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									                                 Saints Michael & Gabriel Orthodox Church
              Of the Antiochian Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia & New Zealand & Philippines

                         “The West Ryde Scout Group Hall”
                              91 Wharf Road, Melrose Park

      Property Report for Proposed Aquisition                               September 2008
Executive Summary

   Opportunity has arisen to acquire a vacant Scout Hall and adjoining land at 91 Wharf Road, Melrose Park to secure the future
    growth of the Saints Michael & Gabriel Orthodox Church community

   The site comprises 2 adjoining lots, providing a total land area of approximately 1,212m² with a street frontage of 27 metres

   The land is zoned Residential 2 “A” under Ryde Planning Scheme Ordinance 1979 and land use category of “place of public
    worship” is permitted with Council consent

   The land is improved with a former timber clad Scout Hall (approx. 258m²) and detached brick garage to rear (approx. 82m²).

   The property is being marketed by way of Auction for Saturday 11 October 2008, being on-site at 9.00am

   We understand that other church groups are interested in its purchase and the site has development potential for the
    construction of townhouses

   Anticipated sale price range is $900,000 to $1,000,000 and delayed settlement may be negotiable on Auction day to the
    successful bidder

   Saints Michael & Gabriel Orthodox church seek the support of the Archdiocese to secure a loan together with donations from the
    parish members & others in order to fund the purchase of this property for our parish and for the expansion of the mission of the
    Antiochian Orthodox Archdiocese in the north-western metropolitan region of Sydney.

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Location & Neigbourhood

Located to the eastern side of Wharf Road, approximately 1 kilometre south of its intersection with Victoria Road, within the suburb
of Melrose Park. Parramatta City Centre located approximately 7 kilometres to the west and the Sydney CBD located approximately
18 kilemteres to the east.

Melrose Park Public School located opposite, residential homes adjoin the property on either side, while on the western side of
Wharf Road are numerous industrial properties. Meadowbank Railway Station and Ferry Wharf located approximately 1.5 kilometres
to the east.

Wharf Road carries a combination of residential and commercial traffic servicing existing industries along Wharf Road.

                     Regional Context Map                                                  Local Context Map

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Improvements & Accomodation

The site is improved with a free standing Scout Hall building of timber clad construction, timber framed windows and pitched roof with
Asbestos roof sheeting. The floors are of timber construction supported by brick piers. The building was constructed in the
1920’s/30’s. A clear span open floor area is provided, together with a stage area. A kitchen is provided with timber cupboards and
lino floors. Toilets provided. In addition, 2 other rooms are provided for church activities.

A detached brick garage with roller door access is located to the rear of the hall with a concrete floor, timber frmaed and metal
sheeted roof.

Photos of the property are shown below:

             Scout Hall Building & Detached Garage                        View from Rear of Property towards Wharf Road

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 Hall     Stage


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Planning Information

   The land is zoned Residential 2 “A” under Ryde Planning Scheme Ordinance 1979 (as amended)

   Under this planning scheme, the land use category of “place of public worship” means a church, chapel or other place of public
    worship or religious instruction or place used for the purpose of religious training and is a permitted land use subject to
    Council consent

Proposed Use As A Church

   The building is orientated in an easterly direction, well suited as an Orthodox Church

   The current zoning allows for use as a church, subject to council consent

   The Scout Hall building is very well suited for church services, providing potential seating of up to approximately 120 persons

   The Scout Hall also provides 2 other rooms that mat be utilised for church school and other activities and a full kitchen is

   A detached garage on the site provides opportunity for additional storage or parking or other anciliary uses

   The property is located opposite a school and an industrial property which provides minimal opportunity for objections by
    surrounding neighbours and limited exposure

   The land area is 1,212m² with a frontage of approximately 27 metres and of regular shape, providing easy building land for future
    construction of a new church on the site

   The property would benefit from minor upgrade such as painting

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Request for Support

The parish community fully support the proposition to purchase this property and will make every effort possible to raise funds in the
following way:

   Lump sum donations
   Financial pledges to cover ongoing interest repayments on a loan

The parish of Saints Michael & Gabriel request the support of the Archdiocese in securing a loan and any financial assistance that
may be available by way of donations towards funding the purchase of this church.

This is a rare opportunity that does not present itself to the market very often and we look forward to your support.

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