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									                                                                       Federal Register / Vol. 73, No. 94 / Wednesday, May 14, 2008 / Notices                                               27849

                                          populating its own Web site. In a                       is therefore in the public interest.                  we at RE/MAX Island Realty fully
                                          follow-up conversation with                             Accordingly, after publication in the                 support.
                                          Department of Justice staff, Mr.                        Federal Register pursuant to 15 U.S.C.                   In our opinion what the document
                                          Saunders explained that HHMLS has                       16(b) and (d), the United States will                 does not address is that in our opinion
                                          excluded certain data fields—including                  move this Court to enter the Final                    every MLS Member should be treated
                                          property address—from the electronic                    Judgment.                                             equal regarding information on real
                                          feed it provides to members for                            Respectfully Submitted,                            properties ultimately supplied to the
                                          advertising. He claims this exclusion                   KEVIN F. McDONALD,                                    consumer regardless of whom is
                                          reduces the functionality of HHMLS                      Acting United States Attorney.                        supplying the information. Specifically,
                                          members’ public advertising Web sites.                  BY: /s/ Barbara M. Bowens.                            we believe that our MLS should supply
                                          For example, without electronic access                  Barbara M. Bowens (I.D. 4004),                        the identical data feeds to all members
                                          to the address field, a member cannot                   Assistant United States Attorney, 1441                of the Hilton Head MLS as are currently
                                          efficiently provide a mapping function                     Main Street, Suite 500, Columbia,                  submitted to third party providers such
                                          on its publicly-accessible marketing                       South Carolina 29201, ( 803) 929–                  as and even used by the
                                          Web site.                                                  3052.                                              MLS itself on their own Web site that is
                                             Under the Tunney Act, a Court’s                                                                            being marketed in and outside the state
                                          public interest determination is limited                Lisa Scanlon,
                                                                                                                                                        of South Carolina. That is not the case
                                          to whether the government’s proposed                    Attorney, Antitrust Division, 325 7th
                                                                                                                                                        today and that glaring deficiency should
                                          Final Judgment remedies the violations                     St., NW., Suite 300, Washington, DC
                                                                                                                                                        be addressed and corrected. Our
                                          alleged in its Complaint. The                              20530, (202) 616–5054.
                                                                                                                                                        member firms are being discriminated
                                          Government alleged, among other                         April 9, 2008.                                        against by their own MLS! This
                                          things, that HHMLS’s rules deterred the                 Certificate of Service                                situation should be corrected for that
                                          emergence of Internet-based brokerage.                                                                        would benefit all members as well as
                                          As a consequence, the Proposed Final                      I hereby certify that on April 9, 2008,             the ultimate consumer.
                                          Judgment requires that HHMLS not                        1 caused a copy of the foregoing                         Should you have any questions or
                                          discriminate against brokers based on                   Response to Public Comments to be                     comments, please do not hesitate to
                                          the method by which they would                          served on counsel for Defendant via ECF               contact me at your convenience. Thank
                                          provide listings data to their customers.               in this matter in the manner set forth                you very much.
                                          Thus, HHMLS would have to provide to                    below:
                                          a broker whose business model contains                    By: /s/ Barbara M. Bowens,                          Richard B. Saunders, CRB, GRI, SRES
                                          an Internet brokerage component the                     BARBARA M. BOWENS.                                    Broker/Owner, RE/MAX Island Realty.
                                          same electronic data feed it provides to                Jane W. Trinkley,                                     Dick Saunders,
                                          other brokers who service clients                       McNair Law Firm, P.A., P.O. Box 11390,                Broker/Owner, RE/MAX Island Realty,
                                          through traditional means. Mr.                            Columbia, SC 29211, (via e-mail and                    99 Main Street, Hilton Head Island,
                                          Saunders, however, is concerned about                     first-class mail from Owen Kendler,                    South Carolina 29926, Office (843)
                                          the availability of listings data for use in              Esq.).                                                 785–5252 3044, Fax: (843) 785–7188,
                                          Internet advertising, not about                         Counsel for Defendant.                                   Toll Free: (800) 343–6821 x3044,
                                          restrictions on data used to provide
                                          brokerage services via a password-                      United States District Court for the
                                          protected Internet site. Internet                       District of South Carolina, Beaufort
                                          advertising was not a subject of the                    Division                                              [FR Doc. E8–10417 Filed 5–13–08; 8:45 am]
                                          Government’s investigation leading to                   United States of America, Plaintiff v.                BILLING CODE 4410–11–M
                                          the complaint in this matter and the                    Multiple Listing Service of Hilton Head
                                          Complaint contains no allegation that                   Island, Inc., Defendant
                                          encompasses the practice about which                                                                          DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE
                                          Mr. Saunders complains. Accordingly,                    Civil Action No. 9:07–C V–3435–SB
                                          factoring Mr. Saunders’ concern into the                                                                      National Institute of Corrections
                                                                                                  Appendix: Public Comment on the
                                          public interest assessment here would                   Proposed Final Judgment                               Solicitation for a Cooperative
                                          inappropriately construct a
                                                                                                  Comment Submitted by Richard B.                       Agreement: Identifying Characteristics
                                          ‘‘hypothetical case and then evaluate
                                                                                                  Saunders                                              of High Performing Correctional
                                          the decree against that case,’’ something
                                          the Tunney Act does not authorize.                      December 31, 2007.
                                          United States v. Microsoft Corp., 56 F.3d               John Reed,                                            AGENCY:  National Institute of
                                          at I 459. In any event, the Proposed                    Litigation III Section, Antitrust Division,           Corrections, Department of Justice.
                                          Final Judgment does not insulate the                       US Department of Justice,                          ACTION: Solicitation for Cooperative
                                          practice about which Mr. Saunders                          Washington, DC 20530.                              Agreement.
                                          complains from antitrust scrutiny. The
                                          antitrust laws will continue to apply to                Subject: United States Department of                  SUMMARY: The National Institute of
                                          HHMLS and would proscribe conduct                       Justice vs Hilton Head Island Multiple                Corrections (NIC) is soliciting proposals
                                          by the Defendant that runs afoul of                     Listing Service                                       from organizations, groups or
                                          applicable legal standards.                                Dear Mr. Reed, Assuming that                       individuals to enter into a cooperative
                                                                                                  comments are stilt welcome by the                     agreement for a 12-month,
                                          VI. Conclusion                                          Department of Justice regarding the                   developmental phase of a new initiative,
                                            After careful consideration of the                    Proposed Final Judgment with the                      ‘‘Identifying the Characteristics of High
jlentini on PROD1PC65 with NOTICES

