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best small business credit cards


									Best Small Business Credit Cards
These days, a credit card has become almost a necessity. The only thing is, now that I have cancelled my American Express credit card, I've lost
access to so many things. I found I couldn't join my local gym, order clothes over the internet or even reserve a plane ticket to New York, online, the
basic stuff of life. The old days of cash as the preferred method of doing obtaining goods have gone.

Using an American Express, Visa or Mastercard has become commonplace globally but we do it without thinking, do I need this and do I have the
money. Using your American Express credit card may be convenient but there is a cost for the convenience of paying at a later date. In many places
around the world, credit card debts are increasing at a worrying rate. It is not a lie when I say the credit card debts are the biggest worry facing the
people in America.

This is the primary reason I decided to cancel my American Express credit card recently. Parting with your money that you don't see leaving you is
easy and makes you spend more. Everything went onto my card and it didn't take long before debt went out of control. When the debt became so
great that I couldn't possibly pay it, I began to panic.

Repaying my debt wasn't easy and it took the help of a debt refinancing service to put me back on track. This is not something I ever want to happen
again. The hardship was worth it though because I am now debt free and my American Express credit card is no more. A lot of people would think that
it is rash to blame it on my credit card, but I think that they do not understand something about human psychology.

If you pay for goods or services in cash, you actually see that money coming out of your pocket. But like I said before, a credit card made everything
way too easy. Spending money like it was going out of fashion and it didn't take long before it was gone. Now there is no American Express credit
card; so no problem.

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