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                                  CITY OF VICTOR
                           REGULAR COUNCIL MEETING
                                July 24, 2008 – 6:00 P.M.
                       COUNCIL CHAMBERS, 500 VICTOR AVENUE

          6:00 P.M. CONVENE

II.      ROLL CALL: Don Daniel: _Present__; Veldean Petri: Present; Buck Hakes: Present
         Richard May: Present; Mayor Serena E. Bielz: Present City Attorney: Present

        There were no ceremonies, presentations or Appointments.
         A. Approval of Minutes July 10, 2008
Council Member Don Daniel moved to approve the minutes of the July 10, 2008 minutes; second
by Council Member Buck Hakes.
Roll Call Vote: Council Members: Daniel, yes; Hakes, yes; Petri, yes; May, yes; Mayor Bielz,
         B. Approve Statement of Expenditures and Authorize Signing of Checks
Council Member Don Daniel moved to approve statement of expenditures in the amount of
$41,259.41 and authorize signing of checks; second by Council Member, Rick May.
Council Member Petri posed a question on the Water Engineer’s billing which refers to change
of water rights. It was determined the detail does not reflect any change in water rights

Roll Call Vote: Council Members: Daniel, yes; May, yes; Petri, no; Mayor Bielz, yes.

         Mayor Bielz requested two items be added to the agenda under Unscheduled Matters:
      (1) Letter of Intent to Participate in the November 4 General Election
      (2) Lease Agreement on Penrose Property.

          Councilman Daniel requested addition of an Executive Session re: personnel matters.
          Mayor Bielz questioned the City Attorney if that would require 24 hour notice to which
          the Attorney replied it would not since no action would be taken in Executive Session.
          Personnel had not been notified of what the discussion concerns with regard to the
          Executive Session; therefore, it will be held up until next meeting.


a.     Mayor/Police Commissioner: Mayor Bielz
       Mayor Bielz reported that the Police Department continues to review applications;
however, the department is within limitations of applicants they received and qualifications plus
a 2006 Resolution. A resume was received for the position of Chief of Police from an interested
individual from Granby; however, no application has been received.

         The Mayor continues to work on resources for the City.

       A couple weeks ago some people in the community came up with a list of all the mines
and tunnels in the area. The Mayor read the list for its historic value.

Councilman Buck Hakes questioned if there was an interview for the position of Police Chief
last week; to which the Mayor responded that a rumor to that effect was going around; she called
upon Corporal Lewis to explain it was not an Oral Board.

b.      EDC/ Resources: Veldean
        Council Member Petri reported she had the privilege of volunteering in the Sunnyside
Cemetery clean up day. There were 17 individuals involved in the clean up and the Elks Club
provided a barbeque lunch. She personally thanked the volunteers who truly made a difference
at the cemetery. There is more work to be done and everyone and anyone is welcome to help
with the project; however, there is a great difference.

       The first Capital Improvement meeting was held July 14 with Clay Brown of the Division
of Local Affairs facilitating the meeting. This is the first step toward a five year plan for the
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Victor City Council
July 24, 2008 sab

A good time was had at Gold Rush Days this year. An email from Lonesa Wyatt in which a big
thumbs up was given to Glori, Sue and the Victor Elks Club. Glori Thurston thanked all the
sponsors and Lonesa without their help the celebration wouldn’t have been possible.

Council Member Petri requested consideration of recognizing one volunteer each month at a
regular meeting.

Veldean will be attending a grants writing work shop in Denver all next week and is looking
forward to learning more about writing successful grants and obtaining grants for Victor.

c.     Water/Wastewater/Public Works: Don
       Council Member Daniel had nothing new to report for the water and wastewater

d.     Streets/Building/Parks: Buck
Council Member Hakes commended Henry, Dan and Rodney for the assistance they provided for
Gold Rush Days. Wallace Park looks the best it has since he has been in Victor and it seemed
they were available to help any time.

e.     Fire Department: Rick
       Councilman May reported that the Fire Department had a successful pancake breakfast
for Gold Rush Days. All accounting has not been completed at this time.

