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Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles

Description:    The Global Outlook for PHEVs: Business Issues, Technology Issues, Key Players, and Market

                The electrification of the automobile has been slowly progressing over the last 10 years, ever since
                the arguably false start in the late 1990s. While hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) have been
                proliferating recently, a new breed is on the verge of launching: the plug-in hybrid electric vehicle
                (PHEV). Promising dramatically improved fuel economy, PHEVs have come about largely from the
                convergence of two technologies: HEVs and lithium ion (Li-ion) batteries.

                A mix of consumer demand and government incentives is fuelling the development of PHEVs.
                Governments are encouraging improved fuel economy either implicitly by regulating it, as in the
                United States, or by charging high fuel taxes or limits on vehicle emissions, as in Europe. In
                addition, automakers are counting on consumers who have demonstrated strong interest in HEVs to
                show similar willingness to purchase PHEVs. Pike Research forecasts that PHEV programs will
                initially focus on the small car segment (80% of sales in 2015), followed closely by the small SUV
                segment (10% of sales by 2015). By 2015, we anticipate the U.S. will be the largest market for
                HEVs and PHEVs, selling approximately 640,000 vehicles in these two categories combined. China
                will be the second-largest market with more than 560,000 hybrid vehicles sold that same year. By
                that time, we forecast that there will be a total of 1.7 million PHEVs on the roads globally.

                Key questions addressed:

                -What HEV and PHEV programs are planned for the next few years?

                -What are the consumer acceptance issues associated with PHEVs?

                -How will the PHEV market be segmented between different vehicle classes?

                -What are the key technologies used in HEVs and PHEVs? how big are the HEV and PHEV markets
                and how large are these markets expected to grow?

                -What are the key drivers of growth in the HEV and PHEV markets?

                -What will be the effects of regulatory standards and government incentives on the emerging PHEV

                -Who are the key industry players in the HEV and PHEV markets?

                -How ill the adoption of PHEVs vary by world region?

                Who needs this report?

                -OEM Vehicle Marketing Managers

                -Vehicle Component Suppliers

                -Battery Manufacturers

                -Government Environmental Agencies

                -Government Transportation Agencies

                -Environmental Transportation Advocacy Groups

                -Vehicle Trade Associations
            -Utility Managers

            -Investor Community

Contents:   1. Executive Summary

            2. Market Issues

            2.1 History

            2.2 Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles

            2.2.1 PHEVs by Vehicle Type

   Passenger Cars

   Light Trucks

            2.2.2 Competition from Chinese Manufacturers

            2.3 Product Demand vs. Development

            2.3.1 Other “Green” Vehicle Technologies

   Battery Electric Vehicles

   Hydrogen-Powered Vehicles

   Fuel Cell Vehicles

            2.3.2 Chrysler and General Motors Bankruptcy Impact on PHEV Development

            2.3.3 Automotive X-Prize

            2.3.4 Urban Planning Impact on Automobile Development

            3. Technology Issues

            3.1 Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle Drivetrains

            3.1.1 Terminology Defined

            3.1.2 Parallel Hybrid Design

   Belt Alternator Start

   Mild Hybrids

   Full Hybrids

            3.1.3 Series Hybrid Design/Extended Range Electric Vehicle

            3.2 Battery Technology

            3.2.1 Battery Chemistry

   Lead Acid Batteries

   Nickel-Sodium Chloride Batteries

   Nickel Metal Hydride Batteries Lithium Ion Batteries Lithium Titanate Batteries Growing Geopolitical Concerns with Lithium and Other Advanced Battery Chemicals

3.2.2 Safety Concerns

3.3 Ultracapacitors

3.4 Regenerative Braking

3.5 Recharging Infrastructure

3.5.1 Electric Utilities and Smart Grid Technologies

3.5.2 Vehicle Electronics and Engine Monitoring

4. Demand Drivers

4.1 Market-Based Demand

4.1.1 Fuel Prices Hypermiling

4.1.2 Consumer Preference Niche Manufacturers

4.1.3 Global Warming and Peal Oil Awareness

4.2 Government Emissions Regulations

4.2.1 United States CAFE Standards EPA Emissions Limitations

4.2.2 Canada

4.2.3 Mexico

4.2.4 Europe

4.2.5 Japan

4.2.6 China

4.2.7 India

4.3 Government Incentives

4.3.1 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA)

