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					                                   Help Wanted –

                      More Gross Profit Sales Trainers

                      Bob Oros 800-480-5197

Have you ever thought about being an independent sales trainer for a variety of companies in
your local area?

If your answer is yes, but you don't know how or where to begin, I may have the answer for

For more than 20 years I have been perfecting a sales training course that can be promoted to
small businesses in your area and facilitated by someone with your skills.

The course is designed to solve a huge problem for companies who have a small sales team
and an equally small budget for sales training. The course is based on a 13 week cycle with a
sales meeting facilitated by you one night a week. The 13 modules are such that anyone can
enter the program on any week during the 13 cycles.

The income will be created by an affordable monthly retainer paid by the participating
companies (or individuals) that you enroll. The clients will be billed automatically once you
enter their information on a secure website and you will receive a very generous commission.
Your commitment will be only one night a week to facilitate the training, and presenting the
program to prospective clients in your area. You can start part time with a few clients or full
time with a few dozen

There will be a small monthly retainer which will include a license agreement as well as all
the personal, one-on-one sales training and coaching you need to guarantee your success.
This will be a limited opportunity based on specific geographic areas. You will also have the
option to hire sales trainers under you and expand your business exponentially.

All the marketing and follow up for building a client base will be done by using your Send Out
Cards customer relationship management system (more information about this program is at
the end of this letter). This is not only the most powerful marketing available for building a
client base, but the synergy created by combining the sales training and the Send Out Cards
marketing system will produce a dual residual income that will make you an executive level
income in a very short period of time.

Here is the formula for projecting your income.

__________     (number of clients you think you can sign up for ongoing sales training)

x ________     (the average monthly retainer you think you can negotiate with each client)

= ________     (*gross income - 80% of this will be your commission)

+_________ (**estimated income from Send Out Cards CRM program)

=_________ (your total gross income)

*The 20% will be used to provide coaching and support for you personally (with actual visits to
your sales meetings) and eventually by a Regional Vice President.

**If you do not have the information about the Send Out Cards Customer Relationship
Management program there is a link to download the pdf file at the end of this letter.

The sales training will be:

1. Easy to sell because you will have complete flexibility on pricing. There will be no contracts,
no collections to worry about and a customer service department to back you up.

2. Easy to manage as all billing will be done automatically and your commissions will be
deposited in your account immediately. You will simply go to your website, select the monthly
retainer amount, enter their credit card information and every time their credit card is charged
your commission is immediately deposited in your account.

3. Easy to get people to attend because you will establish minimum sales requirements with
your clients, and sales people who are not meeting those requirements must continue to attend
the weekly sales meetings. Graduates of the program will be invited to cycle through the
program as often as they like.

4. Easy to market using Send Out Cards which will also give you the perfect vehicle to build a
team of distributors, whom you can also invite to attend your sales meetings.

5. Easy to facilitate because each weekly module has 7 topics and you assign one topic to one
sales person and have each of the 7 sales people spend 10 minutes discussing and presenting
their assigned topic.

6. A great story to tell. The name of the company is More Gross Profit Sales Training (MGP
Sales Training) which immediately tells your prospect what they will get from the course. When
you call on potential clients you introduce yourself as a More Gross Profit Consultant. The
program is based on two scientific principles that have a proven success track record:

        Benjamin Franklin. In the Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin he tells about the time
he was a small printer in Philadelphia and badly in debt. Franklin believed he could acquire the
essential principles of successful living if he could find the right method. Having an inventive
mind, Franklin devised a method so simple, yet so practical, that anyone could use it.

Franklin chose thirteen subjects which he felt were necessary for him to acquire and try to
master, and he gave a week’s strict attention to each subject successively. In this way, he was
able to go through his entire list in thirteen weeks, and repeat the process four times in a year.

When he was seventy-nine years old, Benjamin Franklin wrote more about this idea than
anything else that ever happened to him in his entire life. He felt that he owed all his success
and happiness to this one thing. Franklin wrote: "I hope, therefore, that some of my descendants
may follow the example and reap the benefit."

        Toru Kumon. Toru Kumon was a Japanese mathematics educator, born in Kochi
Prefecture, Japan. He graduated from the College of Science at Osaka University with a degree
in mathematics and taught high school mathematics in his home town of Osaka. In 1954, Mr.
Kumon began to teach his oldest son, who was doing poorly in mathematics in primary school,
and developed what would later become known as the Kumon method. The unique instructional
method he created was so successful that his son was able to do calculus by the time he was in
the sixth grade.