       Mayor Bielz thanked the Police Department and Mounted Rangers for assisting with road
blocks and detours and numerous items.

        Councilman Hakes commended the Police Officers. He has received unsolicited really
favorable comments about the Police Department in the past two weeks. Their handlings of a
couple of touchy situations were commendable. The atmosphere of the community toward the
police has turned around 180 degrees from what it was a year ago. He expressed appreciation for
the manner in which the two officers handle their job.

f.     City Attorney: Alan
The City Attorney had nothing at this time.

        No Public Hearings were scheduled.


        A. Resolution to Adopt Local Liquor License Fee Changes Effective July 2, 2008

Council Member Don Daniel moved to approve Resolution 2008-07-24.5, A Resolution
Acknowledging the State’s Increase of Local Liquor Licensing Fees Effective July 2, 2008;
second by Council Member Hakes.
Roll Call Vote: Council Members: Daniel, yes; Hakes, yes; Petri, yes; May, yes; Mayor Bielz,


       A. Mayor Bielz: Re: Aspen Mine Senior Club Representative: Golden Circle Nutrition
       Program Use of Community Center

The Aspen Mine Senior Club representatives, Betty Ward, Miss Patsy, Mr. Hickson and Bob
Tyler were present to respond to questions concerning the Golden Circle Nutrition Program and
request the use of the Victor Community Center to provide meals twice each week for seniors in
the area. Meals are served Monday, Wednesday and Friday in Cripple Creek at the Aspen Mine
Center and will be served Tuesday and Thursday in Victor which will provide nutritious meals
five day per week in the communities. Mr. Tyler gave a brief history of the Club and responded
to questions submitted in writing from Council Members Petri and Daniel.
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Victor City Council
July 24, 2008 sab

The Senior Club had approached The Cripple Creek & Victor Gold Mining Company for
monetary assistance to offset the cost of utilities at the Center; the Company has pledged $50.00
per meeting to help defray those expenses. The recommended donation for each meal for seniors
is $2.00; $4.50 for non seniors and volunteers will receive free meals. Preparation cost is
currently $8.50 per meal. Mr. Tyler provided in depth detail of the program and answers to
questions. Dale Roy offered his dumpster for trash disposal. There will be one contracted
position for a cook included in the grant and there have been people who have expressed interest
in that position already. The cook will need a key to access the center. Following lengthy
discussion Council Member Buck Hakes moved to allow the Aspen Mine Senior Club to run the
Golden Circle Nutrition Program in the VICCI Center on Tuesday and Thursday each week and
they assume full responsibility of the program; second by Council Member Daniel. The City
Attorney clarified that there was no conflict of interest for Council Member Petri to vote on the
Roll Call Vote: Council Members: Hakes, yes; Daniel, yes; Petri, yes; May, yes; Mayor Bielz,
yes. Council Members thanked the Senior Club Representatives.

B.    Veldean: Re: Victor’s Mission Statement

Council Members and Public joined in discussion regarding a Mission Statement for the City of
Council Member Daniel moved to approve the draft: City of Victor, we are the Heart of the
World’s Greatest Gold Camp; We serve the citizens of the City of Victor; protect the health,
safety and welfare of the public and represent them without prejudice by looking at issues in a
fair and unbiased way while preserving our Heritage, amending the motion to include: fostering
for our residents and visitors a viable community in which we provide modern amenities in
harmony with our Rich History; second by Council Member Hakes.
Roll Call Vote on motion as amended: Council Members: Daniel, yes; Hakes, yes; Petri, yes;
May, yes; Mayor Bielz, yes.

7:30 p.m. Meeting recessed.

7:45 p.m. Meeting reconvened.

