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					                                                                                Cooperative Extension Service
                                                                                Mason County
                                                                                800 U.S. 68
                                                                                Maysville, KY 41056
                                                                                Phone: (606) 564-6808
                                                                                Fax: (606) 564-9226

                                              May 2008

           CONGRATULATIONS                          evening will include a silent auction, cultural
                                                    arts display and awards.
May 3rd Success: Vice President, Gladys
Green and Chairmen; Carol Sapp, Peggy Crum,         Clubs are competing for cash prizes in cake
Carol Dunnavan and Lynda Gifford would like         decorating     celebrating      KEHA’s       75 th
to extend their thanks and appreciation to all      Anniversary. Prizes will be awarded to the most
those who contributed to the Blacktop Sale,         attractive and most creative. The cakes will
Bake Sale, and Flower Sale.                         serve as table center pieces and be eaten for
                                                    dessert. The meal will feature chicken salad and
The donations, workers, bakers, and shoppers        fresh fruit.
greatly contributed to the event with the
scholarship, ovarian cancer research and general    Registration is $11.00 and the deadline is May
fund benefiting. Congratulations and job well       22nd. Tickets will be available at club meeting
done!                                               and from the Extension Office.          Mailbox
                                                    members are encouraged to attend and can
             SPECIAL EVENTS                         purchase their tickets at the office.

Annual Meeting:     Grace Yunker and the            Clubs are reminded to call the Extension Office
Annual Meeting Committee are finalizing plans       with the number of members who had
for the 71st Annual                                 mammograms in the past year, deceased
Homemakers                                          members, perfect attendance and a complete list
Meeting which will                                  of members.
be held Monday,
June 2, 2008, 6:30                                  For the Annual Meeting photo slide show all
PM at the Mason                                     clubs are asked to share old and/or photo’s (old
County Extension                                    and/or new) for scanning into a power point
Office.                                             presentation.     Please bring them to the
                                                    Extension Office by May 22.
The theme of the
evening will be                                     Scholarship Reception: The Homemaker
“Gratitude:    The                                  Scholarship Reception will be held on June 1,
Gift that Keeps on                                  2008, 2:00 PM at the Extension Office. Annette
Giving” with guest                                  Walters and Gladys Green, Reception Chair’s,
speaker      Carol                                  ask that clubs donate 2 dozen cookies to the
Whipple, UK Extension Specialist, HEEL              event. All members, club and mailbox, are
Program, a dynamic motivational speaker. The        encouraged to attend the reception to show
                                                    support and to hear from the individual students
                                                    who have been awarded scholarships.
                                                         For more information on becoming an MVP,
             ANNOUNCEMENTS                               contact the Mason County Extension Office at
                                                         564-6808. Application are due June 24, 2008.
Homemaker Council Trip: This year the
Homemaker Council trip will be to Frankfort on           Health Fair: May 31, 2008,
June 17. Please call the office for more details         7:30      to    12:00       at
and to make a reservation by June 2 nd.                  Meadowview         Regional
                                                         Medical Center. Registration
Homemaker Advisory Council: The next                     forms are available at the
Advisory Council meeting will be May 22,                 Extension Office and can be
2008, 6:30 P.M. at the Mason County Extension            printed from our website.
Office.                                                  The deadline for registration
                                                         is May 9th.
Food-A Rama Cookbooks: The
2008      4-H       Food-A-Rama                          Licking River Area Homemaker Skills Day:
cookbooks are now available at                           Skills Day will be held on June 9, 2008 at the
the Extension Office. Proceeds to                        Ward Elementary School in Fleming County.
benefit Relay for Life.                                  Deadline to register is May 9 th. Many classes
                                                         are still available.
                                                                      CONSUMER NEWS
Kentucky Master Volunteer in Clothing
Construction Program: Recruitment has                           What a Great Mothers Day Gift!
begun for Master Clothing Volunteers for                 Help Your Mom Save $3,600: People all over
statewide training this fall. The Master Clothing        the country are helping their moms save as
                         Volunteer Program is an         much as $3,600 per year on the cost of
                          effort by the Kentucky         prescription drugs.
                          Cooperative Extension
                             service to provide          We all know the high cost of medicine can be a
                              educational                burden on mothers who have limited income
                              opportunities in           and resources. But there is extra help –
                         sewing.                         available through Social Security – that could
                                                         pay part of her monthly premiums, annual
It is designed to train volunteers to teach sewing       deductible and prescription co-payments. The
and clothing-related information to county               extra help could be worth up to $3,600 per year.
residents. The role of the Certified Master
Clothing Volunteer is to be trained and certified        To figure out whether your mother is eligible,
in the most up-to-date information and skills            Social Security needs to know her income and
related to sewing and to serve as a teacher or           the value of her savings, investments and real
teacher-helper and resource person in the area of        estate (other than the home in which she lives
sewing and sewing-related information.                   in). To qualify for the extra help, she must be
                                                         receiving Medicare and also have:
Candidates for the Master Clothing Volunteer
program are selected and screened on the basis           -Income limited to $15,600 for an individual or
of potential success in the program. Candidates          $21,000 for a married couple living together.
will receive training that will cover specific           Even if her annual income is higher, she still
subject matter and the Extension educational             may be able to get some help with monthly
philosophy.                                              premiums, annual deductibles and prescription

