Adhesive dispenser with LED screen and recycle function (TH-2004KB)

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            T&H High precision Digital Dispenser-Teach & Learn-Three Modes

Standards: CE Approved
Control: by air and electric
Operating Model: Manual, Timer, cycles
Leak-proof function: Vacuum device
Cycle Initiate: Foot Pedal, Finger Switch
Dispensing time: 0.001S-99.99S
Cycles(interval)time: 0.1S-9.9S
Repeatability:+/- 0.01%
Frequency:> 600times/minute
power: <15W
Input voltage: 110 VAC or 220 VAC
Internal Voltage: 24 VDC
Weight: <3Kg
Air input: 1bar-7bar (1bar =1.01972kg/cm?=14.5038psi)
Air output: 0.1bar-7bar
Size: 28.1x21x7cm
Main Feature:

           1.High Precision Dispenser brings a new level of accuracy and consistency to processes with fluids
           time adjustment as fine as0 .0001 seconds

         2. The digital dispenser has three operating modes (Timed or steady, interval operation)

         3. The interval function can reduce labor intensity and increase the production ratio

         4. Teach function, Eliminates guesswork and fluid waste

         5. Vacuum control keeps thin fluids from dripping

           6.Use of metal quick connectors, loading and unloading more convenient, durable

         7. Digital timer: Digital display of dispense time

         8. The pedal /ring/inductive switches can be chosen.

         9. Complete with an accessory dispensing kit.


           Fast, controlled application
           Consistent dots and fills
           Makes dots, beads and fills of adhesives and other assembly
           Eliminates guesswork and fluid waste
         Reduces operator fatigue
         Clean, drip-free cutoff
         Simplified training for new workers

Appling as follow liquid:
Red glue, COB black glue, Tin ,Electrolyte, Crepe glue UV glue, AB glue,502 glue ,Ultraviolet radiation ,Armor ethyl
acetone, Solvent, Silver Glue, Paint, Printing ink, Fat, Chemical reagent, adhesive glue, Copper solder, Anaerobic
glue .Anti- solder etc.

Complete with an accessory dispensing kit