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					                    Dear Meanjin members,                                           • Celebrate reading achievement in
                                                                                      exactly the same way as for sporting
                    Congratulations to all literacy educators. The last               results using trophies, ribbons and
                    month has been hectic. Below is just a sample of                  certificates     presented      at    school
                    the events held by ALEA and Meanjin recently:                     assemblies. Have a school reading and
                                                                                      literature captain who presents messages,
   Edition 2        • National Reading Day                                            reviews and results of inter-house
September 2007       Teachers across the country accessed the                         competitions at assemblies.
                     ALEA-produced resources relating to “Diary of a                • Physically track and graph the time and
                     Wombat”, “Truck Dogs”, “Someone Like Me”,                        type of literature read for home reading
                     “The Red Shoe” and “The Running Man”.                            and reading for pleasure. Conference with
                     Podcasts from the authors proved a big hit with                  individual students about their reading
                     students.                                                        habits and interests.
                    • National Literacy & Numeracy Week –                           • Complete a class research project about
                        Student Workshop                                              the reading habits and preferences for
Meanjin Update

                     While only a small group of students was able to                 each member of the family.
                     attend on the day, the writing outcomes elicited               • Communicate personally with parents
                     by Bev Derewianka from the students were                         about a student’s positive progress. This
                     exceptional. Who would think that teenage boys                   individual contact for positive purposes is
                     would be so enthralled and motivated by a day                    well received.
                     investigating the benefits of functional grammar               • Parent Sharing Evenings
                     in their writing?                                                Students and parents attend with a story to
                    • National Literacy and Numeracy Week –                           share, either by reading it to the group or
                        Teacher PD                                                    discussing it in detail. Parents should bring
                     Bev Derewianka and a host of teacher                             a story which was their favourite when they
                     presenters demonstrated the worth of functional                  were young. Participate together in an Art
                     grammar to the education of students of all ages.                or craft activity using elements of the
                     Attended by 100 teachers and university                          stories.
                     students, and complimented by a great range of                 • Magazine and Comic Day
                     professional resource displays, the day received                 Set aside one day of each fortnight
                     rave reviews from most in attendance.                            devoted to the reading of magazines and
                    • International Literacy Day – Books for                          comics during all structured and free-
                        Babies                                                        reading activities.
                     Members of Meanjin delivered books and                         • Share your love of reading and
                     literature about reading with children to mothers                encourage parents to find time to do the
                     of babies born on International Literacy Day.                    same with their children regularly.

                    Please take the time to contribute to Meanjin
                    Update and share your ideas on the next issue’s
                    topic by emailing your thoughts to me for                             PROFESSIONAL DISCUSSION GROUPS
                    publication. Next month will focus upon ways to
                    make end of year celebrations of learning                        Are you interested in developing a discussion
                    creative and fun for students and parents.                       group with peers from your local area? We
                                                                                     can help you to make contact with like-
                    I look forward to being swamped by suggestions.                  minded educators to discuss professional
                                                                                     issues,     share     ideas   and     develop
                    Yours in literacy,                                               collaborative relationships.
                                                                                                    To express an interest in one of the above:
                    David Macknish                                                               

                    Brisbane Meanjin Local Council                                                     UPCOMING EVENTS
                    Australian Literacy Educators’ Association
                                                                                    • Meanjin Half-day PD
                                MOTIVATING READERS                                        Date: Saturday 27 October (9.00am – 12.30pm
                                                                                          Venue: Bremer SHS
                                                                                          Aimed at: All educators. Topics and program released
                    Have you ever seen other teachers and                                 shortly.
                    wondered how they thought of such creative and
                    motivating approaches to invoke a love of                       • Meanjin Writers’ Camp
                    reading? Below are some suggestions of                                Date: Thursday 8 November (4pm) – Sunday 11
                                                                                                November (9am)
                    practical ideas currently being used by teachers                      Venue: Qld Camping & Conference Centre,
                    to foster positive attitudes towards reading.                                Brookfield
                                                                                          Aimed at: Students Years 6-8 with a keen interest
                    • Inter-class Reading Challenge                                              in writing and working alongside like-
                                                                                                 minded students and authors.
                      Challenge classes to read. Compile a
                      progressive tally of hours spent reading and                                                              Further information:
                      graph the class progress in public for students                                            
                      to compare. Reward in the same way as for
                      sporting success with a class trophy.
  NEXT ISSUE: “Creative End-of-Year Celebrations”   Share your ideas in the next issue.       Contributions to: by Friday 19 October

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