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Under a                                          Q     When was Tuscan Tan
                                                       founded, and why?
                                                 Although a relatively popular service,
                                                 we believed that the end result colour

TUSCAN                                           of spray-on tan always seemed to carry
                                                 a slighty yellow undertone, a common
                                                 problem with many fake tan products.
                                                 We searched unsuccessfully for a tanning

   SUN                                           solution that would produce a natural-
                                                 looking colour, so the answer seemed
                                                 to be to create our own. After surveying
                                                 our customers, our mission was to create
                                                 a solution that would perfectly mimic
                                                 the type of tan so many people seemed
                                                 to want – a naturally tanned ‘European
                                                 olive’ complexion, not a golden-bronzed
                                                 Aussie colour.
                                                    We finally hit the jackpot in 2002.
                                                 The solution created was initially only
                                                 intended for use in our own salon to
                                                 satisfy the needs of our customers,
                                                 however in a matter of weeks we were
                                                 completely booked out with spray tan
                                                 appointments, and were constantly
                                                 receiving enquiries from other salons as
                                                 to the supplier and name of this fabulous
                                                 new tanning product we were using. At
                                                 that point we realised the commercial
                                                 potential of our creation and named it
                                                 Tuscan Tan.

               Having owned and operated a
               successful salon in the eastern
         suburbs of Melbourne for a number
            of years, Michael and Samantha
       Fitzpatrick initially only intended to
         improve on one of the services they
       offered within their salon – spray-on
        tan – when they started what would
         turn into Tuscan Tan in July 2003.
      Professional Beauty uncovered some
       of the secrets behind what is on track
        to become one of Australia’s leading
                  sunless tanning companies.
118   www.professionalbeauty.com.au
Q     What were Tuscan Tan’s short-
      term and long-term goals?
Having created what we believed to be
                                             a demonstration of the equipment and
                                             product range, experience a spray-on tan
                                             to evaluate its colour and performance
a far superior spray tanning solution,       and gain insight into the complete Tuscan
our short-term goal was to source spray      Tan concept and the value it could add to
equipment with which to apply it as the      their business.
plastic turbine powered spray equipment         As we approach our seventh year,
we had been using within our own salon       we are relocating the head office from
had, over the years, proved incredibly       Hawthorn to a much larger premises in
unreliable. The last thing we wanted         Port Melbourne enabling us to further
to do, if we were going to become a          grow our business. This fantastic new
manufacturer and wholesale distributor       premises is positioned in the most
to other salons, would be to supply them     accessible area of Melbourne and will
with the same headache.                      house our offices, showroom, training
    We set about sourcing spray equipment    facility, factory and distribution centre.
that would eliminate all the features that
had frustrated us, such as plastic hoses
that would continually pop off, spray guns
that would spray inconsistently or leak,
                                             Q   How has the industry changed
                                                 since when you first started
                                             Tuscan Tan?
and motors that would burn out within        Various trade and consumer media
months meaning a back-up machine had         reports claim that the spray tanning
to always be on the ready.                   industry is the fastest growing service
    We also wanted faster, more efficient    within the beauty industry today, and
solution transfer, economical product        rightly so. The Cancer Council has
usage and minimal over-spray. The only       worked peerlessly to raise awareness
spray equipment available that fit this      about the dangers of UV exposure, and
criteria was large, noisy and industrial,    have more recently focused in particular
so we then set out to create our own         on the dangers of solarium use. There
delivery system designed to suit the salon   really is no excuse not to be aware of
environment. This system is now called       the harmful effects of UV exposure,
the Evolution Series Pressurised Tan         and consumers who still want a tanned
Delivery System, and is often recognised     look are now seeking a safe alternative.
by those within the industry as the most     Let’s face it, in the warmer months,
reliable tan delivery system available.      summer fashion looks better on tanned
    Our next goal was to successfully        skin, and if we can achieve this safely
launch Tuscan Tan by way of strategic        then why not? An added benefit is that
marketing and establish the brand            spray tanning encourages the consumer
in the market within twelve months.          to pay closer attention to their skin
Never deviating from our strict three-       and look after it more thoroughly by
year business plan, the second year          regularly exfoliating which reduces, dry,
saw the development of a range of            dull or aged skin cell build up, using an
complementary before and after               effective pH balancing skin wash, and
skincare retail products, and in the         daily moisturization to keep the skin
third year we designed and began             hydrated. It really is a win-win situation
manufacturing a highly effective over-       – a beautiful, natural looking tan on
spray extraction screen which we called      healthy, glowing skin.
the Salon Saver, designed to capture
excess over-spray or airborn vapors
