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					So Why Would I Want A Prepaid Credit Card?

Our buying power today is based predominately on our credit rating. This is even more true today with the advent of computers and instant credit
reports from companies such as Equifax and Transunion. It is virtually impossible to do business without a credit card, especially online where nearly
every purchase requires a credit card.

Those with a weaker credit score, like lower than a 600 will experience a lot more difficulty obtaining a good credit card than those who have a better
credit rating. Sometimes the answer for people in this position is a secured or prepaid credit card.

With so many people these days having credit issues many banks have begun to offer prepaid credit cards which can actually be utilized just like a
regular credit card. For the majority of these credit cards it is almost impossible to tell that they are not a regular credit card by just looking them over.

So how does a prepaid credit card work? In most instances it works like this, when you open the account with the bank they will allow you to place a
certain amount of money up as a security deposit, this is sometimes called "loading". If it helps to understand it better, think of a prepaid calling card
for making phone calls away from home. This works much the same way and the prepaid cards are accepted anywhere their regular counterparts are.

Some of the advantages of prepaid credit cards include the following:

Prepaid credit cards are much easier to qualify for and receive than a regular credit card. In many cases they can even be bought on the internet.
They also do not usually a check of your credit or an investigation into your income and employment. Generally, all you have to do is apply and pay
out an application or processing fee to open the account and then deposit the initial money to activate the card which will determine what your actual
credit limit will be.

 Another big advantage of a prepaid credit card is that they do not charge interest like a regular credit card does. This is because you are not using
the banks' money. This is a big advantage, especially for people who are trying to get out of debt.

Since prepaid credit cards look just like a regular Visa or Mastercard they can be used worldwide in the same locations that accept a regular card.
If you have a low credit score or some issues with your credit that keep you from being able to get a regular credit card you should look into a prepaid
credit card.


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