                                          public comment, the United States                       Multiple Listing Service of Hilton Head               Performing Correctional Organizations.’’
                                          concludes that the entry of the proposed                Island, SC, it is apparent to me that the             This project will focus on developing a
                                          Final Judgment will provide an effective                intent of the document is an attempt to               methodology to allow organizations to
                                          and appropriate remedy for the antitrust                treat all parties relative to our MLS in              build from their strengths to identify
                                          violations alleged in the Complaint and                 an equal and unbiased manner, an effort               and bridge gaps between current

                                     VerDate Aug<31>2005   16:39 May 13, 2008   Jkt 214001   PO 00000   Frm 00056   Fmt 4703   Sfmt 4703   E:\FR\FM\14MYN1.SGM   14MYN1
                                          27850                        Federal Register / Vol. 73, No. 94 / Wednesday, May 14, 2008 / Notices

                                          performance and optimal performance                     ADDRESSES:   Mailed applications must be              Organizational Development, (7)
                                          in terms of efficiency, effectiveness and               sent to Director, National Institute of               Accurate, Fair and Timely Processes, (8)
                                          accountability.                                         Corrections, 320 First Street, NW., Room              Stewardship of Public Resources, and
                                             Project Goal: The products from this                 5007, Washington, DC 20534.                           (9) Public Safety.
                                          cooperative agreement will be to                        Applicants are encouraged to use                         The applicant awarded this
                                          establish a model, accompanying                         Federal Express, UPS, or similar service              cooperative agreement will continue to
                                          assessment methodology, and                             to ensure delivery by the due date. Hand              draw from the literature to further
                                          appropriate performance measures that                   delivered applications should be                      define or shape those principles at a
                                          define a high performance correctional                  brought to 500 First Street, NW.,                     macro level to span across, and
                                          agency or system. The model will                        Washington, DC 20534. At the front                    determine their applicability to, jails,
                                          synthesize the literature about building                desk, call (202) 307–3106, extension 0                prisons, and community corrections
                                          high-performance organizations into                     for pickup. Faxed applications will not               agencies at the State and local levels.
                                          diagnostic tools that can be put to                     be accepted. The only electronic                      There are several NIC products that can
                                          practical use by organizations to                       applications (preferred) that will be                 be found on the Internet (http://
                                          understand their business practices and                 accepted must be submitted through           that relate to core
                                          overall performance. The intended user                                        guiding principles such as collaborative
                                          of the tools are local and state operated               FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: A                    problem solving for criminal justice,
                                          jails, prisons and community                            copy of this announcement and the                     implementing evidence based principles
                                          corrections agencies or systems.                        required application forms can be                     in community corrections, gender
                                             The intended outcome for this project                downloaded from the NIC Web site at                   responsivity principles and leadership/
                                          is to establish a model, assessment                                            core competencies.
                                          methodology, performance indicators,                       All technical or programmatic                         Goals of Identifying Characteristics of
                                          and practical strategies to (1) Develop                 questions concerning this                             a High Performing Correctional
                                          ways to address agency inefficiencies                   announcement should be directed to                    Organizations Cooperative Agreement:
                                          that result from the lack of a ‘‘holistic’’             Sherry Carroll, Correctional Program                  The goal is to develop a model that will
                                          and integrated perspective; (2) establish               Specialist, National Institute of                     synthesize the literature about building
                                          a core set of values or guiding principles              Corrections. Ms. Carroll can be reached               high-performance organizations into
                                          that agencies can apply to correctional                 by calling 1–800–995–6423 ext 0378 or                 diagnostic tools that can be put to
                                          disciplines to enhance business                         by e-mail at                        practical use by practitioners and
                                          practices; (3) improve organizational                   SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION:                            organizations to understand their
