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					NM Family Council (NMFC) Email Alert          16 Apr 2003
Working for the Families of NM

I urge then first of all that requests prayers intercession and
thanksgiving be made for everyone - for kings and all those in
authority that we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness
and holiness. I Tim 2:1-2

- prayer requests
- calendar
- issues
   -- Miguel Estrada Rally, Tue at Senator Bingaman's Office
   -- Turn-Off TV Week Starts Monday
   -- Operation Dogtags & Support the Troops Rallies
   -- Legislative Update
   -- Rescind SB 28, Sexual Orientation
   -- NM Science Standards
   -- Taming the Credit Card Beast (More for Ministry)
   -- Don Hodel Joins Focus on the Family
   -- Carenet Pregnancy Center Banquet
   -- Bike Ride for the Family (new info)
   -- NMFC Q&A
- resources

Prayer Requests. For our struggle is not against flesh and blood,
but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces
of this darkness, against the spiritual {forces} of wickedness in the
heavenly {places.} (Eph 6:12, NAS)

Fri - Good Friday
Sat - rescind SB 28 (special rights for homosexuals)
Sun - Resurrection Sunday
Mon - individuals trapped in homosexual behavior
Tue - Miguel Estrada rally at Senator Bingaman's office
Wed - relief effort for civilians in and refugees from Iraq
Thur - Operation Dogtags, sending the Gospel to Iraq

Apr 20 Resurrection Sunday
Apr 21-27 - National Turn Off TV Week, www.tvturnoff.org
Apr 22, 1pm - Miguel Estrada Rally at Senator Bingaman's Office
       625 Silver SW Abq, 346-6601
Apr 24-26 - NM Home School Convention, www.cape-nm.org
Apr 28 - Lakita Garth, Socorro, 835-8709
abstinence until marriage seminar
Apr 29 - Carenet Pregnancy Center Banquet, Amanda, 294-4250
May 1 - National Day of Prayer, www.nationaldayofprayer.org
Aug 5 - National Neighborhood Night Out,
Sep 17 - National See You at the Pole,
Sep 24-27 - Communicators for Christ, Rosdow4@aol.com
       Roswell, www.commforchrist.com
       one-day public speaking class for 8-12 year olds
       two-day beginning & intermediate public speaking class
       two-day beginning & intermediate debate class
Nov 1 - Christian Heritage Speech Competition

1st Thur, 8-9:30am - Rio Grande Pastor's Alliance, 821-1993


* Tue, Apr 22, 1pm
       Miguel Estrada Rally at Senator Bingaman's Office
       625 Silver SW Abq, 346-6601

Hundreds of Hispanics are expected to gather in four major cities
over the next two weeks to call for an end to Senate Democrats’
stonewalling of Miguel Estrada, a well-qualified Hispanic attorney
who President Bush nominated to the U.S. Court of Appeals for
the District of Columbia. The rallies are part of an effort, led by
local leaders and Enfoque a la Familia, Focus on the Family’s
ministry to the Hispanic community, to call attention to the unjust
opposition Estrada has faced. Estrada’s confirmation has been
held up in the Senate for many weeks because several liberal
Democrats chose to filibuster his nomination, primarily because of
Estrada’s conservative judicial philosophy.

James Oviedo and Yuri Mantilla will be available for media
interviews immediately following the rally.

See www.nmfamilycouncil.org for info in Spanish and English.

* Turn-Off TV week starts Monday, Apr 21-27, www.tvturnoff.org
* Operation Dogtags & Support the Troops Rallies.
Support the Troops Rallies:
       None scheduled for this weekend
Call Kirtland Public Affairs for the latest info, 846-5991.

No matter how you feel about Iraq, please visit the Department of
Defense web page below and sign in thanking the men and women
of the U.S. military services for defending our freedom. The
compiled list of names will be sent out to our soldiers at the end of
the month. So far, there are only about 4.3 million names ... from
a national population of over 250 million. The entire exercise takes
10 seconds...literally.

