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									The majority of boating fatalities each year are caused by    Exposure to cold water and air temperatures can bring on
drowning. Why?                                                life-threatening hypothermia. A lifejacket provides some
People usually drown because they fail to, or do not get      insulation and helps to keep you afloat.
the chance to, wear a lifejacket.                             Encourage children on board, or people who are poor
You should wear your lifejacket at times of heightened risk   swimmers, to wear a correctly fitted lifejacket at all times.
such as:                                                      This is particulary important when they are in open areas of

    Boating in poor weather conditions
    When a squall or storm approaches
                                                              the boat where it is possible to fall directly overboard.
                                                              Remember: It won’t save your life

    Boating alone, away from immediate help
    Crossing surf bars.
                                                              if you’re not wearing it.

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