 libraries or call the Water Conservation        Take a before and after picture of
                                                 office at 480-782-3580 to receive your      the landscape.
                                                 free copy. If you would like to see all         If you have questions about grass
                                                 winning entries, please log on to our      removal or low water use plants, con-
                                                 website at       tact our office or attend one of our free
                                                                                            workshops (see back page).
                                                    Winning entries for the 2010
                                                 Environmental Art Contest will
                                                 be announced in April! For more
                                                 information about the City’s Recycling
                                                                                                      Step 3
                                                 program, call 480-782-3510, and for                Contact our Office
                                                 information about the Storm Water
                                                 Program call 480-782-3503.                      Call our Water Conservation
                                                                                             Specialist 480-782-3583 and set up an
Drawing by Rhetta Eubanks-Garcia                                                                 Fill out the appropriate paperwork
St. Mary-Basha Elementary
                                                                                             and within a month, you may have up
                                                                                             to $600 in your pocket!
een On!                                    Catch the... rva
                                                      se        on                      tio
                                                              C                               n Wave
                                           The average Valley resident uses about
                                                                                                                    136 gallons
                                           136 gallons of water every day!
                                                                                                                    on average
                                                                                                                     used per
                                           Here’s how it breaks down:
                                           • Drinking, cooking - 6 gallons
                                           • Showers/baths - 16 gallons
                                           • Toilets - 18 gallons
                                           • Household cleaning - 22 gallons
                                               (clothes washers, dishwasher,
                                               faucets, etc.)
                                           •   Outdoors - 74 gallons.
                                               (landscaping, pools, leaks, etc.)
                                               Does Your Water Use Stack Up?
                                                     Here’s how to tell:
                                           Gallons used       No. People           Days in       Gallons per
                                           per month      ÷   in Household
                                                                             ÷     Month     =   person per day

                                                                   See the Water Tower
                                                      at the Environmental Education Center in April

     The Schauers decided to tackle                                                 to wet the top two to three feet of
     the conversion of their 1/5 of an                                              soil. For shrubs, wet the soil down 18
     acre lot completely by themselves.                                             inches or so. For shallow-rooted turf,
     They started with the back yard,                                               groundcovers, flowers and vegetables
     and were able to complete it in                                                one foot deep wetting is sufficient. The
     four weekends. Their new desert                                                recommended run time for drip systems
                                                                                    is a minimum of 2 hours. Water early
     yard (pictured above) boasts mes-
                                                                                    in the morning or after sunset to reduce
     quite shade trees, a natural desert
     wash, mounds that help collect
     rainwater and a flagstone patio.                                               Save 30 to 50 percent on your water
                                                                                   bill by adjusting your irrigation each
     People all over Chandler are think-                                           season. “Landscape Watering by the
     ing about being more “green”                                                  Numbers: A Guide for the Arizona
     these days. Even the smallest ef-                                             Desert” will help you determine how
     forts can make a big difference.                                              much water to apply and how long to
                                             The Biggest Drain In Your Home        run your system. Request a free copy of
     Want to create your own backyard          Isn’t IN Your Home                  the booklet on line at
     oasis? Or maybe you’d like to         Most landscapes are overwatered,
                                                                                   or by calling 480-
     make your landscape more child        but residents can usually reduce
     or pet friendly. We can help.         outdoor water use by 50 percent and
                                           still have a beautiful, lush landscape. You may even want
                                           More plants die from overwatering to try new weather-
                 Visit                     than from underwatering.                based irrigation                                                    controllers that
         for more information.             The key to success is to water deeply.
                                                                                   make adjustments
                                           Trees should be watered long enough
                                                                                   for you without lifting a finger.
                                          POSTAL CUSTOMER
                                          Chandler, AZ

Landscape                                    Workshops are offered free of charge to Chandler utility customers through
                                             the City of Chandler Water Conservation office. Class space is limited so
                                             please call ahead to reserve your spot. Workshops are offered in the spring
Workshop                                     and fall each year. For more information, visit our Web site:
                                             Water-Wise Vegetable                          your grass into a colorful, fragrant,
                                                              New                          interesting, living space, this class will
                                             Gardening            Loca
                                             Get your garden growing in                    show you the easy step-by-step methods.
                                             our unique desert environment. Learn          You may even be eligible for a rebate of
                                             how to prepare beds & select vegetables/      up to $600! Class will be held 4/6 from
                                                                                           6:30-8:45 p.m.
  Water Conservation                         herbs/fruits for a bountiful harvest. Class
                                                                                           Instructor: Cathy Rymer
                                             is on 2/10 from 6:30 - 8:45 p.m.
workshops are held at the                    Instructor: Cathy Rymer
                                                                                           WaterSmart Workshops 1-3
 Chandler Senior Center                      Pruning & Maintaining Your                    This three-part series walks you through
  202 E. Boston Street                                        New                          the components of an irrigation system,
                                             Landscape            Loca
                                                                       tion                how to design and install a system, how
      Chandler, AZ                           Trees and shrubs are the                      to program an irrigation timer, and how
                                             most important living elements in             to troubleshoot when problems arise.
  except where noted.                        your landscape. Learn the art and science     Drip Irrigation System Installation will
    (call for address)                       of good pruning. Class will be held 2/16      be held 4/13, Yard Watering on 4/20, and
                                             from 6:30 - 8:45 p.m.                         Irrigation System Maintenance on 4/27.
                                             Instructor: Cathy Rymer
 Classes are FREE                                                                          Classes run from 6:00-8:45 p.m.
                                                                                           Instructor: Jeff Lee
                                             ChandlerSmart Landscaping
but you must register.                       This three-class series will teach you the
                                             basics about landscaping in the Southwest.
 Call 480-782-3580                           You’ll learn the concepts of design, how
                                             to plan for small spaces, the wide array
                                             of desert-adapted plants available, plant
                                             selection and plant combinations. Classes
                                             run Tuesday evenings 2/23, 3/2, 3/9 and
                                             3/16, 3/23, 3/30 from 6:30-8:45 p.m.
                                             Instructor: Ronald Dinchak

                                             Basic Yard Makeovers
                                             Want to create your own backyard oasis?
      Printed on recycled content paper      If you’ve been considering converting

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