This method involves repetition of key mathematics skills, such as addition, subtraction,
multiplication, and division, until mastery is reached. Students then progress to studying the
next mathematical topic. Mr. Kumon defined mastery as being able to get an excellent score on
the material in the time given, which is intended to benefit students in all their studies. Mr.
Kumon strongly emphasized the concepts of time and accuracy. At any time, there are more
than 4 million Kumon students worldwide, and since 1956, more than 19 million students have
enrolled in Kumon Centers worldwide.

These two powerful principles are the foundation of the More Gross Profit Sales Course. Ninety
days, 1 topic to study per day and each person enrolled in the course will master the principles
of selling in just 13 weeks. Just like Toru Kumon's son, they will cut years off their learning

7. A proven track record. The course has been presented in person over 1,500 times in all 50
states and as far away as New Zealand to companies of all sizes with over 25,000 graduates,
and online to over 10,000 individuals from around the world.

8. Easy to present. To make the presentation all you have to do is ask the prospect if they have
any under performing sales people, tell the story, and then hand a copy of the 220 page
workbook to the prospect. Challenge them to look through the workbook and try to find
ANYTHING that is not relevant to their business. Show them how they can easily monitor the
progress of each sales person by reviewing the workbook of each sales person each week.

9. Easy to close. To close the deal all you have to do is negotiate the price, get the names of the
sales people who will be attending, go to the website and set up the billing, order the
workbooks, send them a follow up card with the date, location and time of the MGP Sales
Meeting and that's it, you're in business. You have no price competition or objections because
you can negotiate any price that will work for them and you, you have no inventory other than
maybe a small number of manuals to keep on hand, you have no expenses except perhaps a
meeting place (there are many available at restaurants at no charge), no accounts receivable, no
warehouse, no retail store and a very nice gross profit.

10. Easy to find prospects. Who is the market for this type of sales training?
Real estate, insurance, consulting, home security, stocks and bonds, workstaff, church pastors,
service provider, mortgage broker, automotive, home remodeling, career counseling, printing,
law services, funeral arrangements, water filtering, network marketing, bank officers, time
share, fund raising, RV sales, financial planning, pest control, landscape services, work from
home, professional speakers, carpet cleaning, staffing, food service distributor, c-store
distributor, equipment distributor, janitorial distributor, bakery distributor, food broker,
manufacturers, packaging distributor, meat distributor, dairy distributor, bar distributor, candy
distributor, retail distributor, vending distributor, etc.

11. Easy to keep fresh. New material will consistently be developed using feedback from the
training sessions. Every week on our training calls we will discuss any new technique that is
discovered or created and it will be included in the next edition of the More Gross Profit sales
training manual.

Click on this link to download week 1 from the training manual...

Click on this link to download the information about Send Out Cards

Click on this link to see who has joined me in using Send Out Cards

If this looks like something you would like to consider there are four steps:

1. Contact me at or 800-480-5197 and let me know you are interested.

2. Research your area and find 50 to 100 possible clients who have sales people located within
easy driving distance to a central location.

3. Begin entering the names of prospects in your Send Out Cards contact manager.

4. When you are ready to launch you will begin sending the prospects a pre designed More
Gross Profit marketing campaign using Send Out Cards.

Your investment.
More Gross Profit licensing fee $50 per month
Send Out Cards Contact Manager $398 and $31 per month
20% of your sales training retainers

Your (projected) return
40 clients x $250 per month average             $10,000
20 clients x $500 per month average             $10,000
Send Out Cards residual & bonus income             5,000
In house sales training fees will also be a possibility and I will
give you all the coaching you need to sell your services. Or
you can book a speaking engagement for me and I will pay
you a generous commission. For more information go to:
The entire process is easy to duplicate so you can hire sales
trainers for specific companies, hire a sales person to prospect
and sell the training, sign up Send Out Card distributors, or
use the entire program to train your own sales team.

                            Comments from graduates about the
                             More Gross Profit Sales Training

              Over 25,000 people have completed the MGP Sales Training...

Bob Thank You very much for your sales tips, techniques and topics!!!!!!! I feel like I'm
getting a dynamite refresher course.. and boy am I glad. Your reminding me of the things I
take for granted. Not only in business but in my personal life. Thank-You again for the wake-
up call I really need and appreciate it from the bottom of my heart.
All the Best!!
Patti Rangel

This program is definitely helpful in addressing the day to day problems faced in the sales
industry. I think there is something in this for every employee of a company that sells a
service or product, even if their primary responsibility is not sales.
Lisa Lloyd

I definitely fell like a much stronger sales person. I have greatly enjoyed this sales program. It
is amazing how certain lessons just pop up in my thoughts while I am driving around selling.
Well designed and well presented! Thanks.
Heath Blanchard

