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					                The RCC Stock Market Game

                Rules of the game

1) You have $10,000 to invest. You must invest at least $9,000.

2) You will choose two companies from each of these exchanges, the New York Stock
   Exchange and NASDAQ. Spend any amount to purchase stock from a total of 4

3) You will buy stock at closing price on ___________. There will be no trades once
   you have purchased your stock, so choose well. You will sell your stock at closing
   prices on _____________.

4) On __________, you will bring to class a list of stocks and amount invested. Attach a
   copy of documentation on the closing price for each of the stocks you purchased and
   a short rationale (paragraph) for how you chose each stock. Present choices and
   rationale to the class. Hand in your list, paragraph and documentation in class.

5) At least once a week, track the prices of your stocks and prepare a graph to show their
   growth (hopefully!).

6) On ________, you will bring to class the final figures of your investments. You will
   prepare a portfolio with the final figures, including how much money you have ended
   up with, graphs of each of the stock’s growth, and documentation of the closing price
   of your stocks on _______.

7) You will receive a grade for this project. You will not be graded on whether your
   stocks rose or fell, but you will be graded on accuracy of your figures, and
   appearance and completeness of the portfolio. You will be asked to report your
   experiences in class as well.

8) The 4 winners (2 from each campus) will be determined by amount of income earned,
   as well as completeness and accurateness of the final portfolio. Prizes will be
   awarded at the __________ class.

Structure for Portfolio:
     Cover Page
     Executive summary (showing gain/loss, what you learned, what you would have
       done differently)
     Beginning and ending documentation (make sure to account for the entire
     Graphs showing weekly change in stock prices between _______and _______.

                       Good luck, have fun, and learn a lot!!