     X.    NEW BUSINESS:

         A.      Monthly Newsletter
  Council and public discussion with regard to the monthly newsletter which is mailed with the
water billing followed. Concern had been expressed with regard to one author putting the
newsletter out and that compilation of the newsletter was paid for with private funds.
The Attorney clarified that he had reviewed some of the past newsletters and in his opinion there
has been nothing that violates Colorado Law. The City may wish to adopt a policy, which is
entirely up to Council.
Council Member Petri’s concerns included no deadline and no invitation for others to provide
input or review and that the newsletter is a political statement. The Attorney noted that the
council might want to designate itself as Editorial Board of that and meet once a month simply to
review articles for the newsletter; that way there would be no surprises, that way a consensus
could be reached and it could truly be an expression of the entire council on behalf of the City.
Mr. Hakes and Mr. Daniel advised that they had not been asked to contribute to the newsletter.
The Mayor advised that she had asked for input on several occasions for input. Rick May said
this was the first formal request. The Attorney suggested there may be a way to solve this and
soothe feelings about this, a couple of options occurred to him, one would simply be to set a
deadline for submitting articles, not just when the newsletter has to be ready but perhaps a week
ahead of that so the newsletter can be composed so maybe that should be the 20th or21st of each
month. The Attorney Continued on a second possibility, that maybe it would be a good idea to
have a floating Editorship, maybe everyone on council takes a turn maybe of three months and
it’s that member’s responsibility and nobody else’s to produce the newsletter for that month. A
third possibility would be in addition to assigning responsibilities to the police department,
waste water, fire department, etc. this could be another responsibility that could be assigned to
one member of council as part of that individual’s duties for a year. The cost of the newsletter is
$400 to $500 per year and that doesn’t seem like a burdensome amount to add to the City’s
budget so that wouldn’t have to be carried by whomever the editor happens to be; however, he
didn’t know if Madam Mayor would
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Victor City Council
July 24, 2008 sab

be inclined to relinquish the honor of being the editor. The Mayor said she would love to and
that would be great. She thinks it would be wonderful for each councilmember to take on the
newsletter for three months. The Attorney continued that it may very well be that there would be
one or two different styles or maybe five different styles of newsletters, he thinks maybe he
should have shut up a long time ago but he thinks that could be very interesting. The Mayor
agreed that would be wonderful. The Mayor did ask that council keep, “Victor High Grade” as
the name of the newsletter.
Members of the public would like to see the newsletter continue. There is no additional postage
required to send the newsletter as long as it is limited to one sheet of paper, there is no
requirement for it to be in color which may decrease the cost somewhat. Variations of input from
council members and community as well as editorship and an editorial board were discussed.
Copies of newsletters are provided at the Claim Jumper, Public Library, and City Clerk’s Office.

Following lengthy in depth discussion Council Member Buck Hakes moved to establish a
deadline for submissions for the newsletter by the 20th of the month and each council member
can submit an article as needed to the City Clerk’s Office by that deadline; second by Council
Member Petri.
Roll Call Vote: Council Members: Hakes, yes; Petri, yes; Daniel, yes; May, no; Mayor Bielz, no.

       B.      Veldean: Re: Fall Clean up days
Discussion followed with regard to Fall Clean-up days following the Labor Day Holiday.
There is no allowance within the budget to provide for a second clean up. Council will attempt to
budget for a spring clean up.

        C.      Veldean: Re: Rubbish Ordinance
Discussion followed with regard to two Ordinances concerning trash accumulation in the City of
Victor. It was determined through public input that both Ordinances had been voted down
at elections twice. Public discussion included not hurting businesses through regulating the
accumulation of what may be considered by some as a visual blemish; protecting the health and
safety of residents and visitors through the clean up of accumulation of household garbage; a
town meeting to attempt to come to a common ground on the accumulation of debris of all kinds;
volunteering to clean up debris; the lack of trash containers for people who cannot afford trash

Council Member Hakes thanked Dale Roy for all he has done to assist with the clean up of
Victor; he appreciates his collection of materials and his recycling efforts. Council Member Petri
also expressed her thanks.

Discussion continued with regard to providing a trash receptacle and charging a fee; assessing a
fee; properties with collection of rubbish on city right of way; the requirement of a dumpster at a
construction site and the need to keep our City from being unsightly; notifying Teller County
Health Department of debris that constitutes a health issue; the City not being responsible for
cleaning up debris; however, if the City does any clean up, assess the property owner for that
service and also the current sidewalk ordinance.