If people want to order individual ones they can at
www.shieldsofstrength.com. We have been requested to ship
50,000 to the front lines and we are taking any donations large or
small. Have checks made payable to NMFC with Operation
in remarks.
Kevin Jackson
NMFC, 980-8376
300 San Mateo NE Ste B3
Abq NM 87108

Over Here, www.family.org/cforum/feature/a0025352.html.
Q&A with William Bennett on Americans and the War.
Support our troops internet links - www.opsos.org

* Legislative Update. Gov Richardson signed SB 28 (sexual
orientation) and SB 38 (hate crimes) into law. What does this
mean for NM citizens? Can it be stopped?
SB 28 makes illegal "discrimination" against "sexual orientation"
or "gender identity." This creates a new class of protected
behavior to be included with "race, age, religion, color, national
origin, ancestry, sex, physical or mental handicap or serious
medical condition, and spousal affiliation." "Discrimination" can
be real or perceived and will be determined by lawsuit. Therefore,
even if the employer is right, a lawsuit could be so intimidating or
expensive as to force the employer to hire.
SB 38 increases penalties for crimes "motivated" by "hate."
"Motivation" will be determined in court. NM law enforcement
will also be indoctrinated with homosexual propaganda in a
mandatory two hour training course concerning the "detection,
investigation, and reporting of a crime motivated by hate."

* Rescind SB 28. This is what we have to do to get Senate Bill 28
(The Gay Rights Bill that Richardson signed into law) repealed.
Pam Wolfe (Contact Information below) is mounting this statewide
initiative. I have volunteered to coordinate the effort in Santa Fe
County. I need tons of people to volunteer to solicit signatures at
Churches, Clubs, Bible Study groups, Home-school groups,
Schools, etc… Please respond to this email or call me at
505-690-3877 if you are willing to assist me with canvassing Santa
Fe County.

Remember, my friend Mary Southard and I got Project Gay
Lesbian Youth Preventing Homophobia pulled from the Santa Fe
Public Schools in 2000 by collecting nearly 500 signatures from
the community. An all out Grass Roots effort can get this bill
repealed!!!!! The silent majority does NOT want this bill!

Please forward this message to you entire email list across New

Michelle Parker
"The Right to Life comes first.....Without it, every other right is
built on sand." Archbishop Charles Chaput

Gov Bill Richardson has signed SB 28
New Mexico now has the most liberal law in the nation with regard
to making cross dressing a protected "human right" for
employment and for housing.

We still have a choice. Will we submit to this legislative edict?
NM Constitution allows us to call for a referendum to repeal the
bill. It won’t be easy. Signature numbers equal to 25% of the
number of votes cast in the last general election, from 3/4 of the
counties in the state by 21 Jun 03 OR 10% of the number of votes
cast in the last general election, from 3/4 of the counties in the state
by 4 months prior to the next general election.

Both will get this issue to the voters of New Mexico by placing the
question of repealing the bill on the ballot. The first option holds
the bill at bay and it does not become enforceable until after the
election. The second option allows the bill to become law on 1 Jul
03 but allows voters to choose whether or not to retain it as law.

What we need:
Contacts in every county who might be willing to help by
collecting signatures. Commitments to work the issue.
Candidate recruitment beginning now so we don’t have to do this
Contacts around the state to step up to the plate for speaking and
carrying the load to the end. If you are willing to work on this
issue, or if you have a group that you believe should be informed
about this effort, please let me know. I will see that the people
working on this receive your contact information.

Pam Wolfe, 496-9664, pamwolfe@lascruces.com

I am forwarding this information to as many people as I can
because I am very concerned about what the ramifications to our
state, especially our children, will be. In case you haven't heard
about Senate Bill 28, it was the bill that was passed by both the
House and the Senate, and just last week signed into NM law by
Governor Richardson. This bill makes provisions for any person
who feels discriminated against based upon the fact that they are
homosexual or have trans-gender identity problems to include
cross-dressing, to bring legal action against that employer, labor
organization, person offering services or selling goods, person
leasing property, any institution offering financial aid as well as
other persons that may possibly discriminate against a homosexual
or trans-sexual person, to bring charges against these people. The
worst part is that they can not only bring charges against these poor
people, but they now have the backing of the law to prevent this
you, I and others from discriminating in this way.

Both State and Federal laws, for the most part, currently prevent
discrimination on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin,
ancestry and sex, so, this bill was to allow provisions for
homosexuals and trans-sexuals to force us to accept these life
styles as alternate life styles. Essentially, it is the first time in this
State, that we have essentially given rights based upon behavior,
not upon what a person was created to be. There are some
"exemptions" to this law; however, they are very few. Religious
non-profit organizations have exemptions, but if the religious
organization runs any thing for profit the laws will apply. This will
mean that most church run day cares will fall under these laws.

