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Western Potatoes Scoops the Pool


Western Potatoes Scoops the Pool

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									Our Growing Business

No.30 JUNE 2002

Western Potatoes
 Scoops the Pool                                                                               ha

StateWest Credit Society recognises and rewards outstanding achievements in the public                    I ns i
sector through the StateWest Achievement Awards.                                                                   de
Nominations for the awards were submitted in four categories recognising outstanding
achievement at both an individual and group level. Western Potatoes was one of eight         • Free Nutrient Analysis Available to
nominees for marketing excellence. This category awards marketing excellence by an
individual or group involved in a public awareness program.
                                                                                             • South Australian Grower Returns
We are proud to announce Western Potatoes won the marketing excellence award due
to the success of the infamous “What, no Potato?” campaign since its inception in 1987.      • Compliance corner
                                                                                             • A New Direction in
                                                                                               Measuring Potato Crops
Providing a Vital Link to Retailers                                                          • Staff Movements
Western Potatoes is committed to              These cards are already in Action
                                                                                             • Extra $5/Tonne for SQF Accredited
developing relationships with Retailers to    Supermarkets and are available to all
assist the sale of potatoes through various   independent retailers via Western Potatoes.      Ware Potato Growers
marketing initiatives.                        Negotiations are currently underway with       • Pool News
                                              Coles and Woolworths to adapt these POS
Perhaps the most visual benefit of this
                                              cards to suit the specific needs of the
relationship is the Point of Sale (POS)
                                              fresh produce sections of their stores.
cards, developed to highlight the cooking
characteristics and to encourage              Western Potatoes also produces posters,            NEWS FLASH
consumers to try the different potato         recipe cards, variety charts and "Potato
varieties.                                    Facts" brochures all of which are available
                                              to all retail outlets. In addition, frequent       With the onset of Winter,
                                              variety specific in-store cooking                  Nutrition Award Winner
  Marketing Highlight                         demonstrations are conducted in both               Fresh Western Potato
                                              metropolitan and regional areas.
                                                                                                 Mash have released their
  Local shoppers had the opportunity          The themed demonstrations reinforce the            new, delicious Mash and
  to experience the masterful cooking         promotional activities for the month and are
                                              often held in conjunction with retail              Gravy and Herb & Garlic
  skills of Con the Fruiterer and
  renowned gourmet chef Jim McGuire           promotions such as the recent variety              Mash.
  at Whitford City Shopping Centre            promotion developed with Dewsons.
                                                                                                 Made with 100% fresh WA
  on Saturday 23 March 2002. The              Western Potatoes has also been integral in         potatoes. The low fat mash
  demonstration provided a great              the development of a supply chain working
  opportunity to share some of their          group, recognizing the importance of               varieties are available in
  special cooking tips and to tell people     communication and the development of               the fresh produce
  about the fantastic range of potato         long term working relationships within             refrigerated sections of
  varieties grown in Western Australia.       the industry.                                      Coles Supermarkets.
  An enthusiastic crowd gathered              The working group has representation
  around the food court and it wasn’t         from growers, Western Potatoes,                    The best news is, because
  long before a couple of eager               merchants and retailers. The hope is that          it’s made and kept fresh,
  shoppers joined the pair on stage to        by holding regular meetings of the supply          all you have to do is heat
  show how easy the potato recipes            chain, processes will be mutually enhanced,
  were to make.
                                                                                                 and serve.
                                              ultimately resulting in delivering improved
                                              value to customers.
Free Nutrient Analysis
Available to Growers                                                                                PETIOLE SAMPLING
                                                                                               Leaf Identification – cv. Atlantic

West Australian potato growers can now have the nutrient levels of their potato
crops tested free of charge.
Western Potatoes provides the leaf stalk testing allow in time for growers to
make any necessary adjustments to nutrient levels before the crop
matures.(See chart)

                          Tissue Test Interpretation
                                                                                            Each sample should be 40-80 leaf stalks
          Sodium                                                                            and every variety in every paddock should
         Chloride                                                                           be sampled twice.
            Boron                                                                           To collect the leaf stalks, walk in a zig-zag
          Copper                                                                            pattern across the paddock picking the
              Zinc                                                                          youngest fully expanded leaf stalks from
      Manganese                                                                             random plants. Remove the leaflets and
                                                                                            keep the petiole (leaf stalk). The correct
                     Deficient          Low        Adequate          High                   leaf to sample is illustrated above.
                                                                                            Once the sample has been taken, growers
This table shows the levels of nutrients in    and most important sample should be          should contact Western Potatoes
a potato crop. Where levels are too high or    taken when the largest tuber (measured       Agronomist Terry Freimond who will
too low, adjustments would need to be          from stem end to bud end) is approximately   complete the analysis. As the sample
made.                                          10mm in length. The second sample            can take up to three days to analyse
                                               should be taken approximately two weeks      growers are advised to sample early in the
It is recommended that samples are taken                                                    week.
                                               later or just before row closure.
twice during the growth of a crop. The first
                                                                                            Sample kits can be obtained from Terry
                                                                                            who is also able to demonstrate the

  Compliance corner                                                                         procedure on the farm. Please contact (08)
                                                                                            93358999 for further information.