Buck recommended that Dale Roy head up a committee consisting of Andy Watson, Rick May
and Ron Robb to come up with a plan the Council could follow to protect business owners and
make the City presentable. The Committee will report back to Council at the next meeting.

       D.      William J. Phelan dba Sally’s : Tavern License Renewal

With there being no reported violations of the Colorado Liquor Code, Council Member May
moved to approve the renewal application for Tavern License for William Phelan dba Sally’s;
second by Council Member Daniel.
Roll Call Vote: Council Members: May, yes; Daniel, yes; Petri, yes; Hakes, yes; Mayor Bielz,

9:05 P.M. Council recessed.

9:15 P.M. Council Reconvened.
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Victor City Council
July 24, 2008 sab

        There was no Correspondence presented.

       A. Letter of Intent to Teller County Clerk and Recorder
Following short discussion regarding possible Ballot Questions including reduction of the
Mayor’s and Clerk’s salary and making the City Clerk an appointed rather than elected position,
may be placed on the November 4 General Election Ballot; Council Member Daniel moved to
submit a letter of intent to participate in the General Election to the Teller County Clerk and
Recorder; second by Council Member May.
Roll Call Vote: Council Members: Daniel, yes; May, yes; Petri, yes; Hakes, yes; Mayor Bielz,

       B. Grazing Lease on Penrose Property

Council Member Daniel moved to cancel the lease agreement with Mr. Kroll on the Penrose

Following brief discussion motion was withdrawn.

Council Member Petri moved to approve the revised lease agreement with decrease to15 pair
with Mr. Kroll for the Penrose Property owned by the City of Victor; second by Council Member
Roll Call Vote: Council Members: Petri, yes; May, yes; Hakes, no; Daniel, no; Mayor Bielz, yes.


Council Member Veldean Petri requested that the following items be placed on the next agenda:
   (1) Approval of Volunteer Recognition.

Recommendations for volunteers will be submitted to the City Clerk’s Office prior to the 20th of
each month and council would be allowed to vote on each.
The Attorney noted that any time council takes action it needs to vote in public. Discussion
followed with regard to a citizen’s committee or one member of Council could participate.
He also advised it was better not to have two council members on the committee because it
deliberations would have to be opened up to the public.

The Mayor noted that Rodney Vannest will be with the City 19 years in September and it would
be nice to present him with a plaque or something and recognize him at the last meeting of
September. The volunteer could also be recognized during ceremonies, presentations and
appointments on the agenda.

   (2) Report of Committee re: Trash
Veldean advised Dale that Lonesa Wyatt volunteered to serve with the others on the citizens
committee regarding trash clean up. Buck volunteered his assistance to Dale.

   (3) Spring Clean up Day Requiring a Fee

   (4) Change of Time for Council Meetings 6:30 p.m. through Daylight Savings 6:00 p.m.
       during the winter.


Joe Stevens related his discussion with the Mayor today about the possible ballot issue.
He suggested looking at Cripple Creek’s Mayor/Council payments with cost of living increase.
He believes the Mayor’s salary should be higher than council’s. He discussed hiring an
Administrator, Manager or Grants Writer as well as the means of payment and the need of a
professional paid person to do this to take a load off Serena and Council.
 He also pointed out that in Ordinance 348 the previous Council violated the law and
 complimented the Mayor/Council on doing a good job.
 Brief Discussion followed with regard to a comment that Clay Brown had made regarding
 payment of a portion of the salary of an administrator with the City paying more each year.
 The Attorney was asked to prepare the Ballot Questions.
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Victor City Council
July 24, 2008 sab


Council Member Daniel moved to adjourn; second by Council Member Buck Hakes.
Meeting was adjourned on unanimous voice vote.

ATTEST: ___________________________ APPROVED: ___________________________
Shirley Beach, City Clerk           Serena E. Bielz, Mayor

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