co-payments. Some examples where income                     Busy moms are also frustrated by the flood of
may be higher include if she or her spouse:                 changing nutrition advice, especially as they try
      -Support other family members who live                to make sensible dietary decisions for their
      with them.                                            families. Moms have many concerns when it
      -Have earnings from work; or                          comes to their children’s eating habits. For
      -Resources limited to $11,900 for an                  example, not eating enough fruits and
      individual or $23,970 for a married                   vegetables, picky eaters and eating too much
      couple living together.          Resources            junk food.
      include such things as bank accounts,
      stock and bonds. We do not count her                  What’s a mom to do? Start with these easy,
      house and car as resources.                           practical tips:
                                                                 Make mealtime family time. Try to
Social Security has an easy-to-use online                           have at least one meal a day together.
application that you can help complete for your                     Eating meals as a family can actually
mom.           You      can     find     it    at                   improve your children’s food habitssince To apply by phone or                        kids tend to eat more fruits, vegetables
have an application mailed to you, call Social                      and dairy foods at meals shared with
Security at 1-800-325-0778 and ask for the                          their parents.
Application for Help with Medicare Prescription                  Get the family involved in meal
Drug Plan Cost (SSA-1020). Or go to the                             planning and preparation.              Your
nearest Social Security Office. For our area, the                   kitchen can be a learning laboratory.
office is located at 509 Market Place Drive,                        Give kids simple tasks to help with
Maysville.                                                          family food shopping, preparation and
                                                                    cleanup. Children are more likely to eat
To learn more about the Medicare prescription                       foods that they have helped to prepare.
drug plans and special enrollment periods, visit                 Be a good role model. Moms and dads or call 1-800-MEDICARE                             often tell their kids to eat healthy but
(1-800-633-4227; TTY 1-877-486-2048.)                               don’t follow the advice for themselves.
                                                                    Healthy eating is a lifestyle – not a fad.
So this Mother’s Day, help your mom save up to                   Try something new. Set a goal to
$3,600 a year on her prescription drugs. Long                       include one new food or recipe each
after the candy and flowers are gone, the extra                     week.      You’ll soon discover new
help through Social Security will keep on                           favorites to incorporate into family
giving.                                                             menus. When you want your children to
Source: Amy Pribble, Social Security District Manager
                                                                    eat more fruits and vegetables, try a new
                        NUTRITION                                   or exotic variety like mangoes or
               What’s a Mom to Do?                               Freshness and quality are key. Opt for
          Healthy Eating Tip for Families                           fresh, quality products when choosing
                                                                    foods for your family. Fresher foods
Most moms agree that feeding their family well                      provide higher amounts of essential
is very important.     Families juggle busy                         nutrients and taste better when they’re at
schedules that make it difficult to eat together                    their peak.
and don’t leave enough time to shop or cook.                     Stash healthy snacks. Keep healthy,
For many moms, the challenge is a family that                       nutritious snacks in key places at all
doesn’t want to eat healthy foods or is on a                        times – your purse, the car, your desk
limited food budget.                                                drawer. As you run out the door, grab a
                                                                    few healthy snacks – cracker and peanut

          butter, small boxes of cereal, rush fruit,                                   RECIPE
          pretzels or plan popcorn.
         Think creatively to adapt to your                               Carrot Raisin Slaw
          family’s schedule. Try changing the              4 cups grated carrots
                                     time of your          ½ cup raisins
                                     meals so you          ¼ cup salad dressing (mayonnaise type)
                                     can have at           3 tablespoons thawed, unsweetened orange juice
                                     least      four               concentrate
                                     family meals          5 tablespoons plain low-fat yogurt
          per week.        Accommodate a busy              ½ teaspoon salt
          schedule by working in a time for a                  1. Combine all ingredients.
          meal. For example, have a tailgate                   2. Mix Well
          picnic before or after a game or practice.           3. Chill until serving time.
         Face dining out challenges head-on.              Makes 6 servings       Cost per recipe: $2.58
          Moms feel restaurants don’t have                 Serving size: ½ cup Cost per serving: 43 cents
          enough variety for their entire family.
          This doesn’t have to be the case.                Nutrition facts per serving: 100 calories; 3.5 g
          Choose restaurants that allow you to mix         total fat; 0.5 g saturated fat; 0 g trans fat; 5 mg
          and match food options that give you the         cholesterol; 290 mg sodium; 17 g carbohydrate;
          control to create a balanced meal for you        1 g dietary fiber; 13 g sugar; 1 g protein; 45%
          and your family.                                 daily value of vitamin A.
                                                           Source: University of Kentucky Cooperative Extension, Nutrition
Source: American Dietetic Association                      Education Program

                    NEW ASISTANTS
                                                           Ovarian Cancer Fund in memory of Lena Belle
EFNEP: Anita Boyd has joined long time                     Dorn and Glen Breeze
assistant, Doris Gifford, in Expanded Foods and
Nutrition Education Program (EFNEP) efforts                                 CLOSING THOUGHT
for Mason County citizens. They provide group
and individual family nutrition education                          Volunteers Make a Difference:
opportunities. Anyone interested may contact               Eager to help in every way,
Doris or Anita at the Extension Office, 564-               Valuable for the role you play,
6808.                                                      Exceptional in responding to needs,
                                                           Ready with all the right words and deeds,
Staff: With Anita’s move to the EFNEP                      You’re dependable as you do your part,
position, we now have a vacancy for Staff                  Always there to show you care,
Assistant. Interested individuals must apply on-           You’ve won our praise as a great volunteer!
line       at       the       UK         website
( The deadline for                  HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!!
applications is May 13th. Call the office at 564-
6808 for more details.
                                                           Debra B. Cotterill
              DATES TO REMEMBER                            Family & Consumer Sciences Agent, Mason
May’s Lick Asparagus Festival:            May 17,                    Raising Kids, Eating Right,
2008                                                                 Spending Smart, Living Well


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