"With this program there is something that just about anyone can take away and use in their
life. You don’t have to be a salesperson to apply some of the principles. It has been nice to
read about something new each day. I appreciate the time and effort you take in teaching
sales professionals the tricks of the trade."
Suzanne Davis

"I just had my best ever and worst ever weeks back to back with the best being the first
week....WOW. I do believe that dealing with the second week which was not good was
handled better this time around due to your course I have taken. It helped me to focus on the
solutions and the fixes and not the what-if's, could-haves, and should-haves. I was
disappointed by the week but was determined to go back out not defeated. This week I am
back and beating last years numbers by 18%. It is encouraging to be able to use your course
on a day to day basis."
Thank you,
Kathy Dutton

"Bob, I must tell you again that the way this book and program are designed… somehow it
increases your ability to's in small doses...and you give stories that
further increase the remembering factor. Years ago I studied Ziglar…then more recently the

likes of Tracy, Hopkins and Gitomer. However NEVER, NEVER, NEVER like this.
Is it on purpose that you've turned the tables around to show us how we can use it to
our advantage as buyers? Because that is very effective. We are more naturally buyers
than we are sellers. Once we understand the process from that comfortable
is EASIER to switch over to our role as salespeople and realize that it's pretty much
all the same dynamic, just that we sit in different seats. WAY TO GO BOB!!!!!!
Thanks as always..."
Giselle Hudson, Trinidad

"The program was very informative and refreshing in the day to day challenges of
sales from all aspects. I found answers that I had been looking for and also brought up
issues that at times I have swept under the carpet. There were days that the course
content addressed a challenge that I just was confronted with and it helped to get a
"fresh" perspective on how I could resolve the situation to make it a win/win one for
both the customer and I as the sales rep."
Grant Fabre'
Account Manager, Augusta Maine

"These lessons are priceless. This program went through all the lessons I had to learn
on the road. I wish this had been offered before I started this line of work. Many of
these lessons have helped me overcome issues I still have with this job and has given
me a much better prospective on how to accomplish my goals. I am not perfect but
these tools will be a huge aid to me as I continue my career in sales."
Thanks. Kirk Ellis

"This program gave me a more positive insight into selling. I had a negative
experience from selling and never wanted to try it again. However, now that I am in a
specific line of work, I have to open my mind. This program really taught me a lot and
how to overcome any fears/concerns I had."
Nicole Hand

"This was an excellent program. It gave me time to reflect on questions, think about
how to be a better sales person and confirm things I am doing that have been
Theresa Pritchett

"Thought provoking. Challenging. I looked forward to each day to see what I would
learn and I was never disappointed. I would recommend this to anyone in sales and
management." Thank you.
Dave Labelle

"What a great program. I found myself integrating the things we talked about into every day
life—not just selling. I get a daily boost and focus that really has made a difference. Luckily, I
can go through the course again as many times as I want on my own. Thank you very much."
Thanks Again
Ken Agel

"I just read your lesson, "Handling Rejection - Understand Why". Wow! I started my new
business a couple of months ago. I refined my business plan, got leads, did a direct mailing,
then I was frozen at the follow up call. I didn't have cold calling, or follow up call experience.
Your lesson describes exactly how I feel and it has given me the confidence to act like I now
have the right to place that call. Thank you for writing it. I really enjoyed it. And you probably
made me lots of money because now I'm going to make my calls."
Mike Ryder

"Dear Bob, I do not want the 90 days sessions to end they have been so helpful in putting our
jobs in the right perspective. You have helped me so much and if you have any letter campaigns
for marketing use I would love to do a 6 or 7 week campaign for no more than 10 top
companies then chart the progress. Thank you Bob from the bottom of my heart. "
Cynthia Miller

"I think this was awesome. You are very smart about selling. I know that with your help
through this 90 day program I will be a better sales person. I will have confidence in myself and
my product. Thank you for all your help. "
Debbie McClung

"Bob, Your whole program is something that I will be able to use later on or right now!! I have
learned so many different ideas from you and I felt that I can sell my service much better by
using some of your ideas!!! I have really enjoyed reading your thoughts and quotes through the
whole 90 day process!! I will miss your emails and morning reading!! "
Thanks again, Kristi Janoulis

"I have really enjoyed the program. I found it to me informative and motivational. I was already
using and/or familiar with some of your techniques, however, the training reinforced what I was
doing. I believe that the information contained is beneficial to all sales people, whether
seasoned or rookies."
Pat Martin, Buford, GA

I have enjoyed the program the past 13 weeks. There is a lot of good tools in here to help make
me a better salesman. Thank you for coming to our company and helping us. You are right that
it takes hard work to make it happen. Its funny though when you work harder and things start to
happen you feel a lot better about what you are doing and you have fun doing it.
Rich Berven