generated during the tan application.
This allows for a cleaner, safer and more
                                             Q     What changes do you
                                                   feel your business has made
                                             to the industry?
hygenic working environment for both         The changes that Tuscan Tan has made to
salon staff and clients.                     the spray tan industry are many and varied.
    Approaching the end of Tuscan Tan’s          Firstly, we have created an organic,
third year, the main focus of the next       UV-free tanning product that really does
three-year business plan was to expand       mimic a naturally tanned European olive
our retail skincare range, steadily          complexion. This product is the only
build our customer base nationally and       spray-on tan formulation available which
establish a NSW office and showroom          adapts to any skin type by adopting the
to support the planned expansion. Our        skin’s natural darker variations, whilst
NSW division opened in October 2008 in       blending with and deepening the colour
Sydney’s central and dynamic Surry Hills,    of its lighter tones. Any depth of tan can
allowing those with interest in Tuscan       be achieved with just the one solution,
Tan in NSW to visit the showroom for         so there is no need for salons to carry
different formulation levels to suit
specific skin types. Other improvements
we have made to the Tuscan Tan solution
                                                Q    How did you nurture and
                                                     grow the company? Can you
                                                pinpoint an exact time when you
over the years are that it now dries            were able to think“this is is starting
instantly on application, is odourless          to pay off’’?
once developed and, best of all, the tan is     We stuck religiously to our business
water resistant allowing it to last between     plan from the start, and by doing this
seven and ten days before gradually and         it has paid off. A solid business plan
evenly fading.                                  enables you to put your thinking into
    Secondly, the Tuscan Tan Evolution          perspective, and forces you to take an
Series Tan Delivery System is the only          objective, critical and unemotional view
spray on tan equipment available which          of what you have created, and what you
operates by way of pressurisation. This         are aiming to achieve. It also allows you
offers many advantages to the user and          to identify if your business is starting to
ultimately the consumer as the end              get off track and to rectify the problem
tanning result is flawless. One of the          before it compromises your future goals.
key features of pressurisation is that
it eliminates the need for a liquid pot
attachment on the spray gun which
allows the user to position the gun at
                                                Q    What makes Tuscan Tan
                                                     products stand out from other
                                                tanning ranges?
any angle - even upside down - without          Quality. Performance. Results.
compromising the consistency between
the air and liquid flows.
    Thirdly, Tuscan Tan was the first
spray tan company within Australia
                                                Q     What are the star products in
                                                      the range?
                                                Tuscan Tan is not about any one
to introduce over-spray and airborn             particular ‘star‘ product, it is a total
vapour extraction, a must for any salon         concept where each product plays
considering introducing spray on tan            an integral role to create the desired
to their line of services. The Tuscan           outcome - the ultimate UV free tan.
Tan complete concept really has taken
the spray tanning service to a whole
new level of professionalism, which
hasn’t gone unnoticed by those within
                                                Q     Where do you position Tuscan
                                                      Tan in the marketplace?
                                                Although it is necessary for businesses
the industry. Gone are the days of this         to monitor their market growth to gain
service being located somewhere out the         a basic knowledge of their position, we
back of the salon due to the incredible         would never be so arrogant as to claim
filth and mess it creates, along with salon     number one position as that would be
staff spraying customers in a disused           biased opinion without basis. At the
shower cubicle or against a black plastic       end of the day, it is the consumer who
sheet, slip-sliding around the floor in a       ultimately dictates your position within
brown vapour haze!                              the market, along with the salons that
                                                make the choice to trust in you and what

Q     Does Tuscan Tan have a
      mission statement?
‘Spray On Tan...it’s all about the colour.’
                                                you offer.
                                                    In saying that, we feel confident that
                                                Tuscan Tan’s market position rates quite
    It really does come down to the colour      highly. This is based on the amount of
of the tan. Had we not achieved the colour      consumer enquiries we receive on a
our customers wanted in the first place,        daily basis looking for a salon location,
then Tuscan Tan as a company and brand          in addition to the enormous amount of
would not exist today. We consider our          positive consumer feedback we receive
tanning solution as our core product and        directly by way of email and word of
fiercely protect it, and although an integral   mouth, and indirectly via the numerous
part of our business, we consider the other     posts on internet forums and blogs.
products we manufacture such as our             In fact, many business owners who
equipment and skin care products to be          contact Tuscan Tan comment that it is
the vehicles which drive our core and keep      through these particular online avenues
it performing to the expectation of Tuscan      that they source unbiased consumer
Tan, its customers and their clients.           information and opinion in relation
                                                to product preference and that those

Q     What is your business
      philosophy and approach?
Look after your business and your business
                                                brands most prominantly and positively
                                                mentioned subsequently become the
                                                first point of reference when sourcing
will look after you.                            suppliers and products.

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