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Ogden Trust Teaching Fellows
       The University of Manchester
 The 2009 Teaching Fellows
Akil Khan, Louise Pogson, Nasir Abdulsalam, Faisal
              Amir, & Hisham Omara
Akil Khan
Oasis Academy MediaCityUK

•   I am originally from India but have lived most of my life in the Middle East where I
    also completed my IGCSE and A-Levels. I completed my BEng from the University of
    Manchester in 2008, which included an Industrial Placement with Endress+Hauser in
    Withenshawe, Manchester. I worked as a Service Engineer, calibrating Temperature
    and Pressure measurement instruments with high end electronics. I started my MSc
    in Electrical Power Systems in September 2008.
•   I enjoy playing and listening to music. I used to play the piano and keyboards in a
    local band back home. I like reading a lot, especially the mystery and horror genres,
    although I don’t read as much now as I used to. From the sports – I like to play and
    am pretty decent at cricket, and football and basketball to a certain extent.
•   I joined the Ogden Teaching Fellowship to help in its honourable cause and also to
    gain new experiences and insights for my own growth. It also might be an influence
    from my mother, since she is also a teacher teaching Biology for GCSE and A-Levels.
    What I hope to achieve through the Ogden Teaching Fellowship can be aptly put in
    the words of John Lobbuck: “The important thing is not that every child should be
    taught, as that every child should be given the wish to learn.”
Louise Pogson
Derby High School

• At the age of nine or ten during a science lesson at primary school, the teacher taking the lesson illustrated, how
  harmful to our environment the use of aerosols and CFC’s were and that there was a depletion of the important
  ozone layer . This made me acutely aware that human beings and the way that they live can have a massive impact
  on our environment. I became increasingly more interested in the environment and science as I got older and studied
  Biology and Chemistry at O and A level. Fortunately, I was lucky to have a very enthusiastic and inspiring Chemistry
  teacher! The latter, coupled with the fact that my O level Chemistry group was relatively small (by today’s standards)
  fuelled my interest in Science further. My route into science however was not straight forward and with only O and A
  levels I tried to get jobs within the Meteorological Office and local Laboratories. I lacked in work experience so was
  always unsuccessful.
• After deviating into clerical work for a few years and then having children. I was inspired once again to return to
  science – due to my working with teenage children in a local school. I returned to the education environment and
  completed an Access Diploma with Chemistry modules and then completed an integrated Masters Degree at UOH
  and achieved a First Class degree classification. I also won a couple of cash prize awards and certificates for my
  achievements during my degree.
• During my studies, I was awarded a grant by the Nuffield Foundation to carry out a summer research project, which
  gave me a taste of scientific research. I absolutely loved it and decided that I would like to go further with my studies
  and apply for a PhD after my degree.
• As my interests lie in Solid State Chemistry/Physical Chemistry (this is very much where Physics and Chemistry
  overlap) I subsequently accepted a research project at the Photon Science Institute, Dept of Physics and Astronomy
  UOM. My project involves the development of nano solar cells which will be utilised as catalysts for artificial
  photosynthesis in the conversion of Methane and Carbon Dioxide (harmful greenhouse gasses) to Methanol and
  Carbon Monoxide (Useful fuel feed stocks for industry). I am therefore privileged to be involved in an environmental
  project, which hopefully will in the future have a positive global impact.
Nasir Abdulsalam
King David High School

•   I am a native of Nigeria where I obtained my first degree in Electrical and Computer
    Engineering and emerged as the best graduating student in the department. After a
    brief stint as Graduate Teaching Assistant, I proceeded to China where I did
    postgraduate studies (Masters) in Communication and Information system
    Engineering in addition to learning a second international Language.
•   I am currently a PhD student and a part-time Teaching Assistant in the School of
    Electrical and Electronic Engineering of The University of Manchester. My research
    area is in Electromagnetic Computation and the title is "Large Scale Maxwell
    Equation Solver".
•   My leisure time is spent watching knowledge/entertainment channels on TV. I also
    play table-tennis, chess, snooker and darts. Apart from English and Mandarin, I also
    speak in Hausa and Yoruba. I chose to be part of the Ogden Teaching Fellowship
    because I believe in the philosophy behind its creation. Secondly, my best subjects in
    high school were Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics and these were as a result of
    the efforts and drive of my teachers in helping me build enthusiasm in the subjects.
Faisal Amir
Loreto High School

• I completed MSc Communications Engineering from The University
  of Manchester in 2007 with distinction and my first degree was in
  Electrical Engineering from Pakistan. Currently I am pursuing PhD in
  Electrical and Electronics Engineering and am working on advanced
  high-speed semiconductor devices.
• I like meeting people, making friends, visiting new places and
  exploring contemporary technologies.
• I applied for an Ogden Fellowship to experience science promotion
  to the novices while carrying on with my PhD studies. I see it as an
  opportunity to taste for life in the classroom and to enhance my
  teaching skills. Being a student ambassador at UoM and working
  with pupils, I see it a whole new field of challenges and experiences,
  which in my opinion will be mutually rewarding.
Hisham Omara
North Manchester High School for Girls

• I am an Egyptian Canadian first year PhD student with the Power
  Systems Group at the University of Manchester. I completed my
  Bachelors Degree in Systems Design Engineering at the University
  of Waterloo, in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. My academic research
  is examining how the increase in the nonconventional loads will
  affect demand-side flexibility as well as supply-side stability and
• I love to travel, and have lived in 7 different countries throughout my
  life. I am fascinated by the diverse mosaic of world cultures and
  spent 2 of my internships living in France and Germany.
• The Ogden Fellowship is an opportunity to introduce young minds to
  the interact and intriguing world of physics and math.
Chris Dearden
Weather Station Project
Derby High School

•   Chris graduated from Lancaster University in 2002 with an MPHYS degree in Physics
    and Cosmology. In January 2003 he started work at the Met Office in Exeter, in the
    Climate Research department. During this time he became involved in developing
    numerical models for the purpose of global climate prediction. Chris started a career
    break from the Met Office in July 2007 to begin a PhD in atmospheric science at the
    University of Manchester.
•   Originally from St Helens, Merseyside, Chris likes to participate in sporting activities,
    particularly football, and he also enjoys cooking and music. He participated in the
    2008 Ogden Fellowship as he is considering the possibility of teaching as a career,
    and he sees the Ogden scheme as an excellent means of obtaining some relevant
•   The Weather Station project is partly funded by a grant from the Royal Society. Chris
    will oversee the installation and operation of the station and also create resources for
    lesson ideas and activities centred on the use of the station. He hopes that the
    project will raise pupils’ awareness of weather and climate, and also to increase
    pupils’ confidence in taking scientific measurements and learning the skills required to
    interpret and process the raw data in order to reach meaningful conclusions.