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					History of Binter Merzy KZ200 Motorcycle
 Binter Merzy KZ200 is one of motorbike which produced by Kawasaki
Heavy Industries, Japan. Motorcycle division. Circulating in Indonesia
                by using local brand name of Binter.

 Name of Binter is abbreviation of Gold star, that is this motorbike
                     distributor corporate name.
 This brand is used last in the year 1984 when Kawasaki in Indonesia
                         close the effort him.
    Till new motorbike of Kawasaki later reopen the effort him in
          Indonesia but shall no longer use brand “ Binter”.

Product of Binter             :

  1. B i n t e r J o y , ( m o t o r b i k e p a r r o t w h i c h l a t e r b r a n d “ J o y ” s t i l l u s e d
       by Kawasaki Indonesia, pass motor of blitz joy 125 ). Binter Joy
       is motorbike parrot most sophisticated in the class of moment
       1982 because have used transmission 4 speed of automatic.
       Where as producer which was other. Honda for example in
       Indonesia new release motorbike parrot class of super cup 700
       which still use transmission 3 speed and suspensi conventional
       for next wheel.
  2.   Binter AR it is the sport motorbike of touring, shophicasted
       class of moment. Completed radiator and
  3.    Binter Merzy KZ200, is middle-weight motorbike, 200 cc have
       single cylinder, biggest formal mass production motorbike of
       engine capacities in Indonesia until Suzuki Thunder 250 cc
       launched. This motor become favorite to be modified to become
       motor form of chopper Harley Davidson ala, and hitherto still
       many of his devotees.
  4.   Binter GTO is motorbike 2 stroke, class with Suzuki GP 100 and
       Yamaha RX 100.

  Binter Merzy KZ200 is middle-weight motorbike mechanically 200
  single cylinder cc. This motor is mass motorbike biggest opening
        engine capacities of in Indonesia in the year 1980 -an.

First production started from year 1980 last till year 1984. Dur ing a
 period of production have experienced of several times changes of
 model. In the year 1984 before closed, Binter release last model ,
with appearance more sporty or which is is ordinary to be referred as
                         by tank new merzy.
   Since first version [released] that is in the year 1980 up to last
   version, Binter Merzy KZ200 have experienced of several times
      innovate for example completed him of system ignition of
conventional system to CDI system ( Capasitive Discharge Ignition) or
Ignition of Electronic so that ignition become more constant and not
 need tuning of routine ignition as does if using conventional ignition

 Binter Merzy KZ200 which still use conventional ignition system is
 Binter Merzy output among year 1980 – 1982. While output of year
1983 early until Binter closed by year 1984 have used system ignition
                                of CDI.

  Binter Merzy which have used CDI is often referred as by Binter
Merzy CDI. While Binter Merzy CDI there is two variant that is which
 still use tank classic ( output 1983 early) a nd variant of new tank (
 Merzy Cobra) year -end output 1983 up to Binter closed around year

   Other Innovation at Binter Merzy CDI is added him silencer of
  vibration at engine ( Engine Balancer) with aim to lessen machine
                 vibration especially when high rpm.

  Besides at that moment by the producer of that is Kawasaki Heavy
    Industries Japan, engine of Binter Merzy CDI also   have been
 designed to be boosted up the engine capacities of becoming 250 cc.
   But because governmental regulation of Indonesia which a t that
moment still not yet permitted motorbike with engine capacities more
than 200 cc mill about in Indonesia public road hence the plan nothing
                            doing executed.

With existence of some innovation which have been done/conducted to
Binter Merzy CDI, it is not strange if hitherto the marketing price of
   costlier even also compared to Binter Merzy non CDI. More Than
   Anything Else Binter Merzy CDI new tank or the of Merzy Cobra
population not too much or limited so that become wanted all devotees
                           of Binter Merzy.

   Require to be paid attention that these days many Binter Merzy
outputs of year 1980-1982 but have used system ignition of CDI. That
thing validate just validity. Merely one matter which need in view of
system ignition of CDI attached at Binter Merzy out put of year 1980-
   1982 is not original but only modification fanatical devotee of
                              Binter Merzy.
This motor become favorite to be modified to become motorbike form
    of chopper Harley Davidson ala and hitherto still many of his

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