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Letter 1:
Dear Senator _____________: or Dear Representative ___________________:
Give us the chance to make a difference in our states future. Put the Michigan FairTax
(MFT) proposal on the Ballot in November so once again we can be proud of this great
state. Michigan was once a leading economic state and is now at the bottom of the list.
We are losing business, jobs, and people for all the wrong reasons.

After more than 30 years the people of this state realized that the Single Business Tax
(SBT) was a big factor in our economic down turn and by petitions and your help we
repealed it. Unfortunately we didn't have a good replacement plan and the Michigan
Business Tax (MBT) is failing, as testified by business owners at recent state wide
hearings. The MBT increases the business tax burden, picks winners and losers and is
very difficult to comply with. What message are we sending businesses when we tax one
at a higher rate than another?

Give the people the chance to choose how they want to raise revenues for the programs
that are to be provided by their state government. Let them vote for a tax reform
developed by the people for the people who ultimately pay all the taxes anyway.

Why? ............because we all know that businesses don't pay Taxes........people do!

I look to you to represent the wishes of your constituents and change the future economic
situation of our state. Place the MFT on the ballot so that we the people will have the
opportunity decide how we want to be taxed.

Information on the MI FairTax is available at or feel free to contact
me at __________________________ (phone and/or e-mail address).

Name ____________________________
Address __________________________
Letter 2:
Dear Senator _____________: or Dear Representative ___________________:
Show that you are doing your part by placing the Michigan FairTax proposal on the
Ballot in November. This is the most important initiative for our states economic future.

This proposal will achieve the following important economic factors:
1. It is fair to all businesses and consumers (no businesses pays state taxes and
consumers all pay the same rate and receive the same prebate).
2. It legally shifts some of the tax burden to non residents as they buy goods and services
in our state.
3. It is transparent (citizens see their true tax burden on every sales receipt).
4. It makes Michigan the most attractive place to do business by eliminating the tax
burden from Michigan businesses, making them more competitive, which creates more
5. It stops punishing productive behavior by un-taxing work, savings, investments, and
only taxes an individual when they take from society.

Please do your part and support a true tax reform that will permanently restore
Michigan's economy.

Information on the MI FairTax is available at or feel free to contact
me at __________________________ (phone and/or e-mail address).

Name __________________________
Address ________________________
Letter 3:
Dear Senator _____________: or Dear Representative ___________________:
Michigan has lost over 490,000 jobs since 2001. To encourage companies to open new
and expand current facilities in Michigan our states Economic Development Commission
is granting tax exemptions to selected businesses. This tax abatement is being paid for by
other businesses that are already in Michigan and it is encouraging them to leave our
state. Robbing Peter to pay Paul? Based on the tax abatement per job granted to MPI
Research, Inc. for 3,300 jobs in Kalamazoo, it would cost the state about $12.7 Billion in
handpicked carve outs to buy the 490,000 jobs back. At this rate Michigan will join many
of it's homeowners who have been foreclosed and are declaring bankruptcy!

Recent newspaper headlines read. "Michigan will have to trim.......$170 to 350
Million...... in spending for next year". It then went on to describe the "Perfect Storm".
Almost every point described a tax revenue loss due to businesses tax incentives. We are
handing out incentives to businesses that some bureaucrats think might boost the

So, what are most of those incentives? Business Tax Cuts! So, if tax cuts are what it takes
to get business to come to Michigan and boost the economy, what would you think would
happen if Michigan made it fair and cut taxes to all business? It would stand to reason
that the economy would Boom! Instead of giving this to just a chosen few like MPI and
the Hollywood movie companies, it should be good for all those loyal business and job
providers already in the State and those thinking of coming here.

So please, stop debating who needs the next tax incentives, or how can we tweak the tax
laws to give this business lobbyist a favor on the premise of doing us a favor for jobs.
Make it fair for businesses and support the Michigan FairTax proposal. It will raise the
needed state revenues with a simple retail sales tax and it will make Michigan an
attractive place for all job providers to locate their businesses.

Please act to place the Michigan FairTax on the November Ballot.

Information on the MI FairTax is available at or feel free to contact
me at __________________________ (phone and/or e-mail address).

Name ____________________________
Address __________________________
Letter 4:
Dear Senator _____________: or Dear Representative ___________________:
I was initially a little apprehensive about the MI FairTax proposal and for that reason I
can understand that you may have concerns. It is apparent, however, that something must
be done about our current Tax laws to make them fair and pro growth.

I believe in due diligence and the more I study the MI FairTax, the more sense it makes,
and the more data I find to support it.
The following links are States in the Union that already have No Income Tax and a listing
of the States showing how they are performing economically:
* Map of USA highlighting states with no income tax on wages.PNG
* Map of states drawing more population
* List of states ranked by taxes

It was a very interesting exercise to illustrate what a portion of the MI FairTax proposal
(elimination of the state income tax) has on a states economy. Most startling is what is
happening to Michigan where we have punished business with the SBT and MBT, and
where we have punished the productivity of individuals with our state income tax. This
has got to stop and today is when we should draw a line in the sand.