                                          performance by assessing strengths,                        Background: Correctional leaders                   business practices and overall
                                          weaknesses, opportunities, resources                    receive a constant stream of advice on                performance. The project is multi-tiered
                                          and threats; (4) prioritize goals and                   the essential elements and functions                  to include a general set of core
                                          objectives; and (5) contain costs                       that constitute professional correctional             principles then tailored to
                                          associated with operating correctional                  management and practices. A large                     organizational business practices/
                                          agencies and systems. This project will:                literature, much of it based on studies               applications specific to correctional
                                             Define the ‘‘hard side’’ of correctional             of private sector practices, exists on the            disciplines (jails, prisons and
                                          organizations i.e. strategic plan, mission              best leadership, management, and                      community corrections).
                                          statement, capacity building, policy/                   organizational strategies to produce high                If an organization is under-utilizing
                                          procedure etc; their leadership and                     performance organizations. At the same                resources then it may be performing at
                                          management philosophy; organizational                   time, there are a number of                           a level below its potential. The model
                                          structure; and other operational                        recommended ‘‘best practices’’ being                  and assessment tools developed under
                                          characteristics.                                        offered through training and technical                this award will allow agencies to
                                             Identify methods to improve the                      assistance by NIC, other government                   develop and improve their operational
                                          infrastructure, activities, and outputs of              agencies, and professional organizations              infrastructure and build their capacity
                                          correctional organizations to be better                 or from researchers and academicians                  in a number of areas. In building
                                          aligned with operational practices,                     on how to best operate correctional                   capacity agency-wide, it may include,
                                          community partnerships, offender                        agencies and systems. To date, however,               but is not limited to, operational
                                          reentry and the best use of resources.                  there has been little progress in                     management, organizational
                                             Identify evidence based and/or best                  identifying which of these many                       development principles, business
                                          practices.                                              recommendations are related to higher                 practices, program and offender
                                                                                                  performance and, if related, how they                 management, financial processes,
                                             Develop and test tools that can be put
                                                                                                  can be measured.                                      accountability and quality assurance.
                                          to practical use.
                                                                                                     Progress to date: During 2006, NIC                    As this project continues, it will also
                                             Develop methods to measure the
                                                                                                  sponsored a workgroup of subject matter               incorporate the ‘‘soft side’’ or informal
                                          degree to which correctional
                                                                                                  experts. The group identified nine                    characteristics of an organization’s
                                          organizations are functioning that
                                                                                                  categories or core guiding principles                 culture often referred to as ‘‘the way
                                          comprises the actual output or result
                                                                                                  considered as important factors in                    things are really done’’ and test how and
                                          measured against its intended outputs
                                                                                                  determining criminal justice system                   to what degree those cultural factors
                                          or goals and objectives in determining
                                                                                                  performance on the State or local                     can, in conjunction with the ‘‘hard side’’
                                                                                                  governance level for community                        (or formal business practices) either
                                          DATES:  Applications must be received                   corrections. Those principles are: (1)                enhance or obstruct efforts to improve
                                          by 4 p.m. EST on Thursday, June 19,                     Leadership and Management                             performance. The practitioner will have
jlentini on PROD1PC65 with NOTICES