             The following issues need to be addressed.
                                                                                             South Australian
             Compulsory Growing License                                                      Grower Returns
             All ware/processing/export growers must complete the necessary                  WA potato growers will be interested to
             forms (form 7, Application for Potato growing Area License and where            know that their South Australian
             applicable form 12 Application by grower for permit to purchase, sell or        competitors, who this year have exported
             use potatoes) before planting their crops.                                      962 tonnes of potatoes into Western
             It is compulsory for growers to have applied for and received a potato          Australia (compared to 233 tonnes at the
             growing area license before the crop is planted or growers could                same time last year), are being paid the
             forfeit their licence for one year in the associated pool. Even if growers      following domestic rates for their ware.
             do not intend to grow in the licensed area for that season each area licence
             must be renewed.                                                                *Premiums $200 - $250 a tonne
                                                                                             *Specials       $0 - $50 a tonne
             Road Consignment Dockets ( RCD)                                                 *(equivalent to WA’s Premium grade & WA Class
             Growers who do not include an RCD when they deliver potatoes to                 1 combined)
             Washpackers/Exporters/Processors not only put themselves at risk but            *(equivalent to lower end of WA’s Class 1 &
             also the driver and company receiving the potatoes. Fines can range from        Class 2 combined)
             $200.00 to $5000.00.
                                                                                             These prices have been the same since
             Larry Hegarty, Compliance Officer                                               January this year.
Extra $5/Tonne for SQF Accredited
Ware Potato Growers
At the Western Potatoes’ December Board       quality assurance systems to demonstrate     Maintaining SQF Certification involves;
meeting it was agreed to introduce a          to retailers and consumers, our
                                                                                           •    keeping accurate crop records including
differential of $5 per tonne for potatoes     commitment to safe, quality produce.
                                                                                                all inputs and outputs
produced by growers who have current          Food safety and quality assurance are
SQF Certification.                                                                         •    traceability of all produce
                                              key requirements in today’s competitive
Effective from 1st July 2002 all SQF          market particularly with all interstate      •    the safe storing, handling and use of
accredited ware potato growers will receive   growers doing likewise.                           chemicals
$5 per tonne more than non-SQF                To date, all 5 potato wash packers, 2        •    ensuring all staff act in accordance with
accredited growers. The $5 will be funded     transport companies, 13 seed potato               food safety regulations.
from the pool and will be included and        growers and 50 ware potato growers have
identified in the first payment.                                                           To have credibility with retailers and
                                              become accredited to the SQF Quality
                                                                                           consumers an independent third party
Western Potatoes assists the potato           Code, accounting for 62% of licensed
                                                                                           must conduct an audit (at the cost of the
industry to implement food safety and         potato production.
                                                                                           The $5 differential per tonne will
                                                                                           compensate growers for additional time and
  Potatoes O N L I N E                                                                     costs required to implement the SQF
                                                                                           Quality Code.
                                                                                           Western Potatoes Quality Systems Officer
                                                                                           Neil Graham can assist with on-farm
                                                                                           training, manual preparation and SQF
                                                                                           Certification pricing. Please contact him on
                                                                                           (08) 9335 8999 or 0428 335 878.

                                                                                               Staff Movements
                                                                                               Over recent months there have been
                                                                                               a number of staff changes at Western
                                                                                               Potatoes. Annmarie Harris has
                                                                                               accepted the position of Marketing
                                                                                               Officer replacing Peter Retallack.
                                                                                               Annmarie brings to Western Potatoes
                                                                                               relevant marketing experience gained
                                                                                               from her previous role at the City of
                                                                                               Armadale where she was responsible
GPS Production Area Maps are available on the Western Potatoes website for growers             for media relations, promotional
to download and print.                                                                         activities, function coordination and
                                                                                               corporate liaison with members of
Accessible 24 hours a day, growers can log onto the website, using their grower code           parliament, Councillors and members
and password, and look at their production maps. The system has been designed to               of the public.
ensure that each grower only has access to their own maps.
Growers who do not already have their grower code and password are asked to contact
Annmarie Harris either by faxing a request to 9335 9945 or emailing
How to retrieve a map-                        6. Click on the filename you want.
1. Go to           7. Wait, depending on the size of the file
   website                                       it can sometimes take a couple of
2. Scroll down to the bottom of the              minutes to download
   webpage                                    8. To look at another file close the
3. Enter the grower code and password            current map by clicking the X in the
  (if you don’t have one please contact
                                                 top right hand corner and then select
  Annmarie Harris as above)
4. Click go                                      another file
5. Scroll down to the section below           9. To print a map, go to the top left hand
   “Marketing” entitled “Production              corner of the screen and click on the         Annmarie Harris
   Area Maps”                                    word file and then on the word print.

