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									                       [Example of Generic Sales Letter to CPAs]

[Adapt this letter as appropriate for your marketing efforts in reaching out to CPAs and
other accountants for additional business. For background, read Sandi Smith, “How to
Write a Knockout Sales Letter to CPA Firms,” Intuit® ProConnection® (V:1), Jan. 24,
2006, at http://accountant.intuit.com.]

[Your Letterhead Stationery]


[Your Client’s Address]

Dear [Client],

Have you struggled to find just the right bookkeeper for your firm and your clients’
businesses? Do they all have too many personal problems, quit after a short time, or don’t
really understand debits and credits? Are you tired of spending your valuable time on
something you can’t bill very high for?

Meet XYZ Bookkeepers. Our company hires career bookkeepers who know their stuff,
are mature and hardworking, and love to work with a variety of companies. Our staff has
a combined 200 years experience in bookkeeping for all sizes of businesses.

Services include:

        Onsite or remote services
        Complete data entry, including CPA journal entries
        Excel spreadsheet work
        QuickBooks software
        Additional services:
            o Supply management, forms ordering
            o Collection letters and calls
            o Software installation
            o Data backups
            o Phone support and training

Save time and make money by outsourcing all of your bookkeeping to us. Call us at 555-
1212 for a free, no-risk consultation and a customized quote for your firm or your clients’
businesses. Call before January 31 and we’ll take 15 percent off your first months’ bill.



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