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The case for and against PR by sdfwerte


									The case for and against PR

        FPTP or PR?
      Possible criteria for a new
•   Ease of voting
•   Does each vote have an equal weight?
•   High level of proportionality
•   Stable govt able to govern effectively
•   MP-Constituent link maintained/improved
•   Allow voters to express preference between
    and within parties
• PR will give a fairer   • It is not the purpose of
  reflection of how the     a system to offer a
  nation voted.             perfect reflection of
                            votes cast.
• Smaller parties will
                          • If smaller parties kept
  receive fairer            working instead of
  representation            pursuing sour grapes
• End the dominance of      reform they might one
  the two main parties      day be able to enjoy
                            the benefits of FPTP.
• Whilst some of the         • Forms of PR are too
  maths behind the PR          complex.
  systems is complex,        • FPTP is well known
  filling in the ballot        and understood.
  paper is                   • Can the disruption that
  straightforward.             would be caused be
• Are we less able than        justified by a
  the Irish?!                  campaign led by those
• Easier than filling in a     with a vested interest
  lottery ticket!              in change?
    MP-Constituent Relationship
• Single member seats are      • Traditional close
  not a sacred institution –     relationship risked.
  multi-member seats           • Groups of MPs won’t
  functioned into the 20th       have the same feeling
                                 of responsibility for
• Multi-member seats may         enlarged
  strengthen the                 constituencies.
                               • Closed Lists: we have
• Is the relationship really
                                 no say over who we
  that strong?
• Some PR systems          • Some PR systems do
  allow for this test of     not allow for this
  opinion.                   traditional means of
• Local elections and        testing public opinion
  regular opinion polls      between elections.
  provide barometers.
  Extremism and proliferation of
• State a specific        • PR lets extremist
  threshold below which     parties win seats eg
  parties are not           Nazi Party
  awarded seats           • Causes the
• 4% in Sweden              proliferation of small
• 5% in Germany             parties.
               Party power
• Under FPTP a small     • PR Lists system puts
  minority of party        more power in the
  faithful choose          hands of already
  candidates.              powerful leaders,
• Under STV, voters can • They determine the list
  rank candidates within   order.
  a party.               • Eg Christine Oddy,
• Rare in UK and we are suspicious of them.
• You must know the arguments for and
  against coalitions and examples of how they
  have worked/are working

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