                                          2008. Selection of the successful                       Development, (2) Information and                      the ability to understand the interaction
                                          applicant and notification of review                    Knowledge Management; (3)                             between both the operational and
                                          results to all applicants no later than                 Comprehensive Criminal Justice                        cultural aspects of an organization. The
                                          July 31, 2008 for projects to begin by                  Planning, (4) Offender Management (5)                 practitioner can then understand how
                                          September 1, 2008.                                      Collaborative Partnerships, (6)                       and why the system operates as it does,

                                     VerDate Aug<31>2005   16:39 May 13, 2008   Jkt 214001   PO 00000   Frm 00057   Fmt 4703   Sfmt 4703   E:\FR\FM\14MYN1.SGM   14MYN1
                                                                       Federal Register / Vol. 73, No. 94 / Wednesday, May 14, 2008 / Notices                                            27851

                                          employ intervention strategies and                         Subtask 2.2: Assist NIC in creating                   Experience collecting documentation
                                          improve performance.                                    partnership opportunities to inform and               and communicating multi-level
                                             At selected points in the process, the               advance work.                                         strategies, information pieces, progress,
                                          NIC project manager will have sign off                     Under Task 3, Produce Deliverable                  time lines, budgets, meetings records
                                          authority for the project to move                       Products, a number of deliverables will               and surveys.
                                          forward and approval to release any                     be produced as a result of the project’s                 Management of overall project
                                          information about the project. The                      activities. The format of the deliverable             organization and business processes.
                                          selected sign-off points will be                        products (reports, presentations, and                    Assessing, interpreting and
                                          determined as the project plans are                     activities) will be defined through the               summarizing research in relevant fields.
                                          developed and approved by NIC.                          course of the work, but their content is                 Acting as liaison and manager with
                                             There are three (3) tasks to be                      listed below.                                         research experts connected to the
                                          achieved under this cooperative                            Subtasks under Task 3 will include:                project.
                                          agreement: (1) Conduct Research, to                        Subtask 3.1: A definition of high                     Conceptualization of content and
                                          identify, develop, and test assessment                  performing correctional organizations.                process and the ability to translate
                                          instruments, tools, and resources, (2)                     Subtask 3.2: A description of the                  concepts into appropriate documents
                                          Engage Stakeholders in High Performing                  principles, requirements, and                         and other forms of communication.
                                                                                                  measurements of a ‘‘high performing’’                    Experience in guiding multiple
                                          Correctional Organization concepts, and
                                                                                                  organization for correctional systems                 organizations/agencies through a
                                          (3) Produce Deliverable Products.
                                                                                                  (jails, prisons, and community                        significant change process and case
                                             Under Task 1, Conduct Research, the
                                                                                                  corrections) and ‘‘hard-side’’ business               studies must be identified in the
                                          project will develop an operational
                                                                                                  practices.                                            application.
                                          definition of a high performing                                                                                  Knowledge of public administration
                                          correctional organization and what                         Subtask 3.3: A methodology for
                                                                                                  engaging agencies in using the                        concepts and correctional organization
                                          business practices/processes they                                                                             business practices.
                                          should perform. The definition will be                  framework, assessment processes, tools
                                                                                                  and resources.                                           Display technical writing skills and
                                          based on a review and synthesis of                                                                            can provide professional editing
                                          existing literature from both the public                   Subtask 3.4: A comparison of exiting
                                                                                                  tools and resources.                                  services.
                                          and private sectors on business                                                                                  Application Requirements: The
                                                                                                     Subtask 3.5: A set of tools and
