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Your ONE Group INCOME – Beyond MLM and network marketing... a multichannel

CONFUSED?                                       A FLEXIBLE MLM / NETWORK MARKETING
                                                OPPORTUNITY BASED ON EDUCATION &
If you have had no experience of network        INFORMATION
marketing or MLM, aspects of this might not
make much sense. Please don't hesitate to
                                                Our business model has been designed to incorporate the
contact me at to
                                                best elements of marketing and distribution, combining
discuss how it works & more importantly,
                                                multiple forms of direct sales and traditional retailing
how it could work for you!
                                                channels with specific criteria for each. Its foundation can be
                                                found in the Network Marketing model or MLM, which allows
                                                people the best opportunity to create wealth with their time
                                                and effort involving very little financial risk.


This is not "get rich quick scheme" but can provide significant income opportunities. It is simple but not easy.
It will take time and consistent effort – whether you commit to 5 hours a week or more, it means approaching
that time professionally and persistently. They say that there are three ways to spend your time in relation to
building an income:

    1. wasting your time and getting no income
    2. selling your time and earning an income
    3. investing your time to build an income stream

This opportunity is about the third way, using leverage to build a passive income stream that with support
and training can develop into an independent income source. It will take approximately one to four years
depending on your business plan (i.e. the resources you put into it) but you can achieve amazing results. I
can help you achieve this, but it is ultimately up to you to take consistent, persistent action overtime
to obtain your goals.

Some of the top earners in this plan earn around US$16,000 / month, which given our company's youth and
rapid growth is obviously on the increase. Having said that other representatives have more modest
business plans which simply involve getting their products for free each month... your goals and business
plan will define what income and over what time period is appropriate and "real" for you.

I will help you devise a personalized business plan to connect with people who are looking for certified
organic products. So rather than "selling", you are using a range of different strategies to find people who
are looking for and want what we have (and from the state of the organic industry, numbers of these people
are growing drastically). ONE Group has a diverse selection of tested and proven strategies that we can
mix, blend and format to fit your resources regarding financial budget, how much time you have, general
preferences and compatibility to your unique personality.


Ultimately your income will come from a number of sources from the distribution network that you create.

Your distribution network, or your organic business, consists of you and the people or entities that you
immediately introduce into it. You will have a very supportive team to help you define and grow your
business but your actual income will be generated by your work, specifically the commissions from:

    •    purchases from direct customers via your web site – see an example of the website you will
         have at You will receive up to 30% from any product sale, the
         head office takes the order, sends out the products and you just have to access your bonus
    •    purchases from retail shops that you have introduced into your distribution network – this is
         only open in some countries but allows reps to "sign up" traditional retailers who wish to on sell our
         certified organic products in their shops
    •    your “passive, but ethical, income - in the process of connecting with customers, retailers, or
         professionals interested in pure certified organic products you will meet people who "want to do
         what you are doing". At this point you would "sponsor" them into ONE Group as an
         independent representative (see more under “leverage and passive income” below)


It is inevitable that a number of customers, professionals, or people you meet will want to build their own
organic business with ONE Group. At this point, you would "sponsor" them into ONE Group as an
independent representative.

The next step is to support this new rep to reach their full potential with the ONE Group opportunity. In doing
so you will again access professional and comprehensive support and training from our team... don’t forget
that you are building a business for yourself but not by yourself, so you will always have a support
team for every step of the way.

When you support this rep to be successful with our help, you will also benefit from earning a small
percentage from the products distributed by their distribution network. This plan is very fair and reps are
ultimately rewarded for their effort – so it is very common for a rep to sponsor someone who,
because of the effort and resources they extend in building their business, earns much, much more
than their sponsor. That is, you can earn much more than anyone in our team to date, including your
sponsor; if you build a significant and vibrant business... others will not earn more just because they "got in

Your success in this business will come down to your ability to help others to succeed and feel
empowered in building their own organic business. Specifically it will come down to your ability to work
with a person in:

    •    identifying their goals
    •    creating a sustainable business plan that is tailored to their life and situation
    •    introducing others to our certified organic products and ethical organic business opportunity
    •    supporting them to duplicate this process

And of course that is exactly what I and my team offers you!

By doing this you are creating a business that will eventually go beyond your direct effort and have a life of
its own. That is why the power of passive income comes from understanding that it is better to receive 1%
from the effort of 100 people, rather than 100% from one person’s effort.

There is much more to this model than can be explained here. Again, if you are new to mlm or network
marketing, please contact me to discuss it more. Contact

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