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									Contact Management
 New User Interface

     Version 1.0

As part of Kintera’s continuous effort to improve the usability, navigation, and functionality of Sphere a new
User Interface (UI) has been developed. The new UI will be implemented within the Contact Relationship
Management (CRM) database, i.e., Individuals, Organizations, and Units. These changes display in the
Contact options from within the main navigation menu bar of Sphere.

Although the new UI will look different, the content is the same with some important new additions. New
additions in the contact database include the section highlights, or summary tabs, within each section of a
contact record and streamlines the ability to locate and view information.

A Sphere user can now access a contact’s wealth portfolio through P!N (Prospect Information Network)
screening if this option is activated in an organization’s account. P!N will collect and display a contact’s public
wealth information such as stock value, real estate, and compensation.

The Contact Relationship Management new user interface (UI) has many new and exciting features. A
major change is the addition of P!N wealth profiling. The addition of this in combination with the new
streamlined and simplified tab layout within the CRM section will continue to provide nonprofit organizations
with the ability to effectively and efficiently run campaigns and increase donations.

Contained within this document

    •   An introduction to the navigation provided in the new user interface

    •   An explanation of new terminology as it relates to the old contact categories

    •   A brief introduction to P!N (Prospect Information Network) wealth screening

Note: This document was prepared for current users of Kintera Sphere software to assist in the
transition to the new user interface.

 Kintera Training Department                         2 of 14 Pages                                    Version 1.0
 Contact Management’s New User Interface                                                10/29/2004
Introduction to Contact Management’s New User Interface

Kintera has redesigned the graphical User Interface (UI) for accessing contact records within Sphere’s
Contact Relationship Management (CRM) database. This new UI applies to Individual, Organization, and Unit
records. These are the three (3) record types listed under the Contacts option from the main navigation menu
located at the top of Sphere.

The new UI replaces the Quick Search screen and allows a user to produce a simple query of the database.
Selecting one (1) of the record type options from within the drop down menu from Contacts will display the
new user interface search screen. Sphere users will immediately notice a difference between the new and the

Note: The search screen also appears in many other locations within Sphere.

 Kintera Training Department                      3 of 14 Pages                                 Version 1.0
 Contact Management’s New User Interface                                           10/29/2004
The color scheme has changed but the search functionality remains the same. The first drop down box has
the same options as the earlier version: Supporter ID, First Name, Last Name, etc.

The second drop down box has the conditional statement options, i.e., Starts With, Equals, Contains, etc.
The third box is the location in which the Sphere user enters the search criteria name or text. Search results
will be displayed below the simple search tool bar.

When in the previous interface, rolling the mouse over the Manage link to the left of the contact would display
a pop-up menu with several menu options. These options related to the various categories of information that
were associated with each record. In the new interface, clicking on the Manage link will display a contact
record in its new layout. Instead of several menu options available from a link – Manage – contact record
information is now accessible with a tab layout.

 Kintera Training Department                       4 of 14 Pages                                   Version 1.0
 Contact Management’s New User Interface                                             10/29/2004
At the top of the new interface screen the name of the contact record accessed is plainly visible. Just below
this is a feature that provides the ability to send email to the contact by clicking the Send Email button. When
this occurs, the user’s default email program is launched and automatically inserts the contact’s email
address as the recipient. The newly added Send To button allows the user to send the contact’s profile
information to the user’s personal address book, save to a disk or file, or send to P!N (Prospect Information
Network) for a personal wealth profiling. Users may utilize this information after sending the data to another
application within their system.

A new feature that users will encounter is the Summary tab. This tab corresponds to the former interface’s
Contact Profile Highlights. The Summary tab displays contacts most critical information.

A newly added map feature allows users to click a map button that launches Yahoo! Maps, where a map is
displayed with the contact’s address as the focal point.

 Kintera Training Department                        5 of 14 Pages                                   Version 1.0
 Contact Management’s New User Interface                                               10/29/2004
The second tab on the navigation is labeled Profile. This section contains all the same information as the
past CRM section, but is displayed in the new tab layout. A Profile Highlights screen appears that highlights
certain sections of the contact profile section. Five (5) sub tabs appear in this section: Personal, Addresses,
Custom Fields, Segmentation, and Benefits. All the sub tabs have the same features and functionalities as
they did in the previous version and are now displayed in a tab layout format.

In addition, all tabs have an associated edit button. Administrators can edit or add information that is not
currently provided in this record.

Note: The Segmentation tab has been updated and allows users a unique way to create segmentation

The third tab is labeled Financial. The financial tab replaces what was referred to as Bookkeeping. A
highlights section will be the first screen users encounter. In this section a giving summary is presented.
Payments, Pledges, and Soft Credits reside and are visible to users when they access this feature.

 Kintera Training Department                         6 of 14 Pages                                   Version 1.0
 Contact Management’s New User Interface                                               10/29/2004
In the same manner as the previous interface, users may edit payments, pledges, or soft credits by scrolling
over Manage on the left hand side of the column screen.