                                          practices and change strategies that can                                                                      application should be concisely written,
                                                                                                  resources that correctional agencies can
                                          be tested in correctional agencies or                                                                         typed double spaced and reference the
                                                                                                  use to assess performance, prepare for
                                          systems. In addition, the project will                                                                        ‘‘NIC Application Number’’ and Title
                                                                                                  performance improvements, and
                                          synthesize previous work on                                                                                   provided in this announcement. The
                                                                                                  implement change efforts.
                                          performance measurements for jails,                                                                           application package must include: OMB
                                                                                                     Subtask 3.6: A methodology to test,
                                          prisons, and community corrections                                                                            Standard Form 424, Application for
                                                                                                  analyze and modify tools.
                                          agencies and identify new performance                      Subtask 3.7: A basic set of                        Federal Assistance, a cover letter that
                                          indicators that could be used for each.                 performance indicators appropriate for                identifies the audit agency responsible
                                             Subtasks under Task 1 will include:                  use in prisons, jails, and community                  for the applicant’s financial accounts as
                                             Subtask 1.1: Conduct site visits to                  corrections agencies.                                 well as the audit period or fiscal year
                                          organizations considered high                              Subtask 3.8: A protocol for                        that the applicant operates under (e.g.,
                                          performing.                                             implementing a self-assessment tool.                  July 1 through June 30), a program
                                             Subtask 1.2: Conduct research to                        Subtask 3.9: A report suitable for                 narrative responding to the
                                          validate characteristics and needs of the               publication on the Initiative’s intent,               requirements in this announcement, a
                                          correctional agencies or systems.                       concepts, and application.                            description of the qualifications of the
                                             Subtask 1.3: Conduct research and                       Subtask 3.10: A written strategy for               applicant(s), an outline of projected
                                          analysis of correctional resources for                  marketing and increasing receptivity to               costs, and the following forms: OMB
                                          building the framework.                                 high performing correctional                          Standard Form 424A, Budget
                                             Subtask 1.4: Conduct research on                     organizations.                                        Information—Non-Construction
                                          strength based, evidence based and best                    Proposal Preparation: The successful               Programs, OMB Standard Form 424B,
                                          practices.                                              applicant must demonstrate a logic                    Assurances—Non-Construction
                                             Subtask 1.5: Review current and                      model for building initially and                      Programs (these forms are available in
                                          relevant research on private and public                 sustaining over time the capacity           , DOJ/NIC
                                          sector business practices.                              required at state and local governance                Certification Regarding Lobbying;
                                             Subtask 1.6: Research literature                     levels. The proposal must include a                   Debarment, Suspension and Other
                                          review on organizational structures                     strategic plan detailing how the work                 Responsibility Matters; and Drug-Free
                                          (hierarchy, matrix, etc).                               will be organized and completed,                      Workplace Requirements (available at
                                             Under Task 2, Engage stakeholders in                 project goals and objectives,               
                                          High Performing Correctional                            methodologies, a list of involved                     certif-frm.pdf.)
                                          Organization concepts, the project will                 persons and their roles, a budget, and                   The program narrative text should be
                                          engage the field to review and refine the               experience working with organizational                limited to 15 double spaced pages,
                                          results of Task 1. Subtasks under Task                  performance and business practices.                   exclusive of resumes and summaries of
                                          2 will include:                                         The proposal and experience should                    experience. Please do not submit full
                                             Subtask 2.1: Convene experts and                     address previously stated goals and                   curriculum vitae. A telephone
                                          thought leaders (from the corrections                   objectives in this solicitation.                      conference will be conducted for
                                          field, academia, consultant firms, NIC,                    Required Expertise: It is highly                   persons receiving this solicitation and
jlentini on PROD1PC65 with NOTICES