One of the things that scares me the most is that these laws will
"normalize" the homosexual/trans-sexual cross-dressing life style
to our children. Can't you just see how all the public schools, who
are currently desperate for teachers, will be hiring these types of
people to teach our children, and if the parents complain they will
just tell them that they are simply following the law.

If you would like to find more info about SB28 here is the link
te/SB0028.pdf. I have left a message with Michelle Parker and
hope to hear from her soon as to the specifics about how to get
these petitions signed. If you are interested in helping with this you
can reach me by phone at 505-299-8773 or by email as
Send2Laura@peoplepc.com. Please consider taking time to
participate in this call to action. You are encouraged to send this
email to anyone you think can help or would be interested in this
information. Also please PRAY for many laborers to get these
petitions signed!

In His Service,
Laura Armistead

* NM Science Standards. The "public" forum was relocated to
Santa Fe which prevented many concerned people from attending.
The "public" forum was not so public. Comments were facilitated
by section. The section containing evolution propaganda was
delayed until the last few minutes which prevented discussion.
Written comments were provided. The next step is to release the
document to public teachers and administrators. If you know
Christian teachers and administrators, please ask them to challenge
the evolution content of the NM Science Standards. Textbooks
will be selected for compliance and students will be tested on these

* Taming the Credit Card Beast (More for Ministry)
by Todd Temple

The invention of the credit card has got to be one of the all-time
great moments in the history of money.
With a major card you can travel just about anywhere in the world
and purchase things in the local currency without carrying cash.
You can order something over the phone or Internet and have it
delivered to you the next day – or the same day, in some cases –
simply by giving someone your account number. And if you’re
willing to leave a credit card imprint at a car rental counter you can
drive away with a $40,000 automobile, then give it back the next
day, no questions asked. What a world.

But this amazing device is also one of the most dangerous
inventions in history. Its ability to let you buy now and pay later
has led millions of otherwise thrifty people into financial captivity,
forcing them to spend years, or decades, or a lifetime in debt.

Of course, it doesn’t have to be that way. It’s possible to reap the
great benefits of a credit card without ever paying a dime in
interest. This month we’ll look at that other way: How to tame a
credit card so that it provides you with all the conveniences but
none of the debt.

For the rest of the article, see:

* Don Hodel Joins Focus on the Family. Apr 11, 2003
In conjunction with Dr. Dobson's announcement today in Chapel,
the following News Release was disseminated today:

Dr. James Dobson announced his decision today, made with the
concurrence of the Focus on the Family Board of Directors, to
expand and extend his role as Chairman of the Board. This
redefined responsibility will assure Dr. Dobson's continued
leadership of the organization but without the burden of day-to-day
management. It will allow him to spend more time on ministry
objectives that only he can accomplish. They will include serving
as spokesman and international leader on a wide range of cultural,
family and spiritual issues. He will also continue to serve as the
principal voice of the radio program, which currently reaches 220
million people in 120 countries each day. He will devote more of
his energies to writing, speaking and creative work. The location of
Dr. Dobson's office will not change.

Joining Focus on the Family as the new president and CEO of the
ministry, effective May 15, 2003, will be Dobson's long-time
friend and associate, Don Hodel. Mr. Hodel has served on the
Board of Directors since 1995, with short absences while attending
to other responsibilities. He was an interim executive
vice-president of Focus on the Family in 1996 during a time of
management restructuring. Hodel served President Reagan during
the 1980s as U.S. Under Secretary of the Interior, as U.S. Secretary
of Energy, and, during the second Reagan Administration, as U.S.
Secretary of the Interior. Prior to that he had been head of the
Bonneville Power administration and an energy consultant. He
also served as president of Christian Coalition in Chesapeake,
Virginia, from 1997 to 1999. Mr. Hodel received his undergraduate
degree from Harvard College, and his Doctor of Jurisprudence
degree from the University of Oregon, School of Law, in Eugene,
Dr. Dobson said during a staff announcement today, "I am grateful
for Don Hodel's acceptance of this new administrative assignment
for Focus on the Family. There is no one whom I admire and
respect more, and I look forward to working closely with him in
the days ahead."

