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                                        T&H adhesive liquid deposit dispenser

This kind of adhesive dispenser are mainly design to those factories which are not high requirement of high technology , and
also the precision of dripping adhesive and even the high requirement of products , and this kind of adhesive dispenser are
mostly suitable for those medium factories and those enterprises. Why said in that way because this kind of adhesive
dispenser compared with the man dripping adhesive , the production of the products have been increased several times ,
because this kind of adhesive dispenser very minute can drip hundreds times , and it is much more high precision than man.
If the equipment has been embedded to such a medium factory , the production ability will just be increased to big
enterprises’ production ability. Especially the high movement of the adhesive, reduce the cost of products and also increase
the ability of production , and mostly with these adhesive dispenser make you products high technology , and also decrease
harm from adhesive to our human beings. And with many scientists ‘ predict ‘ THE ADHESIVE DISPENSER IS ONE OF THE
FLAGS OF THE MODERNIZATION IN THE FUTURE’ . And also with the lack of workers ,and surely adhesive dispenser is
the best choice for many factories to solve such a society problem.

And below is our specification for our adhesive dispenser

  Standards: CE/ROHS (Very hard certificate)
  Control: by air and electric(Very easy)
  Operating Model: Manual, Timer (Human being design)
  Leak-proof function: Vacuum device (Uniqe design for sting and drawing)

  Foot Pedal, Finger Switch   (Human being design)
  Dispensing time: 0.01 - 31 seconds        (this kind of adhesive dispenser are controlled by time)
 Repeatability: +/-0.05% (This is the difference between the first time when this adhesive dispenser driping and the amount of last
 time )

 Frequency :>600times/minute (We are here not brag our product’s ability , yes here the data we are said our adhesive dispenser
 can arrive it )

 Air input: 1-7 bar (100 psi) maximum (The standard air pressure for most factory are 7 bar)
 Air output: 0.1bar-7bar                                                                                         Power: <15W
 Input voltage: 110 VAC or 220 VAC (Because our company had think it over for many customers cause different place has different
 standard voltage)
 Internal Voltage: 24 VDC
 Weight: <3Kg (Very light)
 Size: 24.10x21.00x7.00cm(Very small ,Not taking you place, just like a small notbook)

 From our specification we are easily to get our adhesive dispenser’s mainly features that is

 1,This kind of adhesive dispenser are most suit for those low requirement for the high modernization and this kind of adhesive
 dispenser are suit almost all kinds of liquid but for the special liquids such as hotmelt adhesive , silicon, pu, uv, they are not suit but
 don’t worry for a technical factory we also had its special design for those liquids , welcome those of your interested in our products
 contact us)

2,This amount of this kind of adhesive dispenser are controlled by time, that is this kind of adhesive dispenser’s dripping amount are
conducted by time, when you press the button and select one second then the amount of adhesive will just out of one second’s
amount for more information just contact us through MSN, SKYPE , EMAIL AND ALSO PHONE.

3,This kind of adhesive dispenser are equipped with suck-back function , with this suck- back function we can easily solve the
problem sting or drag , because this is our core technology so here we can’t give you much information, if you want know more just
contact us .

4, This kind of adhesive dispenser are also equipped with PEDAL SWITH , RING SWITH , AND ALSO INDUCTIVE SWITH , very human
being’s design you choose it)

And please note that very product out of factory has been given a deadly experiment , so adhesive dispenser’s quality has been
ensured , for more information just contact us.

 Operating Conditions:

Temperature: 5°C to 45°C (41°F-113°F)
Humidity: 85% RH at 30°C non-condensing

Complete with an accessory dispensing kit