                                          and criminal justice system related                     desirable for the successful applicant to             having a serious intent to respond on
                                          organizations) to hold meetings and                     demonstrate experience in:                            Wednesday, June 5, 2008, at 2 p.m.
                                          focus groups in contributing to the                        Facilitation of meetings and planning              EDST. Please notify Sherry Carroll
                                          building of the framework,                              sessions of advisory committee, work                  electronically at by
                                          methodology, and assessment tool.                       groups and other stakeholders.                        close of business on June 3, 2008,

                                     VerDate Aug<31>2005   16:39 May 13, 2008   Jkt 214001   PO 00000   Frm 00058   Fmt 4703   Sfmt 4703   E:\FR\FM\14MYN1.SGM   14MYN1
                                          27852                        Federal Register / Vol. 73, No. 94 / Wednesday, May 14, 2008 / Notices

                                          regarding your interest in participating                Catalog Federal Assistance Number: 17.261.            notice will not be considered. No
                                          in the conference. You will be provided                 SUMMARY:    The Employment and                        exceptions to the submission
                                          a call-in number and instructions. Any                  Training Administration announces the                 requirements set forth in this notice will
                                          other questions regarding this                          availability of $49.5 million for grants to           be granted. For detailed guidance,
                                          solicitation should also be addressed to                serve high schools that have been                     please refer to Section IV.C.
                                          Sherry Carroll at                     designated as persistently dangerous by               SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: This
                                             Authority: Pub. L. 93–415.                           State Educational Agencies for the                    solicitation consists of eight parts:
                                             Funds Available: NIC is seeking the                  2007–2008 school year under section                     Part I provides a description of this
                                          applicants’ best ideas regarding                        9532 of the Elementary and Secondary                  funding opportunity.
                                          accomplishment of the scope of work                     Education Act. The goal of these grants                 Part II describes the size and nature of
                                          and the related costs for achieving the                 is to reduce violence within these                    the anticipated awards.
                                          goals of this solicitation. The final                   schools through a combination of                        Part III describes eligibility
                                          budget and award amount will be                         mentoring, educational, employment,                   information.
                                          negotiated between NIC and the                          case management, and violence
                                          successful applicant. Funds may only be                                                                         Part IV provides information on the
                                                                                                  prevention strategies. These grants will              application and submission process.
                                          used for the activities that are linked to              be awarded through a competitive
                                          the desired outcome of the project. No                                                                          Part V describes the criteria against
                                                                                                  process open both to school districts
                                          funds are transferred to state or local                                                                       which applications will be reviewed
                                                                                                  which include persistently dangerous
                                          governments.                                                                                                  and explains the proposal review
                                                                                                  high schools and to community-based
                                             This project will be a collaborative                                                                       process.
                                                                                                  organizations (CBOs) in partnership
                                          venture with the NIC Research and                                                                               Part VI provides award administration
                                                                                                  with these school districts. High schools
                                          Evaluation Division.                                                                                          information.
                                                                                                  which have been designated as
                                             Eligibility of Applicants: An eligible               persistently dangerous this school year                 Part VII contains DOL agency contact
                                          applicant is any public or private                      are located in the school districts of                information.
                                          agency, educational institution,                        Baltimore City, New York City,                          Part VIII lists additional resources of
                                          organization, individual or team with                   Berkshire Farms (New York), Salem-                    interest to applicants and other
                                          expertise in the described areas.                       Keiser (Oregon), Philadelphia, and                    information.
                                             Review Considerations: Applications                  Puerto Rico. These schools are listed in              I. Funding Opportunity Description
                                          received under this announcement will                   Section VIIIA below. School districts
                                          be subjected to a 3 to 7 person NIC                     and CBOs must submit a separate                          The Employment and Training
                                          Review Process.                                         application for each high school that                 Administration announces the
