The Church born of the Spirit by sdfwerte


									    The Spirit in the Church
              Acts 5:12-16

“This is the church as it was meant to
  be...vigorous and flexible...before it
  became fat and short of
  on the God-ward side in a way that is
  almost unknown today”
 The Spirit’s Power is Evident
“The apostles performed many miraculous
  signs and wonders among the people”
                                Acts 5:12
Jesus said: “You will receive power when the
  Holy Spirit comes on you”      Acts 1:8
    The Spirit’s Love is Real
“All the believers used to meet together in
  Solomon’s Colonnade”          Acts 5:12

“All the believers were together and had
  everything in common”          Acts 2:44

“There were no needy persons among them”
                                 Acts 4:34

Jesus said: “On that day you will realise that I
  am in the Father, you are in me and I am in
  you”                           John 14:20
The Spirit’s Presence is Recognised
 “No one else dared join them, even though
   they were highly regarded by the people”
                                    Acts 5:13

 “Then the high priest and all his associates...
   were filled with jealousy. They arrested the
   apostles...”                     Acts 5:17,18
The Spirit’s Life is Contagious
“More and more men and women believed in
  the Lord and were added to their number”
                                   Acts 5:14
Jesus said:
 “When the Holy Spirit comes He will convict
  the world of sin and righteousness and
  judgement...” John 16:8
  “When the Holy Spirit comes on will
  be my the ends of the earth”
                                    Acts 1:8
    The Church moving in the Spirit
is a church in which:

•   the Spirit’s power is evident
•   the Spirit’s love is real
•   the Spirit’s presence is recognised
•   the Spirit’s life is contagious
1. When you hear the word “church” what is the first
   image that comes in to your mind? What can we learn
   from this?
2. Do you know of churches where numbers have
   declined? Do you know of people who have left the
   church and not gone anywhere else? Can you suggest
   reasons for this?
3. Concerning declining church attendance, how big a
   problem is the church in Scotland facing? What can
   we do about it, as lay preachers and church leaders?
4. Thinking about the Word and Spirit, what is the main
   challenge that has come to you today as a lay

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