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					                                 Project Management Institute
                                 Book Proposal Questionnaire

Dear Prospective Author:

Thank you for your interest in publishing with PMI. Please provide responses to the statements
and questions below so that we may assess the quality and marketability of your book product
and quickly reach a publishing decision. You will be contacted by the Manager, Publications
approximately 6 weeks from receipt of your proposal regarding our decision. Please e-mail your
proposal to: Donn Greenberg, Manager, Publications,
Tel: 610-356-4600 ext 5015.

Author name(s):
Place of employment and title:

Please list one to three proposed titles and subtitles for your book.

What is the book's theme and scope?

What problems or developments prompted you to propose the book?

What are its special features?

What new or fresh approaches to the subject do you take?

How will the book be used?

Describe the audience for whom the book is intended.

What job titles do potential users hold?

List professional associations and organizations with which they might be affiliated.

We will be sending review copies of your book to relevant print and online publications. Please
list any publications or websites that should receive a review copy. Any personal contacts you
have will prove helpful in soliciting reviews.

Please list all Web sites that serve your professional community: media, professional societies,
corporate, or independent. Industry sites – at all levels of professionalism – are crucial to
reaching your book’s market.

Please list any online user’s groups where discussion of your book would be appropriate.

Are there academic or professional classes for which your book would be an appropriate text?
Please provide as much detail as possible.

Please list any professional societies, specialty stores or catalogers, in the U.S. or overseas,
which might be interested in promoting or reselling your book.

Please list any conferences or trade shows which would be appropriate for promoting your book.

Please list any corporations that sell products or services related to your book’s subject matter.
Do you know of any that run relevant training programs? Again, personal contacts will greatly

PMI sells books around the world. Are there features in your book that make it appeal to
particular countries or regions? Are there features in your book that limit its appeal in particular

Please list three to five benefits your book will bring to its audience.

What currently available books are directly competitive or similar to the book you’re proposing?

How will your book be different and/or better than other books on the proposed topic?

The working outline of your book should be presented in as much detail as possible.

How many 8 1/2 x 11 double-spaced manuscript text pages excluding illustrations are there?

How many and what kind of illustrations will be included (line drawings, graphs, and

How much time will you need to complete the final manuscript? Anticipated completion date?

Include relevant work experience, education, writing and speaking experience, relevant
professional memberships and any distinguishing information.

We maintain a database of qualified technical reviewers. However, we welcome any suggestions
you might have for potential reviewers of your book. Please provide names, phones, and
addresses of individuals you feel would be most qualified to evaluate the technical merit of the
book. These individuals would ideally be part of your targeted audience.