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					                              Oil and Gas Lease Language
                      Things to Consider Before Signing a Lease
The recent increase in well drilling within Geauga County has caught the attention of residents and local governments and
raised concerns about the potential environmental impacts associated with well drilling and the implications of lease language
agreements. Landowners regularly contact, and are contacted by, oil and gas well producers to drill wells on their property. A
landowners’ best defense is to include all concerns pertaining to property, mineral rights, and resource protection in a lease

Seeking Legal Counsel:                                Site assessment:
All prospective landowners considering the            Landowners should discuss any and all property damage that may occur to
installation of an oil and gas well are essentially   crops, fences, trees or other property assets and provide a resolution of
leasing their mineral rights to a producer. A lease   damages in the lease language, should any occur. In addition, landowners
maps out the terms and conditions which solidify      should know how much and which parts of their land will be used for
the     partnership between the landowner, or         access, drilling, production, pipelines, compressors, and short or long term
lessor, and the producer, or lessee. A lease is a     storage or equipment. Finally, landowners should inquire about directional
legal and binding document that, if executed          drilling (defined bellow).
wisely, will protect the property and landowner for
the life of the well. Contacting an attorney          Leases should include language requiring the leaseholder to comply with all
experienced in oil and gas well lease                 local requirements or recommendations of the most recent version of the
agreements will ensure that the language in the       following:
document will satisfactorily meet the needs of
both the lessor and the lessee.                       •   “Geauga    County       Water     Management       and     Sediment     Control
Landowners interested in having an oil and gas        •   Riparian and Wetland Setbacks as required by Subdivision Regulations
well installed on their property will work closely        or Local Zoning Requirements
with a landman. A landman is the individual           •   Floodplain setbacks through local building codes
responsible for purchasing leases on acreage
                                                      •   Noise Control through local Zoning Requirements
that an oil company thinks may contain oil and
gas. A landman may or may not be independent.
An independent landman will assign an oil and         It is strongly encouraged that a copy of the regulations listed above are
gas well lease to another company. Landowners         inserted into the lease agreement.
should obtain references and background
information on landmen and the companies they         Definitions:
represent before agreeing to terms and                Cash Bonus – An up-front one time payment paid upon signing the lease or
conditions in a lease. Lessors may also want to       prior to commencement of drilling the well.
consider the following before establishing the
conditions of the lease:                              Primary Term – The number of years that a lease is in effect before drilling
                                                      occurs. This is usually no more than two (2) years.
•   Can a higher rental payment be received
                                                      Secondary Term – The length of a lease after a well is drilled, usually lasts
    while the well is actively drilled?
                                                      as long as the well produces a commercial quantity.
•   When does the company intend to start
    drilling?                                         Pooling or unification – A provision that allows the lessor’s land to be
•   Can the terms of the lease be renegotiated at     combined with adjoining lands to form a drilling unit.
    any time?
•   What is the primary term for the lease?           Delay Rental – Annual rental payments paid to the lessor after the first year
                                                      of the primary term, usually on a per acre basis.
Many leases contain a clause that allows the          Royalty – The share of production from your property. In a lease, this is
producing company to assign or sell your lease to     referred as a fraction, usually 1/8 of the value of the oil and/or gas produced
other firms.      Be sure that the language           and sold.
established in the original lease will apply if the
lease is reallocated to another company.              Shut-in Royalty – Payment in lieu of a production royalty. Paid when a well
                                                      is “shut-in” (capable of production, but no producing), for maintenance or
                                                      other reasons.
                                                      Termination – Occurs when the primary term expires or when economic
                                                      production ceases during the secondary term.
                                                      Free Gas – An annual allocation of gas to the lessor for domestic heating
                                                      purposes. This is commonly 200,000 cubic feet or more per year and goes
                                                      to the person upon whose land the well is located.
                                                      Directional Drilling – Drilling that is not directly vertical. The drilling direction
                                                      changes to horizontal drilling to better locate the oil and/or gas product.
                             Oil and Gas Lease Language
            Things to Consider Before Signing a Lease (Cont’d)
Productivity:                           Restoration:                                                                    References:
