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Why you should join the

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									                        MEMBERSHIP                                                                        Please complete both panels
                                                                                                         and post, or fax to 03 9345 5086
                                                                                                 Corporate Membership:- Defined as an organisation or
      Special Interests
                                                                                                 company paying for membership, nominating one person for voting
      I work in (tick more than one if necessary)                                                rights.
                                                                                                 Individual Membership:- Defined as employees paying their own

      community sector                              transport/policy/promotion                   membership
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      research                                      occupational health & safety

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                                                                                                       Corporate           $ 55              Corporate 3 yr membership $165
      health/policy/promotion                       ergonomics

      rehabilitation                                farm safety                                        Individual          $ 22              Individual 3 yr membership                $66

      other (specify) __________________________________                                         For corporate members, please indicate the number of people

                                                                                                                                                                                             Victorian Safe
                                                                                                 included in the subscription (max of 5) _________________

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                                                                                                 longer collects GST)
                                                                                                                                                                                                ABN: 88 964 597 161

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Phone (w) :                                      Phone (h) :
                                                                                                 Members who have not renewed by the 30th of April of the current year will cease to
                                                                                                 receive membership benefits.

Mobile :                                         Fax :                                           If paying by cheque, please make it payable to

                                                                                                           Victorian Safe Communities Network, Inc.
E - Mail :
                                                            VSCN is a forum for practitioners, researchers, business,      The VSCN operates a list server on which members
                                                            government and state-wide agencies working on                  may post information or get involved in discussion of
                                                            community based injury prevention & community safety           injury issues. There is also an Annual Conference and
                                                            promotion.                                                     quarterly seminars in which members may present their
                                                                                                                           work or provide information of interest.
                                                            Issues covered by VSCN member organisations include
                                                            farm, home, road, workplace and sports injury prevention,
The Victorian Safe Communities Network Inc (VSCN)           child and seniors safety, crime and      violence prevention
welcomes people from a wide range of backgrounds            (including safety in public spaces and venues), domestic and   WHO SHOULD JOIN?
who have an interest in safety promotion, community         public violence, drug and alcohol harm minimisation and
risk management , injury prevention and control.            emergency management.                                          Community safety promotion and injury prevention
                                                                                                                           practitioners, researchers, businesses, policy developers
It provides a forum where researchers, practitioners,                                                                      and program organisers from health, rehabilitation,
business and policy makers can meet to ensure that the      The general members of the Network meet quarterly at a         transport, ergonomics, consumer affairs, police, fire and
disciplines represented are able to learn from and          workshop and seminar session with the venue moving             emergency        services, ambulance, planning, local
appreciate each other’s varying approaches.                 around amongst the members of the Network, including           government, criminology, justice and many other
                                                            into rural and regional areas of Victoria.                     relevant sectors.
The VSCN was established after the fifth International
Conference on Safe Communities held in Melbourne            The Executive Committee meets each month, with                 HOW TO JOIN
during February 1996, hosted by the City of Hume and        meetings alternating between a general meeting of the
                                                            whole Executive followed the next month by concurrent          Complete the membership application form (see over)
Latrobe City (formerly Latrobe Shire). At that time                                                                        and post or fax to:
these municipalities were accredited and designated as      meetings of the three Executive Sub-committees focusing
members of the World Health Organisation’s ‘Safe            on the three themes of the Strategic Plan:
Communities Network’.                                                                                                      Victorian Safe Communities Network
                                                            •     MEMBERSHIP
                                                                                                                           Attention: Barbara Minuzzo Safety Centre
VSCN has a charter to encourage local communities,          •     COMMUNICATION
and in particular local government and councils, to join                                                                              Royal Children’s Hospital
                                                            •     EVENTS
the Network and become designated members of the                                                                                      Flemington Road, Parkville Vic 3052
World Health Organisation’s international network           The Network and its members are able to provide advice
of ‘Safe Communities’.                                      and support for new programs and emerging “safe
                                                            communities”. The VSCN has a web based information
The main aim of the VSCN is to encourage and                sharing and chat room where members can log requests                       Victorian Safe Communities Network Inc.
promote local communities to work jointly and               for advice or support or notify other members of
                                                                                                                                               Incorporated in Victoria
collaboratively on public safety promotion, crime and       upcoming events or newly available material.
violence prevention and injury prevention issues.
                                                                                                                                         VSCN Secretariat: Barbara Minuzzo
                                                            The VSCN is also an advocate to and sounding board for
There are opportunities as well as strategic and social     agencies and Government on social policy and program                               Phone: 03 9345 5193
benefits (not to mention cost savings) in addressing        development around community safety and injury                                      Fax: 03 9345 5086
both intentional and unintentional injury within a single   prevention, community risk management, social
                                                                                                                                            E-mail: vscn.vscn@rch.org.au
framework including community safety promotion,             connectedness and social capital.
public health policy and community participation.                                                                                             Website: www.vscn.org.au

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