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					            Welcome to
    “Peak Performance Practices”

        Chamber Executives of Ontario
           AGM & Fall Conference

                         November 5, 2004

                        Chambers and Associates
             93 Glen Hill Drive, Whitby, ON, L1N 6Z8, (905)430-6016
              “Inspiring Individual and Organizational Effectiveness”
Human Resource Management - Strategic Planning – Leadership Development – Team
           Development – Change Management – Customized Training
   Welcome and Introduction
   Performance Management
   Motivation
   Reward and Recognition
   Personal Action Plan and Next Steps
   Close
Management vs Leadership
“Management is getting people to do
 what needs to be done. Leadership is
 getting people to do what needs to be
 done. Managers push. Leaders pull.
 Managers command. Leaders
                       Warren Bennis
                       University of Southern California
What Does a Performance
Management System Do?
   Helps organizations meet objectives and carry out
    major initiatives
   Identifies ways people can contribute to their work
   Provides staff with a complete picture of what results
    are to be achieved and how to achieve them
   Extends thinking beyond a one-time appraisal
    process to an ongoing day-to-day process
   Helps staff improve their performance, ensuring job
Elements of Performance
   Objective setting
   Performance review/appraisal
   Performance development plan
   Coaching and feedback
   Corrective action process
Goals and Objectives
 Statements of general direction of intent. They are

  broad and unconcerned with particular achievement
  within a specific time frame.

 Specific statements that describe results to be

  achieved and when a goal is to be accomplished.
  They are quantifiable, observable & measurable.
Smart Objectives

    S   – specific
    M   – measurable
    A   – attainable
    R   – realistic
    T   – time bound
Personal Performance Review
Experiential Activity to address:
1. Benefits of conducting performance
   review sessions
2. Consequences of not having them
3. Challenges in perf. review discussions
4. Ways to prepare for perf. reviews
Personal Development Plan
Sample Developmental Activities:
 Training/course

 Job rotation

 Self-directed assignment

 Participation on committee

 Reading books, journals or articles

 Job shadowing

 Partnering with a more senior staff member
        Coaching for High
Successful coaching is:
 Frequent

 Balanced in encouraging talents as well
  as suggesting positive ideas for
 Specific and objective

 Timely
How Do You Support
Performance Management?
   Educate your staff on the process of
    performance management
   Hold regular coaching sessions (1/4ly)
   Share information that can help team
    members work smarter
   Provide team members with specific,
    frequent and timely feedback
    Staff’s Role in Performance
   Identify and define objectives
   Monitor their own performance
   Achieve performance and
    developmental objectives
   Contribute to open communication
   Participate actively in all phases of the
        When Performance
      Management is Working
   Personal and Chamber goals are met
    and surpassed
   Staff take the initiative to improve their
   Staff find their work more satisfying and
             Motivating Others
              Basic Principles
   Establish high standards of performance
   Convey attitude that everyone’s work is important
   Convey trust in people’s competence to do their jobs
   Inspire people to excel
   Create an enjoyable work environment
   Enrich jobs to increase motivation
   Removal of barriers to motivation
   Provide opportunities for development
   Reward people for good performance
   Reward and Recognition
Benefits of reward and recognition include:
 Helps motivate and energize staff

 Improves productivity and performance

 Staff and volunteers feel respected and
 Reinforces results oriented behaviours
Reward & Recognition Activity
Activity Topics:
1. Benefits of reward and recognition
2. Consequences of not rewarding
3. Challenges of reward & recognition
4. Chambers of Commerce methods
Personal Action Plan

    Complete handout
   Personal Action Plan

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