                                             Number of Awards: One.                               they propose serving, but may submit as               availability of $49.5 million for grants to
                                             NIC Application Number: 08PEI19.                     many applications as they have eligible               serve high schools that have been
                                          This number should appear as a                          schools. Applications submitted by                    designated as persistently dangerous by
                                          reference line in the cover letter, and in              school districts must include plans to                State Educational Agencies for the
                                          box 4a of Standard Form 424 and                         have one or more CBOs as sub-grantees/                2007–2008 school year under section
                                          outside of the envelope in which the                    contractors to operate at a minimum the               9532 of the Elementary and Secondary
                                          application is sent.                                    mentoring component. These proposed                   Education Act. The goal of these grants
                                             Catalog of Federal Domestic                          CBO sub-grantees/contractors do not                   is to reduce violence within these
                                          Assistance Number: 16.602.                              need to be listed in the application, as              schools through a combination of
                                             Executive Order 12372: This program                  the Department strongly encourages the                mentoring, educational, employment,
                                          is not subject to the provisions of                     use of competition in selecting sub-                  case management, and violence
                                          Executive Order 12372.                                  grantees and contractors either before or             prevention strategies.
                                                                                                  after grant award. Applications                          The high schools that have identified
                                          Morris L. Thigpen,
                                                                                                  submitted by CBOs must have a school                  this year as persistently dangerous have
                                          Director, National Institute of Corrections.                                                                  the following characteristics:
                                                                                                  district identified as a partner, with a
                                          [FR Doc. E8–10728 Filed 5–13–08; 8:45 am]                                                                        • These high schools are quite large—
                                                                                                  signed memorandum of understanding
                                          BILLING CODE 4410–36–P
                                                                                                  with the school district included in the              many of them have enrollments of over
                                                                                                  application. To be eligible to apply for              1,200, and a couple have enrollments of
                                                                                                  these grants as a CBO, organizations                  over 2,000.
                                          DEPARTMENT OF LABOR                                     must be not-for-profit entities and can                  • In particular, these high schools
                                                                                                  operate either nationally or locally.                 tend to have very large numbers of ninth
                                          Employment and Training                                    This solicitation provides background              graders. Many have over 600 ninth
                                          Administration                                          information and describes the                         graders, and some have over 700 ninth
                                                                                                  application submission requirements,                  graders.
                                          Notice of Availability of Funds and
                                                                                                  outlines the process that eligible entities              • The high schools lose great
                                          Solicitation for Grant Applications
                                                                                                  must use to apply for funds covered by                numbers of students between the 9th
                                          (SGA) for Mentoring, Educational, and
                                                                                                  this solicitation, and outlines the                   and 12th grades. Almost all of the
                                          Employment Strategies To Improve
                                                                                                  evaluation criteria used as a basis for               schools lose over half of their 9th
                                          Academic, Social, and Career Pathway
                                                                                                  selecting the grantees.                               graders before they reach the 12th grade,
                                                                                                     Key Dates: The closing date for receipt            and many lose over 60 percent of their
                                          AGENCY:   Employment and Training                       of applications under this                            9th graders before they reach the 12th
                                          Administration, U.S. Department of                      announcement is June 11, 2008.                        grade.
jlentini on PROD1PC65 with NOTICES

                                          Labor.                                                  Application and submission                               • These schools serve a
                                            Announcement Type: Notice of                          information is explained in detail in                 predominantly poor population, with
                                          Solicitation for Grant Applications.                    Part IV of this SGA.                                  many of the schools having 70 percent
                                            Funding Opportunity Number: SGA/                      ADDRESSES: Applications that do not                   or more of their students eligible for a
                                          DFA PY 07–09.                                           meet the conditions set forth in this                 free or reduced lunch.

                                     VerDate Aug<31>2005   16:39 May 13, 2008   Jkt 214001   PO 00000   Frm 00059   Fmt 4703   Sfmt 4703   E:\FR\FM\14MYN1.SGM   14MYN1

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