There is too much at stake and we have reached the point at which a person needs to look
beyond politics and personal gain to take a stand and say enough is enough. I ask the
hard question. What do you stand for and what is our governments' plan? From the
illustrations you can see that Texas is the most impressive. It has one of the highest
economic/growth rates and has no income tax and one of the lowest taxes/capita in the
nation. I have not seen any other proposal for the State of Michigan that has as much
study, support, and positive advantages as the MI FairTax proposal.

Please take another hard look at this proposal and make a difference in our community,
county, district, state, and nation. I'm confident you want to do the right thing for our
state and citizens. All I ask is that you look and compare the alternative tax systems and
their economic results with what we have today and our economic results. Eliminate
taxation of business and individual productive behavior and allow the people of Michigan
to be taxed directly rather than dishonestly with hidden taxes in the prices of the things
they buy. The MI FairTax as all about truth in taxation and job creation.

I will try to address any concern or thoughts you may have. Question are always a great
way to learn and I'll do my best to provide you with answers to your questions.

Information on the MI FairTax is available at or feel free to contact
me at __________________________ (phone and/or e-mail address).

Name ____________________________
Address __________________________
Letter 5:
Dear Senator _____________: or Dear Representative _____________________:
I am writing today to ask your assistance in giving me and the voters of Michigan the
opportunity to vote on the MI FairTax proposal. I see no reason why this legislative
proposal, presented as a bipartisan Joint Resolution on May 3, 2007, should not be
placed before the electorate. Since a FairTax would be a very good solution to Michigan's
fiscal crisis, and bring the benefits of economic growth, and prosperity to our state, I
would find the failure to obtain 2/3 of Michigan's elected representatives to place the MI
FairTax on the ballot a little disturbing.

I petition you, as my elected representative, to give me the power to decide my own
destiny. Become a cosponsor of the House-Senate Joint Resolution on the MI FairTax,
and give the voters in our district the right to say yea or nay to this important
constitutional change.

Information on the MI FairTax is available at, or feel free to contact
me at ______________________________ (phone number and/or e-mail address).

Name ____________________________
Address __________________________
Letter 6:
Dear Senator _____________: or Dear Representative _____________________:
Change is never easy, however I must ask your cooperation as the state of Michigan
seeks to place its financial house in order. I am sure you are aware that a bipartisan Joint
Resolution was introduced on May 3, 2007 calling for a ballot proposal to be put before
the people concerning the MI FairTax.

I am a MI FairTax supporter, and did not find your name among those listed as
cosponsors which brings me to the point of this letter.

I ask you to give me and the voters in our district the power to decide our own fate
concerning taxes. Please take all action possible in your role as a state legislator to place
the resolution before the legislature, and then vote YES, when the MI FairTax ballot
proposal legislation reaches the floor. I will be very disappointed if the only way I can
attain representation on the MI FairTax issue is through the use of a ballot petition
initiative, obtaining voter signatures to place the MI FairTax on the ballot.

I do sincerely hope we can work together to avoid such an outcome. With respect and
appreciation for all you do.

Information on the MI FairTax is available at, or feel free to contact
me at ______________________________ (phone number and/or e-mail address).

Name ____________________________
Address __________________________
Letter 7:
Dear Senator _____________: or Dear Representative _____________________:
A Joint Resolution proposing a vote in a statewide election concerning the MI FairTax
was introduced on May 3 of last year. I call upon you to support this initiative, and give
me and the people of our district the opportunity to decide our own fate with regards to
tax policy.

You may not be aware that the MI FairTax offers Michigan its best chance to have a tax
policy which provides jobs, growth, and enough income to keep our states fiscal house in
order. Because the MI FairTax eliminates individual income taxes and most business
taxes and almost all tax compliance, some individuals and organizations providing tax
lobbying and compliance services today may feel they have less to offer their employers
or clients under the MI FairTax. For this reason, I encourage you to talk to CEO's, rather
than their tax department heads, about the elimination of business taxes; and I encourage
you to talk with your neighbors, rather than tax professionals, about the elimination of the
state income tax.

Michigan needs the MI FairTax, based on the principals set down in the National FairTax
proposal HR25 and SR25 now before the US Congress. Make no mistake about the MI
FairTax, it will not go away. The MI FairTax is based on the American idea of fairness
and equality for all. The MI FairTax is the legislation which will give Michigan back its
greatness, and make it a Midwest leader in both growth and jobs.

For the above reasons, I implore you to act to work with your colleagues to pass Joint
Resolution "L" which will give the citizens of Michigan the opportunity to vote on the
MI FairTax proposal.

Information on the MI FairTax is available at, or feel free to contact
me at ______________________________ (phone number and/or e-mail address).

Name ____________________________
Address __________________________