[I joined the NM Family Council Staff as a volunteer, Jul 2001,
after closing the doors on Christian Coalition NM (CCNM). Led
by Tony Olmi for more than ten years, CCNM with the help of
God was successful in holding back the forces of evil in NM on
many issues and bearing the news of a prophet through
publications such as "Gideon's Trumpet" and "Family Watch."
My family and I helped my Mother transition to the Halls of Glory
in Jun 2001 so that year was very significant for me. Mark

* Carenet Pregnancy Center Banquet.
Care Net Pregnancy Center of Albuquerque
Fundraising Banquet Celebration
Tuesday, April 29, 2003
Marriott North (former Crowne Plaza/Holiday Inn Pyramid)
Dinner & Program 7:00-9:00 pm
Theme – Abstinence Education
“Choose to be Free”
Featured speaker – Dr. Charles Perry, Humorist and Motivator
For additional info and reservation contact Amanda, 294-4250
Information about the banquet and additional events on the
calendar can be found on the Care Net website:
Go to Supporters Corner and enter the password – Thank you
Go to Calendar events

* Citizen Link, Message from Dr James Dobson.

* Bike Ride for the Family. Tentatively planning a one day
ride from Santa Fe to Albuquerque (Hwy 14) on Monday, Jun 16.
Due to insurance restrictions, we cannot collect any money.
However, anyone is welcome to join us on the ride. Though not as
aggressive as the three-day FOF ride
(www.bikerideforthefamily.org), this ride will engender
camaraderie and encouragement for people supporting traditional
family values in NM. This is not a race and will be a leisurely
starting at about 7am to avoid the heat of the day. If this is
something you might be interested in, please contact us by email
(nmfamily@integrity.com) or pager 971-2053. If you could
participate on a different day please also contact us.

* NMFC Q&A, APR 2003
"Is a single national language good for America?"
Answers will be posted to the NMFC website (with editorial
discretion). Email answers to nmfamily@integrity.com.


* Focus on the Family Videos. Call 1-800-A-FAMILY to order.
VI183 - Why Christians Need to Get Involved
VI184 - Winning the War of Ideas
VI185 - How to Speak Out for Truth
VI186 - How to Make a Difference in Your Community

* KDAZ (AM 730) Radio Program "For the Family." KDAZ airs
a one hour program for NMFC called "For the Family" with Kevin
Jackson, every Tuesday at 11:00.

* Carenet Pregnancy Center Albuquerque
- www.carenetabq.org/home.html

* Parenting Teenagers, www.parentingteenagers.org

* Adventures in Odyssey Radio Program Schedules.
- KFLQ, 91.5FM weekdays 6pm, Sat 8:30am

* Free Indeed Ministries, your local Exodus International member
ministry, is a local resource for persons seeking emotional healing
and freedom from homosexuality. Free Indeed Ministries is a
Christian Bible-based organization that receives referrals from
Focus On The Family and Exodus International North America.
Weekly support group & individual prayer time.
website: www.finm.org                     email:
Barbara Swallow, 505-832-6664
Director: Free Indeed Ministries
Southern Desert Regional Rep.
Exodus North America

* Lifeline Long Distance Service. If you would like to support
NMFC through your phone service, please contact Lifeline @
800 363-0670 and ask to designate donations to NM Family
Council, organization #98325.

* Family News in Focus, www.family.org/cforum/fnif

* Citizen Magazine.
Contact Focus on the Family @ 1-800-232-6459.

* Citizen Link. www.CitizenLink.org
- email with daily family news and action alerts
- contact elected officials
- in-depth research on hot topics of interest

* NM Family Council Website. www.nmfamilycouncil.org

* Focus on Education. www.focusoneducation.com
- role of parents
- resources for teachers
- policy information

* The Parsonage. www.parsonage.org
- family/professional issues
- ethnic ministries
- pastoral resources/events

* Advisory Councils. Anyone with training or experience
interested in serving on one of the following advisory councils,
please contact us at 254-1212 or nmfamily@integrity.com.
- Legal Advisory Council
- Pastors Advisory Council
- Physicians Advisory Council
- Education Advisory Council

This is a weekly email alert from NM Family Council, 300 San
Mateo NE Ste B3, Abq NM 87108. Our mission is to strengthen
and preserve the traditional family values of NM families and to
serve as a voice for the family and assist advocates for family
values in the public arena. We encourage you to spread the word
to others who may be interested in this email alert. If for some
reason you do not want to receive this email, just respond
accordingly and you will be unsubscribed. Our website
www.nmfamilycouncil.org has additional information.

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