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					Does the Disability Discrimination
  Act (DDA) include websites?

          Matthew Eaton
       Accessibility Specialist

• A Website provides a service.
• The DDA Code of Practice – Part III
  mentions websites explicitly:

• 2.2 (p7): “The Disability Discrimination Act
  makes it unlawful for a service provider to
  discriminate against a disabled person by
  refusing to provide any service which it
  provides to members of the public.”

• 4.7 (p39): “From 1st October 1999 a
  service provider has to take reasonable
  steps to change a practice which makes it
  unreasonably difficult for disabled people
  to make use of its services.”

• 2.13 – 2.17 (p11-13): “What services are
  affected by the Disability Discrimination
  Act? An airline company provides a flight
  reservation and booking service to the
  public on its website. This is a provision of
  a service and is subject to the act.”

• 5.23 (p71): “For people with visual
  impairments, the range of auxiliary aids or
  services which it might be reasonable to
  provide to ensure that services are
  accessible should include … accessible

• 5.26 (p68): “For people with hearing
  disabilities, the range of auxiliary aids or
  services which it might be reasonable to
  provide to ensure that services are
  accessible should include … accessible

  Have any website owners been
    successfully prosecuted?
• In the UK all cases of website
  inaccessibility have settled outside of court
• Probably because of:
  – Negative Publicity
  – High Cost of legal proceedings
  – Low cost of legal compliance
• The Sydney Olympics were fined
  Aus$20,000 under the Australian DDA,
  very similar to the UK DDA
 Aside from the legal obligation
• There is a clear moral case
• There is also a very strong business case
  – Increase Market Share and Audience Reach
  – Improve usability for non-disabled and
    disabled visitors
  – Improve Search Engine listings
  – Reduce site maintenance
  – Demonstrate Social Responsibility

         The Business Case
• 8.5 million of the UK population have with
  some form of disability (source: ONS).
• 2 million of the UK population have some
  for of sight problem (source: RNIB).
• £40-50 billion - The combined estimated
  spending power of disabled people
  (source: Employers Forum on Disability).

    Is my Website Accessible?
• Website Accessibility is a “sliding scale”
• Automated accessibility assessments can
  only test some aspects - manual checking
  is required to get a true idea of a website’s
• Please contact MicroAngelo to discuss
  your website’s accessibility

• Producing a website in an accessible way costs
  no more than producing a website in an
  inaccessible way, and can save money in the
  long term due to reduced update costs
• Some aspects of an accessible website can only
  be implemented in the design phase – you
  cannot retro-fit them into an inaccessible website
• Attempting to retro-fit website accessibility is not
  cost effective

 How can I make sure my website
       will be accessible?
• Choose your web development company
• Very few web development companies
  have the expertise to create an accessible
• There is no recognised industry
  certification or accreditation to differentiate
  between web development companies.