The Family

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					     The Family
A vital institution underpinning
      the fabric of society
                 Key Terms
 Nuclear family:- mother, father and children
  living together as a unit
 Extended family : parents, grandparents, aunts,
  uncles living together as a unit or in very close
  proximity (near by)
 One parent family:-where one parent only raises
  children due to death of the partner, separation
  or divorce
 Reconstituted family:-when two divorced adults
  marry and unite the children from both into one
          Having a Family

 It gives meaning and purpose to life
 It gives a sense of fulfilment
 Someone to love and care for
 To continue the family name
 To experience unconditional love
 Having children shows commitment of a
  couple to one another
    The family – an institution
 The  family is the basis for the human race,
  culture, society and civilisation
 It should give its members a secure
  atmosphere for growth and progress
 Anything that weakens or threatens it is
  therefore regarded as a serious matter
 The home is considered to be more
  important, sacred, creative and rewarding
  than any outside place
    The Family Under Pressure
 Reliable, cheap contraceptives allow sex before
  marriage so people are reluctant to commit
 Society now generally accepts the birth of
  children outside of marriage
 Increase in number of divorces has increased
  number of single parent families
 Number of reconstituted families has increased
  with their additional rivalries and tensions
The Family Under Pressure (cont.)
 Statistics show that co-habiting couples, even with
  children, are more likely to break up
 Changes in the law giving equal opportunities, careers
  and pay to women mean they spend less time looking
  after the family
 Some women delay child birth
 Some women return to work and hand over the care of
  their children to paid professionals
 Society is more liberal, with child centred theories of
  raising children meaning children do not have clear rules
  and guidelines e.g. no smacking
        What you need to know!
 For Christianity :-
 Christian teachings on family life
 Why family life is important in Christianity
 How churches help with family life
        What you need to know!
 ForIslam :-
 Muslim teachings on the family
 Why the family is important in Islam
 How the mosque helps with family life
 Define: nuclear, extended, reconstituted and
  single parent families
 List five ways in which modern family life is
  under pressure
 What is meant by the saying ‘The family is a vital
 Compare and contrast the faiths of Christianity
  and Islam re: a) what the faith teaches about the
  family, b) why the family is important, and c) how
  the place of worship helps with family life
    Comparing and Contrasting
 Comparing means finding similarities
 Contrasting means finding differences
 Put the title ‘Family Life in Christianity and Islam’
 Divide up your A3 paper into two halves
 Divide each half into three sections
 Label each section with relevant headings
 Colour code with highlighters the similarities and
 Remember to include relevant quotes of
  teachings to support / illustrate your points

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