View Confirmation text also appears, allowing users to view the status of payments being received.

The fourth tab is labeled Interactions. “Interactions” is a new term in Sphere’s CRM database. This section
groups several categories together that were previously separate menu options: Activities, Notes, Tasks,
and Opportunities. The Interactions tab displays information such as total lifetime donations for the selected

Users may create and delete new activity types, notes, tasks, and opportunity types by selecting the new or
delete buttons.

 Kintera Training Department                       7 of 14 Pages                                  Version 1.0
 Contact Management’s New User Interface                                             10/29/2004
The sub tab labeled Activities within the Interactions tab allows users to select a variety of different options
including: Events, Forms, Communications, Advocacy, and Custom. These views allow for easy grouping
of similar activity types. Clicking a different view category displays certain types in that category. For example,
clicking on events will list all events associated with the contact profile.

The fifth tab is Connections. A connections highlight screen displays a summary of all connections as well as
sub tabs labeled Relationships and Units.

New relationship types can be added and deleted.

The Unit tab allows users to view the member’s affiliation unit types of the contact. The contact can also be
added to an existing unit.

 Kintera Training Department                         8 of 14 Pages                                    Version 1.0
 Contact Management’s New User Interface                                                10/29/2004
The sixth tab is P!N Screening. P!N Screening is a new addition to the CRM section. This tool allows
nonprofit organizations to gather a detailed wealth profile on potential donors.

P!N Screening provides numerous sections including a wealth profiling section, donors potential giving
capacity, professional affiliations and accreditations, career history, executive biographies, and more. This is
a valuable tool to any nonprofit organization’s fundraising efforts. P!N must be purchased by the organization
to be utilized in Kintera Sphere’s CRM section.

Wealth, Professional, Personal, Scoring, and Giving Capacity sub tabs display when P!N is accessed. A
highlights page appears allowing users a quick glance of highlights on the individual. The wealth profiling
section lists assets, real estate owned, security and stock options, compensation, etc.

 Kintera Training Department                        9 of 14 Pages                                   Version 1.0
 Contact Management’s New User Interface                                              10/29/2004
Users may filter their criteria on an individual by selecting different options from a drop down menu.

Securities, options, private companies, real estate, compensation, and other assets are the various options
users may select on an individual. For example, if users want to view an individual’s real estate property, they
select real estate from the menu and a list will appear that displays all of the individual’s real estate property,
along with its value.

The Professional sub tab lists career history with positions held, professional affiliations, and
ownership/executive biographies all in list format.

 Kintera Training Department                         10 of 14 Pages                                     Version 1.0
 Contact Management’s New User Interface                                                10/29/2004
Users may also scroll over of the organization’s name for a detailed company information profile.

The bottom of the screen presents three (3) boxes where users can view ownership/executive biographies,
career history, and all professional affiliations.

The next sub tab is labeled Personal. The personal section includes political contributions, IRS tax exemption
details, civic service information, associations, education, and other general profile information.

The next sub tab is labeled Scoring. The scoring provides the nonprofit organization a scoring summary
based on the results tabulated. Information is presented and a score is given to this contact based on a series
of wealth profiling tests.

 Kintera Training Department                       11 of 14 Pages                                   Version 1.0
 Contact Management’s New User Interface                                             10/29/2004
The last sub tab in the P!N section is labeled Giving Capacity. The screen presents three (3) different
categories, Giving Capacity, Giving Details, and Wealth Summary. Giving capacity allows users a realistic
idea of the giving capacity of the contact or individual. Other fields include ask amount, solicitor, constituency,
and rating. An Edit button also appears allowing users to edit any information, if needed.

The second section labeled Giving Details lists all donations or amounts given by this particular individual.
The Last gift, Largest gift, Number of gifts, and Total giving amounts are displayed giving users an idea of
how much this individual has given in the past.

 Kintera Training Department                         12 of 14 Pages                                     Version 1.0
 Contact Management’s New User Interface                                                10/29/2004
The third section, labeled Wealth Summary, recaps information provided within P!N. The market value of the
contact’s stock, net value options, real estate value, and other assets are listed. Users can use this
information to potentially gauge contacts giving patterns and behaviors. The wealth summary will assist with
solicitors asking levels.

The last tab is labeled Record Management. Record information already exists within the CRM database
section and allows the individual who created this profile record to modify and make notes on this individual.
The name of this specific person is listed as the owner. Date created, date modified, and last login date
information is also listed.

 Kintera Training Department                        13 of 14 Pages                                  Version 1.0
 Contact Management’s New User Interface                                              10/29/2004
The second tab within Record Management is the Duplicate Check tool.

The duplicate check tool is another feature that is currently within the existing CRM interface. The tool allows
users to check the file being viewed against other files within their database to see if a duplicate contact
profile exists. If a duplicate record is found, the user can review the information by comparing the two or more
records together and merge the records into one (1).

 Kintera Training Department                        14 of 14 Pages                                  Version 1.0
 Contact Management’s New User Interface                                              10/29/2004

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