                                                                                                       OUR GROWING BUSINESS JUNE 2002
A New Direction in
Measuring Potato Crops
During recent months, Western Potatoes has reviewed the various methods available                                 Due to the industry section being password
for measuring potato crops. After initial testing of the latest systems and review of costing                     protected, growers will only be able to
and technology requirements, it was decided that global positioning technology                                    access maps relevant to their license.
would be best suited for our requirements.                                                                        Should you wish to register to view your
                                                                                                                  maps, please fax 9335 7387 or email
Western Potatoes has contracted reputable        Finally, specialised survey software is                
licensed surveying company WHELANS to            used to compute the area and dimensions
undertake crop measuring.                        for each of the variety polygons measured.                       From our estimates and the confirmed
                                                 The plans are then produced in a CAD or                          costing from the surveyors, we believe the
WHELANS have over 40 years’ experience
                                                 drafting software package.                                       new techniques will cost significantly less
in surveying and mapping. Steve Jarman,
Client Manager for the Western Potatoes          Once the information is processed, which                         than the previous method. This is a major
contract is a licensed surveyor who has          is normally within a month, the growers’                         saving to growers and will be demonstrated
been in the survey industry for over 20          maps will be available in the industry                           by a reduced administration cost of
years, bringing a wealth of knowledge            section on the Western Potatoes website                          Western Potatoes. This will be reflected in
and experience to the Project.                   for registered growers to view and print.                        a better return to growers.
The global positioning system (GPS) uses
satellites in fixed orbits circling the earth
with a clock which measures the exact time
a signal takes to travel from the satellite to
the receiving antenna. This is then
                                                    POOL NEWS
converted to a distance by the controller.                                         80
Measuring a minimum of four distances the          POOL 5                                                        Sales by Variety – Pool 5
                                                   30 December – 16                                                 2001/2002       2000/2001
                                                   March 2002 (11
                                                   weeks)                          50
                                                   Net sales were 8, 614
                                                   tonnes compared to              30
                                                   9,037 from the                  20
                                                   previous year, a
                                                   reduction of 423 or
                                                   4.6%.                            0
                                                                                             e                                                              a
                                                                                          din         are         e      e     u
                                                                                                              sire al Blu by Lo ngfor
                                                                                                                                               el        rek          er
                                                                                        Na         law      De                          Ke          Eu          Oth
                                                   Of the 17 varieties                           De               Ro
                                                                                                                     y    Ru     rli
                                                   sold in this pool,
                                                   Nadine comprised of 70%, Delaware comprised of 8% and reds 7%. 8 of the
                                                   varieties sold were from our preferred list.
                                                   *Imports in February
                                                   and March were                  80
                                                   extremely high, up an                                         Sales by Variety – Pool 6
                                                   average of 336 tonnes           70
                                                                                                                    2001/2002      2000/2001
                                                   from last year.                 60

                                                   POOL 6                     %
                                                   17 March – 11 May
                                                   2002 (8 weeks))
controller is able to determine the latitude,                                      20
longitude, height and point in time of             Net sales to date, are
the antenna.                                       7,125 tonnes
                                                   compared to 8,388       0
The distinguishing feature of the GPS is its                                   din
                                                                                   e        are siree        lue   ou      rd                  el     rek
                                                                                                                                                          a        er
                                                   tonnes in the            Na          law               l B uby L lingfo                  str     Eu          Oth
ability to eliminate atmospheric errors                                              De        De     oya                                 Ke
                                                                                                    R           R  C ar
                                                   previous year. Both
making the readings incredibly accurate.
                                                   years show a 50% grading of Premium and Class 1
The errors are eliminated by applying a
correction value which is determined at a          Exports
Base station and then transmitted by               Ware & Seed exports to Mauritius are at 567 tonnes & 405 tonnes respectively.

                                                                                                                                OUR GROWING BUSINESS JUNE 2002

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