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									   Appendix A - Entrance Criteria and Application Form


BCC policy is to select applicants who will complement BCC’s mission. BCC
staff will also evaluate an applicant’s technology, available resources, and
entrepreneurial experience to select applicants capable of furthering BCC’s

BCC will not sign Non-Disclosure Agreements for the same reasons most
Venture Capital firms and government organizations do not.

Specific Criteria

A successful Applicant for the Technology Acceleration Program must:
   • Meet the definition of a “bio-medical technology” company. Currently
      defined as a company operating in one of five market areas: (1) Medical
      Imaging; (2) Medical Devices; (3) Health Informatics; (4) Medical
      Manufacturing; or (5) Health Systems;
   • Be a for-profit entity as a corporation, limited liability company,
      partnership, or sole proprietorship;
   • Own, or have exclusive access to the Intellectual Property;
   • Demonstrate a need for incubator services; and
   • Demonstrate growth potential

Selection Process

BCC employs a four-stage application process. The first stage is a submission
by the Applicant of the “Application for Admission” (attached to this document).
Applicants who are selected to move to the second stage of the application
process are then invited to submit a technical plan that is ten pages or less and
are invited to meet with staff. An applicant successful at stage two, moves to the
third stage which is a formal business plan, less than thirty pages long. The
business plan is presented to the BCC “Gatekeepers” at stage four who will
accept or reject the applicant into the program.

Successful applicants are selected on a case-by-case basis. General evaluation
criteria include, but are not limited to:

   •   Background, attitude and experience of the applicant(s);
   •   Market need and opportunity;
   •   Financial viability;
   •   Technical feasibility;
   •   Quality of the business plan ;
   •   Current status;
   •   Applicant’s past and projected commitment (financial and time) to the
       venture; and
   •   Business references

Note that established companies are eligible to apply (e.g. a new spin out
opportunity, an intrapreneur).
           Biomedical Commercialization Canada Inc.
                       Application for Admission
       Please note that this information will be treated as CONFIDENTIAL

The information provided in this application will be used only to evaluate the
applicant for admission to Biomedical Commercialization Canada Inc. (BCC).

Access to the information will be restricted to BCC management and Board as
well as external BCC stakeholders directly involved in the application process.

At the conclusion of the review process, if the applicant is not accepted, BCC will
either DESTROY the material, or RETURN the information to the applicant (only
if the applicant states a desire to have the information returned) within forty-eight
(48) hours of notice that they have not been accepted. If the applicant is
accepted, BCC will retain all material submitted.

Applicant Name:

Position with Company:

Business Name:



Company Information

1.     Type of business

________Limited liability company
________Sole proprietorship
If the applicant is a corporation, partnership, or limited liability company, please
indicate the date of formation, and Location. Please also attach a copy of the
formation documents and company by-laws (if applicable).

2.     Is the company in one or more of the following areas of bio-medical

________Medical Imaging
________Medical Devices and Therapeutics
________Medical Diagnostics
________Medical Manufacturing
________Health Information Systems.

3.     Please list name and percentage of all owners in the company.

4.     List any additional Stakeholders

5.     Briefly describe the status of your company. For example, are you
       earning revenue from product sales, or are you in the R&D stage.

6.     What is the primary source of financing for the company?

________Personal Savings
________Operating Income
________Equity Investment

7.     How much cash do you have available for this project? How much money
       does your project use in a month (e.g. how long can you survive on the
       cash in hand).

8.     Please attach a copy of any relevant patents.

9.     Please attach a two-page executive summary of your opportunity.

10.    What are your short-term (within 1 year) goals for your business?
11.   What are your medium-term (1 - 5 year) goals for your business?

Personal Information

12.   Please provide three References:

Phone Number:
Type and length of association with you (e.g. supervisor, 3 years; banker 5

Phone Number:
Type and length of association with you (e.g. supervisor, 3 years)

Phone Number:
Type and length of association with you (e.g. supervisor, 3 years)

13.   Resumes or CVs of team

14.   Are you prepared to accept and act on advice from others?
Fit with BCC

15.   Please identify your space requirements (e.g. number of offices @ 18m2
      and number of labs @ 31m2)

16.   Any special equipment or other requirements

17.   Communicate how you think BCC will be able to help you.

18.   List any hazardous materials you will need to bring to the premises if you
      are accepted.

19.   Proposed start date

20.   Proposed end date

21.   Please articulate your need for incubator services, include any space,
      technology, management training, or other requirements.

22.   Expectations you have of BCC
Certification and Release

I certify that the information contained in this application is true, accurate and
complete to the best of my knowledge. I understand that furnishing inaccurate or
misleading information can result in denial of consideration for admission or
dismissal from BCC.

I understand this application and supporting materials may be reviewed by BCC
staff, BCC Board members, and BCC selection committee members. I release
the information for review by these groups.

 I authorize BCC staff and officers or designate agents to contact references
given, as well as secure credit reports on the applicant(s).




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