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									                                 Unit Three
                              Listening Course (2)
                                     Section One
                                 Tactics for Listening
Training Focus:
    Stress, Intonation and Accent
Selecting Key Words

Part 1 Phonetics

Ex. Listen to sentences with tonic words which help express the meaning. Please choose
the sentence to fit the dialogues.
  1. Did you want tea without milk?
  2. See you at ten past one.
  3. Where’s the newspaper?
  4. Did you want tea with lemon?
  5. I thought I put the newspaper on the bookcase.
  6. See you at five to one.

Answers: 1. f 2. c 3. e 4. b 5. a          6. d

Part 2 Listen and Note-taking

A Territory
Ex. A: Listen to the passage and write down the missing words.
   1. When we talk about a territory, we mean a defended space.
   2. These signals are important, because they warn the visitor that he is entering a
foreign countries.
   3. People behave differently when they’re in someone else’s house.
   4. In public places, people automatically mark out an area of personal space.
   5. It won’t be next to him or at the other end of the room, but halfway between.

Ex. B: Listen and take notes and complete the outline.
A Territory
I. Territory, a defended space
    A. Territory is marked by territorial signals.
          a. Animals mark out their territories with the their personal scent, their territorial
          b. Human beings have three kinds of human territory, marked by different
territorial signals.
II. Three kinds of human territory
     A. Tribal Territories or countries.
          a. Countries have a number of territorial signals.
              1. The borders, guarded by soldiers, with customs barriers, flags, and signs.
              2. Uniforms and national anthems.
     B. Family Territory
          a. Family Territory signals.
              1. The front door.
              2. The driveway.
          b. When a family goes to the beach or to the park for a picnic, they mark out a
             small territory with towels, baskets, and other belongings.
     C. Personal Territory
          a. In public places, people automatically mark out an area of personal space.
          b. In a crowded space, we stand looking straight in front of us with blank faces.

                                  Section Two
                            Listening comprehension
Part 1 Dialogues

Dialogue 1 Credit Card

   A credit card allows consumers to purchase products or services without cash and to
pay for them at a later date. To qualify for this type of credit, the consumer must open an
account with a bank or company, which sponsors a card. They can use the card to make
purchases from participating merchants until they reach this credit limit.
   Credit-card use originated in the U.S. in the 1920s; early credit cards were issued by
various firms (e.g., oil companies and hotel chains) for use at their outlets only.
   The first universal credit card, accepted by a variety of establishments, was issued by
Diners' Club in 1950.
Charge cards such as American Express require cardholders to pay for all purchases at
the end of the billing period (usually monthly).
   Bank cards such as MasterCard and Visa allow customers to pay only a portion of their
bill; interest accrues on the unpaid balance.
   Credit-card companies get revenue from annual fees and interest paid by cardholders
and from fees paid by participating merchants.

Listen and recognize the accent
 British accent.
 chap, we were booked in…
Explain the words while listening
 chap: a boy or a man
 lobby: a large entrance or reception room

1. D      2. D       3. C

Dialogue 2 Card Insurances
Ex. Decide whether the statements are true or false.
1. ____ One insurance covers the loss of one particular credit card.
2. ____ The woman lost her credit cards because she left her handbag in a store.
3. ____ She telephoned all the credit card companies about the stolen cards within 10
4. ____ A chain of people involved in the robbery.
5. ____ Usually there is a 50-pound-limit of overdraft on each card.
6. ____ The speaker usually clears some cards every month.
7. ____ The thief spent more than what the speaker had in his cards.
8. ____ If the police cannot find the thieves, the speaker will probably have to pay off.

Answers: 1. F 2. F      3. F   4. T 5. T 6. T 7. F 8. T

Part 2 Passages

Passage 1 Credit Card

voucher: a document that serves as evidence of some expenditure 证件;证书;收据
sales voucher 交易凭证
advance: 预付款
cash advance: 现金垫款
confidential: 机密的 I must stress that what I say is confidential. 我要强调我说的话
(bank) statement: (银行等的)报告单,结单,报告书,借贷表
I get a bank statement every month. 我每月收到一份银行的结算单。
outstanding balance: 未达余额
versatile: competent in many areas and able to turn with ease from one thing to another
extended repayment facility: 延期还贷

Pre-listening Discussion:

Have you any bank credit cards?
How does the system of bank credit cards operate?
The system of bank credit card operates in much the same way as a store credit card
except that the holder is not restricted to making purchases in one place. Bank credit
cards can be presented at any place where the bank card sign is displayed and in fact at all
kinds of businesses. Bank credit cards also enable people to obtain cash.

Ex. B: Choose the best answer
      1. A 2. C      3. C    4. B    5. D     6. D    7. B     8. B
Ex. C: Listen and answer the questions:
       1. Where could bank credit cards be presented?
          At any place where the bank card sign is displayed, e.g. at a shop, a service
station, a hotel, a restaurants, etc.
       2. What does the bank send the holder each month?
          Each month the bank sends the holder a credit card statement setting out where
          purchases were made and totaling what is owing
       3. When the holder has received the credit card statement, what are the choices he
has on hand?
          The customer can pay in full within 25 days of the date of the statement or he
          can pay only the minimum repayment shown on the statement.
       4. Why are bank credit cards more versatile than store credit accounts?
          Because they also enable people to obtain cash.
       5. What is imposed indicating the maximum that can be owing at any one time
when a card issued?
          a personal credit limit is imposed indicating the maximum that can be owing at
any one time.

