Visions of the Future

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					Visions of the Future
Where are we going, and how do
        we get there?

         Vince Gray
       CAPDU Training
        April 14, 2005
          Where are we now?
   I don’t know
   Two competing visions in my mind:
    • I joked to my wife that I needed a black
      silk square to put over my head to
      pronounce the death sentence
    • We are the proxy parents at the birth of
      something wonderful
    Why the competing visions?

   We are at a VERY important time for
    the development of the data culture
    and community in Canada

   A lot will depend on what we do and
    decide in the next five years
           What challenges?
   Expanding data community

   Training will be a continuous need

   Our very success raises expectations
           More Challenges
   StatsCan corporate memory

   Statistics Canada attitudes

   Research Data Centres vs PUMFs
             And still more
   Technology

   User expectations

   Many solitudes

   Loss of key personnel
          But - don’t despair
   The computer is your friend

   RDC is working more closely with DLI

   Cooperative ventures are increasing
   Training is taking place

   We have the skills, and we have the
    product. It’s hard to lose good will
                All in all?

   Good > Bad
   I think we are parents
    • Our child is growing up
    • Still needs a lot of nurturing
    • Is still “Delicate”
    • Can cause us a LOT of problems
      Visions in a perfect world
   Increased involvement in CAPDU
    from Quebec, Atlantic and Western

   All data centres using DDI-
    compatible software

   Suppliers sending clean, accurate,
    complete DDI-compliant metadata
              More visions
   The tools become so easy to use that
    we clear the backlog of files

   PUMFs become the default release

   In the absence of PUMFs, useful
    synthetic files are produced as a
    matter of course
    Most “pie-in-the-sky” visions
   GIS software becomes intuitive and
    easy to use, and data and GIS is
    immediately compatible

   Library schools integrate data
This is not the end, nor the beginning
 of the end. It is, perhaps, the end of
 the beginning. (Winston Churchill)

   As the collective parents of the data
    culture in Canada, it’s up to us to
    ensure that the kid grows up and
    does us proud. We have work to do –
    and the basic tools in place to do it.
             Thank you!

              Vince Gray
Social Science Network and Data Services

         CAPDU Conference
          Kingston, 2005