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Telemedicine mission to South Korea - PowerPoint - PowerPoint


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									Telemedicine mission
   to South Korea

    5-9 March 2001
Mission members
Dr Jim Briggs         University of Portsmouth

Dr Ricky Richardson   Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children &
                      Richardson Consulting Ltd
Mr Michael McCurry    ACI Commerce Ltd

Dr Neil Bindemann     Healthcare Education Services Ltd

Miss Toral Patel      Centre for Law, Ethics and Risk in Telemedicine

Mr John Erbetta       Defence Evaluation and Research Agency
Mission support
Dr Michael Cherrett   First Secretary, Science Technology &
                      British Embassy, Seoul
Kyejin Chay           Commercial Officer
                      British Embassy, Seoul

Hong Hai Seeto        International Technology Promoter
                      (working on behalf of UK Department of Trade &
Mr David Thompson     Overseas Missions Scheme, UK Department of
                      Trade & Industry
Mission goal
 This mission seeks to explore opportunities
  for co-operation between UK and Korean
  organisations in the field of telemedicine
  and related health informatics areas.
 Our primary aim is to find out what
  Koreans are doing, but equally to let Korea
  know what is going on in the UK.
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  payment available NOW!

   triennial health informatics congress
      2 - 5 September 2001, London

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