Passage 2 Your Legal Rights at the Sales
make way for: leave room for a successor or substitute.
              It's time he retired and made way for some younger professor.
line: (货物等的)种类
      This dress is one of our latest lines. 这件衣服是我们的最新产品之一。
buy up: purchase all that is available. 尽量收购,全部买下
      They want to buy up all the land in this area.
frown upon: look disapprovingly upon 不赞成,不以为然
      Gambling is frowned upon by some church authorities. 有些教会权力机关不许可
refund: money returned to a payer
Trading Standards officers (TSOs): protect the public and advise traders to ensure that
                                    goods and services are sold, bought or hired in
                                    compliance with legislation such as the Trade
                                    Descriptions Act, Consumer Protection Act, Weights
                                    and Measures Act, and over 600 regulations.

Ex. A: Pre-listening question
1. What are your legal rights at the sale?

Ex. B: Listen and choose the best answer for each of the questions.
     1. D 2. D      3. C    4. A 5. A 6. D          7. C    8. B

Ex. C: Listen and answer the questions:
  1. Are the shops really giving shoppers a chance to buy bargain?
     In most sales, some bargains are more genuine than others and some price claims are
     true, while others are misleading or plain false.
  2. Why do some shops sell goods at reduced price twice a year?
     To make way for new lines.
  3. What practices by the shopkeepers are often frowned on?
     The shopkeeper’s boasting, like “Worth £50, only £20” or even “Normally
     £300, only £150” ; and an imprecise offer, like “up to £ 10 off latest models.”
  4. What does the shop have no right to sell you?
     Anything that is not fit for the purpose for which it was made.
  5. When can’t you get a refund about something you buy in the sale?
     When you just change your mind about the things you buy in the sale.

Part 3 News

Social issues—retirement, sexual misconduct, strike
News summary
Recognizing specific information

Item 1

Pre-listening questions:
1. What is the retirement age in China?
   Ex. A: This news item is about public workers’ reaction to a retirement reform plan
passed by Brazilian lawmakers.

   Ex. B: Fill in the missing words.
      Thousands of public workers have began to demonstrate violently against a
retirement reform plan passed by Brazilian lawmakers Wednesday. Demonstrators
clashed with riot police in front of congress after the chamber of deputies approved the
       Some demonstrators said the president had betrayed them by seeking approval of
the measure in Congress. The measure is designed to cut retirement assistance, raised the
retirement age of public workers and tax their retirement money.

News Item 2

Pre-listening questions:
Do you have any good suggestions on how to protect oneself from sexual attacks?

Ex. A: Summarize the news.
This news item is about prevalent sexual misconduct endured by students according to a
report to Congress.

Ex. B: Listen and choose the best answer
1. B       2. D    3. C   4. A

Translate the news passage into Chinese.
      According to a report to Congress, more than 4.5 million students endure sexual
misconduct by employees at their schools, from inappropriate jokes all the way to forced
     The best estimate available shows nearly one in 10 kids faces misbehavior ranging
from unprofessional to criminal sometime between kindergarten and 12th grade.
    据最佳估算, 从幼儿园到 12 年级有十分之一的儿童面临来自非职业和职业的性
    Some educators took issue with the way the report combines sexual abuse with other
behaviors such as inappropriate jokes, in one broad category of sexual misconduct.
    报告中把性侵犯和诸如黄色笑话等属于广义范围的不当性行为混在一起, 一些

Background: 2004 Olympic Games Athens:
 stage: plan, organize, and carry out (an event)
 walkout: a strike in which the workers walk out
 bonus: an additional payment (or other remuneration) to employees as a means of
increasing output

Ex. A: Summarize the news
  This news item is about the 24-hour strike being staged by hotel workers in Athens.

Ex. B: Listen and complete the information related to the strike.
  Who: hotel workers
  Where: in Athens
  When: Wednesday
  Time duration: 24 hours
  Purpose: to demand an extra bonus for working during the forthcoming Games.
  Reasons: The government is giving security forces bonuses during the Games, while
           the private hotel operators will pay hotel workers only basic wages.

                                      Section 3
                                      Oral Work

                                   Section 4
                             Supplementary Exercises
Ex. A:
  1. What does PTA stand for?
     Parent-teacher associations.
  2. What is PTA’s work?
     To help schools and students in their communities.
  3. How many people in the U.S. belong to PTA?
     6 million.
  4. What is Selena Sloan Butler’s achievement?
     She established and served as the first president of the National Congress of Colored
Parents and Teachers.
  5. With what can the National PTA provide its members?
     Provide Its members with information online about educational issues.

Ex. B: Listening for specific information:
  1. 1895; provided; interested
  2. committees; projects; activities; activists; agencies
  3. 50; operates; Pacific and Europe; military
  4. publishes; “This Week in Washington”; affect
  5. critics; serve the interests

Ex. C: Your opinion
“PAT’s work is to help schools and students in their communities.”
  1. Is it necessary for schools in China to have PTA?
  2. What roles can PTA play at school in China?
  3. If your parent is selected as the member of PTA, will you support him or her?

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