4.3.2 Canada

4.3.3 Europe

4.3.4 Japan

4.3.5 China
4.3.6 Other Regulatory Incentives

5. Key Industry Players

5.1 Original Equipment Manufacturers

5.1.1 BMW/Mini

5.1.2 Chinese Manufacturers

5.1.3 Chrysler

5.1.4 Daimler

5.1.5 Ford Motor Co.

5.1.6 Fiat

5.1.7 General Motors

5.1.8 Honda

5.1.9 Hyundai/Kia

5.1.10 Mitsubishi

5.1.11 Nissan/Renault

5.1.12 PSA Peugeot/Citroen

5.1.13 Toyota Motor Corp.

5.1.14 Volkswagen/Audi

5.2 Key Suppliers

5.2.1 A123 Systems

5.2.2 Cobasys

5.2.3 Eaton Corp.

5.2.4 EnergyCS (Battery Management Systems)

5.2.5 Enova Systems, Inc.

5.2.6 GS Yuasa

5.2.7 Johnson Controls-Saft

5.2.8 LG Chemical/Compact Power

5.2.9 National Alliance for Advanced Transportation Battery Cell Manufacture (NAATBCM)

5.2.10 Panasonic EV Energy

6. Market Forecasts

6.1 Global Vehicle Sales Forecast: 2006-2015

6.1.1 United States and Canada
6.1.2 Latin America

6.1.3 Europe

6.1.4 Asia Pacific

6.2 Hybrid Electric Vehicles Forecast: 2006-2015

6.2.1 HEV Forecast

6.2.2 PHEV Forecast

6.2.3 HEV and PHEV Forecast for the Rest of the World

6.3 PHEV Sales Forecast by Vehicle Segment, United States: 2015

6.4 PHEV Registrations Forecast: 2009-2015

6.4.1 North America

6.4.2 Europe

6.4.3 Asia Pacific

6.5 Global Market Share Forecasts for Selected Manufacturers

6.5.1 Selected OEM PHEV Market Share Forecasts: 2010, 2015 Toyota Motor Corp. Market Share Forecasts: 2010-2015 General Motors Market Share Forecasts: 2010-2015 Ford Motor Co. Market Share Forecasts: 2010-2015

6.6 Summary and Conclusions

7. Company Directory

8. Acronym and Abbreviation List

9. Table of Contents

10. Table of Charts and Figures

11. Scope of Study, Sources and Methodology, Notes

List of Charts and Figures
Total Hybrid Sales (HEVs and PHEVs), World Markets: 2007-2015
HEV and PHEV Sales, World Markets: 2007-2015
PHEV Sales by Segment, United Sates: 2015
Global Lithium Reserves Base by Country: 2005
Vehicle Sales, World Markets: 2006-2015
Vehicle Sales, United States and Canada: 2006-2015
Vehicle Sales, Latin America: 2006-2015
Vehicle Sales, Western and Eastern Europe: 2006-2015
Vehicle Sales, China, Japan, and India: 2006-2015
HEV Sales, World Markets: 2006-2015
PHEV Sales, World Markets: 2009-2015
Total Hybrid Sales (HEVs and PHEVs), World Markets: 2007-2015
PHEV Sales by Vehicle Segment, United States: 2015
PHEV Registrations Forecast, World Markets: 2009-2015
Selected OEM Global Market Shares, World Markets: 2007, 2009, 2015
Selected OEM PHEV Market Shares, World Markets: 2010, 2015
            Typical State of Charge for Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles
            Series and Parallel Hybrid Drivetrains Diagram
            Peak Oil Curve - World Oil Production (Crude Oil + NGL) and Forecasts (1940-2050)
            Annual Automobile Vehicle Miles of Travel (VMT) per Capita: 1997
            PHEV Product Plans, North America: 2010-2012 & Beyond
            PHEV Product Plans, Europe: 2010-2012 & Beyond
            PHEV Product Plans, Asia Pacific: 2010-2012 & Beyond
            Consumer Preferences for Electric Vehicle Range

            List of Tables
            Lithium Production, Country Markets: 2005
            Annual Growth in Light Vehicle Production, World Markets: 2007-2015
            Annual Light Vehicle Production, World Markets: 2006-2015
            Annual Growth in Total Vehicle Sales, World Markets: 2007-2015
            Annual Vehicle Sales, World Markets: 2006-2015
            HEV Sales Growth Rate, World Markets: 2007-2015
            HEV Sales, World Markets: 2006-2015
            PHEV Sales Growth Rate, World Markets: 2010-2015
            PHEV Sales, World Markets: 2009-2015
            Total Hybrid Electric Vehicle Sales (HEVs and PHEVs) Growth Rate, World Markets: 2007-2015
            Total Hybrid Electric Vehicle Sales (HEVs and PHEVs), World Markets: 2006-2015
            PHEV Sales by Segment, United Sates: 2010-2015
            PHEV Registration Growth Rates by Region, World Markets: 2010-2015
            PHEV Registrations by Region, World Markets: 2009-2015
            Global Market Share for Selected Manufacturers: 2007-2015
            Global Sales for Selected Manufacturers: 2007-2015
            Global PHEV Market Share for Selected Manufacturers: 2009-2015
            Global PHEV Sales for Selected Manufacturers: 2009-2015

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