The Ideal Business

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					Welcome to the
Ideal Business
The Ideal Business

              Has the potential to
            reach the world at large
              rather than a single
                or city or state.

            In other words it has an
                unlimited global
               potential to reach
               billions of people!

  Nikken: The Ideal Business

• In 42 Countries with a Goal of 100 Countries
  by the year 2020
• Potential Market of 1 Billion People
• The Business works 24 Hours a Day, even
  while you sleep.
• Operate with a Cell Phone and Laptop
  anywhere in the world

       The Ideal Business

• Offers a service or product which people
  need or desire almost at any price.
• Anyone who sits, walks, sleeps, eats and
  drinks can benefit from using them.
• That is really virtually everyone.

         The Ideal Business

• Markets a product that cannot be easily
  copied. This means that the product is an
  original or, at least, something that can be
  copy righted or patented and is a product
  that will

change peoples lives forever.

      The Wellness Industry

• According to Paul Zane Pilzer, World –
  Renowned Economist.
• He states: The Wellness Industry will exceed
  the $ One Trillion Dollar Health Care
  (Sickness) Industry in the next Ten Years.
• You might wonder why?

      Baby Boomers Is Why

• The Baby Boomers set the buying trends in
  our country: DVD’s, CD’s, I Pods, etc
• The Wellness Business is proactive because
  people voluntarily become customers.
• Mainly to feel healthier and partly to avoid
  becoming customers of the Sickness
  Business. They are also tired of the side
  effects of many of the medications.

        The Ideal Business

• Be in business for yourself but not by
  yourself. You work as a TEAM
• Part Time or Full Time, your choice
• Low Capital Investment to start
• No Ceiling on earnings.
• Residual Income…Leverage!

          The Ideal Business

•   No Boss
•   No Employees = No Payroll
•   No Building to go to work at every day
•   No Set Hours
•   No Inventory
•   No Shipping
•   All this spells FREEDOM

  Nikken: The Ideal Business

• 96% of the population trade time for money.
  Drawback is we all run out of time.
• 3% of the population invest money to make
  money. Problem is you need a lot to invest.
• 1% of the population (Wealthiest) have
  multiple sources of income. ( Nikken) Low
• They earn their money through leveraging
  other people’s efforts as well as their own.
   This results in reproductive residual income

     The Rest of the Story…

According to Salary. com’s 2006-2007
   Employee Job Satisfaction and Retention
   Survey, 62% of employees plan on looking
   for a new job in the next three months.

  1. Underpaid
  2. Lack of opportunity for advancement
  3. No recognition for achievements
  4. Insufficient benefits
  5. Boredom
  Nikken: The Ideal Business

• You determine your income!
• You advance according to your own
  game plan and we train you.
• Lots of recognition!
• Benefits and perks!
• It works for you 24 hours a day…even
  when you sleep!
        Get paid 24 hours a day!
         The Ideal Business

Is one in which your income is not limited by
  your personal output.
You can reach 10,000
 people as easily as
 you can reach one
 through your network!
Everybody Networks!
Very Few get paid for it!
       The Nikken Business

  Nikken is a Multi-Million Dollar Opportunity
  with One Million Wellness Homes around the

76% of all millionaires have multiple sources of
             income and so can you!

      Nikken: The Company

• World Headquarters in Irvine CA
• Established…33 Years ago in 1975
• Global…In 42 Countries at present time
• Stable…5A1 Dun and Bradstreet Rating
• Ground Floor…Less than 2 out of every 1000
  people in the USA have heard of Nikken.
• 1.5 Billion a Year in Sales worldwide
• 40 Million Satisfied Customers!
• Debt Free Cash Rich Company

      The Nikken Business

  Historically when a billion dollar Japanese
  company comes to the USA they never fail!
 Konica, Minolta, Toshiba, Sony, Honda, Toyota,
   to name just a few! Think about it. Timing!

Nikken researches, develops, manufactures and
 markets health and wellness technologies. With
  the amazing track record of all the other billion
 dollar Japanese companies in North America as
   a perspective…Nikken re-defines being at the
          right place at the right time!

The Ideal Distribution System

• Get paid on thousands of people that are sharing their
  stories with other people…around the world!
• Be able to earn Residual Income.
• Your Income continues month after month even as you
• Think about the power of this statement! It is powerful.
• Reproductive Residual Income. Like an oil well that is
  reproducing another oil well day after day!

   Wealth minded people look for and build networks, everyone
    else looks for work, like employees, small company owners,
    professionals, etc.

          Nikken Philosophy

       Promoting the 5 Pillars of Health
•   Healthy Body
•   Healthy Mind
•   Healthy Family
•   Healthy Society
•   Healthy Finances


     Nikken’s Ideal Pay Plan

• You get paid from 5 to 15% on all Nikken
  Products purchased in a Worldwide Network
• Paid on the 15th of Every Month
• All Accounting Done by Nikken – NO
• Information on Your Network available from
  your computer 24 hours a day, anywhere you
  are located Worldwide.
• A Direct Deposit check Into Your Account

       Nikken’s Ideal Perks

• A New Car of Your Choice Paid for by Nikken
  and you pick the type of car.
• Your Home Mortgage Paid For by Nikken
• Lots of Travel and Cruises Available.
• Vacation Time With Family.
• Most of ALL… Your Health!

       You can’t put a price on that.

 Nikken: A Journey of Discovery

• Discover a Nikken Wellness Home
• Discover a Society That Is Sick
• Discover a Life-Changing Opportunity
  – The Power of Duplication
  – Leverage of Time, Talent and Money
  – Reproductive Residual Income
• Discover the Joy of Helping Others

The Ideal Opportunity Is…