A “free gas” provision may be           The lease should also include language
included in the lease language.         specifying standards for site reclamation after
Free gas is an annual allocation of     the well has been installed and plugged.
gas to the lessor for domestic
purposes. Should gas usage              The lessor should reserve the right to
exceed the amount of gas stated in      purchase the well at the time the lessee
the lease, the lessor should be         desires to abandon it, including a clear
able to purchase additional gas at      methodology for determining residual value
the current well head price.            written in the lease.
                                                                                                                        ODNR-Division of Mineral Resources
The lessor must also consider what      The lessee should and can be required to                                        Management
will happen to the well once it is no   restore the property disturbed by drilling                                      2045 Morse Road-Building H-3
longer economically viable for an       operations as close to its original condition as                                Columbus, Ohio 43229-6693
oil and gas well company. Often         practical.                                                                      614-265-6633
times the well can still supply the                                                                           
needs of domestic uses. If this is      Before signing a lease, any landowner                                           index.html
the case, the landowner/lessor          considering the installation of an oil and gas
may consider assuming ownership         well should seek legal council.                                                 Ohio Oil and Gas Association
of his/her well. Once ownership is                                                                                      (OOGA)
assumed by the landowner,                                                                                               1718 Columbus Road SW (St. Rt. 16)
plugging the well is now the                                                                                            P.O. Box 535
landowner’s responsibility if and                                                                                       Granville, Ohio 43023
when the well no longer produces.                                                                                       740-587-0444
Near the end of a well’s life, gas
                                                                                                                        New York State Landowner’s Guide
companies may operate the well
                                                                                                                        to Oil and Gas Leasing
only one day per year to meet
ODNR requirements for active
wells so that they do not have to
cap the well and reclaim the site.                                                                                      Drilling for Oil and Gas in Northeast
Lessors should specify in their                                                                                         Ohio—A Landowner’s Guide and Due
lease agreement that the lessee                                                                                         Diligence Checklist
provide an annual financial                                                                                             Christopher Eiben
statement indicating production         Information for this publication taken in part
and net operating expenses. In          from A Landowner’s Guide to Oil and Gas                                         Oil and Gas at Your Door?
addition, the lease should stipulate    Leasing published by NY State DEC,                                              A Landowner’s Guide to Oil and Gas
that the document becomes null          Landowners and Leasing for Oil and Gas in                                       Development 2nd Edition
and void if the well is not             Ohio published by ODNR-DMRM, Drilling                                           Chapter III-Tips for Landowners
economically productive in any two      for Oil and Gas in Northeast Ohio published                                     Oil and Gas Accountability Project
(2) consecutive years. If a lease is    by The Research Group, Inc., Chap. III Tips
voided, ODNR can order the driller      for Landowners, Oil and Gas at Your Door?,                                      Negotiating Oil and Gas Leases on
to plug the well and reclaim the        published by Oil and Gas Accountability                                         Indiana Farmland
site.                                   Project.                                                                        Gerald A. Harrison

The landowner’s/ lessor should                                                         Prepared by:
reserve the right to examine all                                         Geauga Soil and Water Conservation District
production records, charts, meter                                                14269 Claridon–Troy Rd.
readings, gas sales contracts, or                                                      P.O. Box 410
any other data connected with the                                                    Burton, OH 44021
well’s production and revenues.                                                   Phone: 440-834-1122
                                                                                    Fax: 440-834-0316

                                                                       Geauga SWCD Mission:
                                           “To conserve, protect, and enhance the resources of Geauga County by providing
                                                             leadership, education, and assistance to all.”

                                               All services are provided without regard to race, religion, gender, age, physical or mental handicap, national origin, or politics.

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