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					Student Finance

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      Canterbury College
 What do you have to
      pay for?
• Fees

• Living Expenses

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            Canterbury College
    What do they cost?

• Universities and colleges of
  Higher Education can now
  charge up to £3145 a year
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             Canterbury College
   What help can I get?

• Student      • Scholarships
  Loan for
  Tuition Fees • Sponsorships

                      • Bursaries
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           Canterbury College
Student Loans for Fees
    How is this paid?

• Paid direct to the
  college/university by
  Student Finance England

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           Canterbury College
   Loan Repayment
  How do I pay the Loan

• Repay after you graduate
  and earn over £15,000
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            Canterbury College
• Repay at 9% of income over
  £15,000 threshold (for
  example, with a salary of
  £20,000 you would pay
  back £37.50 per month)

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           Canterbury College
  Repayment Holiday
• Those starting repayments
  in April, 2012 or later will be
  eligible for a repayment
  holiday of up to 5 years.

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              Canterbury College
 Repayment Holiday
• Only the payments will be
  put on hold, the interest
  (linked to inflation) will
  continue to accrue

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            Canterbury College
     Loan Write Off
• Any student loan balance
  left unpaid 25 years after
  they have left their course
  (or maximum of 30 years
  where a full repayment
  holiday has been used)
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             Canterbury College
• Non-repayable support
  offered by the

• Amounts vary – typical
  bursary is £1000
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             Canterbury College
• Additional to Government


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             Canterbury College
   University of
Manchester - Bursary
The award: £1,000 a year
 (includes the minimum
 standard bursary of £300 for
 students who are receiving
 maximum state support)
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            Canterbury College
• Who is eligible:

• All UK students with an
 annual household income
 of up to £27,120.

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             Canterbury College
• Scholarships may be
  awarded by a university or
  college, a business or
  charitable body.

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            Canterbury College
• They are generally awarded
  to students who
  demonstrate or show
  promise of high
  achievement in certain
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            Canterbury College
        Such as:
• academics, athletics,
  music, art or other

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            Canterbury College
  University of Kent

• Academic Scholarships

• Partner Scholarships
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           Canterbury College
• Partner scholarships are
  offered by the University to
  encourage local students to
  continue in Higher
  Education and are available
  to pupils from Partner
  schools and colleges.
           Designed by Aimhigher   19
            Canterbury College
• The University of Kent offers
  25 academic scholarships
  of £1000 - awarded on the
  basis of academic excellence.

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             Canterbury College
      University of
Sports scholarships
• Supports individuals to
  excel in their sporting and
  academic achievements
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             Canterbury College
       How Much?
• The level of support is
  dependent on the level of
  performance but ranges
  from £200 to £2,000.

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            Canterbury College
• Assistance with university
  expenses offered by

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            Canterbury College
• Amounts offered can vary
  from company to company

• Application is to the
  company by CV and
  covering letter
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             Canterbury College
     Living Expenses
      What help can I get?

• Maintenance Grant

• Student Loan for Living
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              Canterbury College
• Special Support Grant

• Other Grants

• Bursaries
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               Canterbury College
   Maintenance Grant

Further information:

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              Canterbury College
   If your household
       income is:
• £25,000 or less = full grant
  (£2835 pa)

            Designed by Aimhigher   28
             Canterbury College
   If your household
       income is:
• Between £25,000 and
 £60,005 = partial grant.

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            Canterbury College
    If your household
        income is:
• Over £60,005 = no grant,
  but you will be entitled to
  take out a student loan.

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            Canterbury College
Student Loan for Living
• To help with living costs

• Attract low rate of interest
  (at inflation levels)
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             Canterbury College
  Amount of loan
   depends on:
–Where you are studying

–Whether you will be living
 at home or not

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          Canterbury College
  Amount of loan
   depends on:
–Your household income

–The amount of
 Maintenance Grant you
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         Canterbury College
Special Support Grant
• A non-repayable grant of up to £2835 for
  new full-time students eligible to receive
  Income Support and other means-tested

                 Designed by Aimhigher         34
                  Canterbury College
  Special Support Grant
• Based on the household’s

• Students eligible for the grant
  will not be eligible for the
  Maintenance Grant
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              Canterbury College
Special Support Grant
• Any Maintenance Loan
  received will not be reduced
  to take account of this Grant

            Designed by Aimhigher   36
             Canterbury College
    Childcare Grant
• For full-time students with
  dependant children in
  registered and accredited

            Designed by Aimhigher   37
             Canterbury College
       How much?

• Up to £148.75 per week for
  your first child and £255 per
  week for two or more

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             Canterbury College
    Childcare Grant
• The amount payable to you
  depends on your household
  income and actual childcare

           Designed by Aimhigher   39
            Canterbury College
   Parents Learning
• Provides help with course-
  related costs for students
  who have dependant
           Designed by Aimhigher   40
            Canterbury College
      How much?

• Up to £1470 a year
  depending on household

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           Canterbury College
  Adult Dependants’
• Amount payable depends
  on your household income
  and the income of your
  adult dependants

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           Canterbury College
       How much?
• Up to £2575 a year for full-
  time students with a
  husband, wife, partner or
  another adult family
  member who depends on
  you financially
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             Canterbury College
  Travel, Books and
  Equipment Grant
• For students up to the age
  of 55 with dependant
  children, you may be
  entitled to support these
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            Canterbury College
       How much?
• Up to £500 to help with
  these costs. This grant will
  not be counted by
  Jobcentre Plus when they
  calculate any benefit
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             Canterbury College
  Disabled Students
• For Full or Part-time Students
  having to meet additional costs
  due to either a disability, a
  mental condition or a
  specific learning difficulty.
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             Canterbury College
  What is available?
• General Disabled Student's
  Allowance (up to £1680 per

          Designed by Aimhigher   47
           Canterbury College
  What is available?
• Specialist Equipment
  Allowance (up to £5030 for
  the whole course, the
  money must be spent only
  on equipment)
           Designed by Aimhigher   48
            Canterbury College
  What is available?
• A non-medical personal
  helper allowance (up to
  £20,000 per year to pay for
  a helper)

           Designed by Aimhigher   49
            Canterbury College
  What is available?
• Travel costs arising from the
  student's disability.

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             Canterbury College
  Part-time Students
• Fee Grant

• Help with course costs

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           Canterbury College
         Fee Grant
• This non-repayable grant
  will be up to £1180 (based
  on household income).
  Students must be studying at
  a rate of 50% or more of a
  full-time equivalent course.
            Designed by Aimhigher   52
             Canterbury College
Help with course costs
• A non-repayable grant of up
  to £255 is available (based
  on household income) to help
  meet the cost of books, travel
  and course expenditure.

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             Canterbury College
 Access to Learning
 Funds and Access
• Who?
• What?
• How?
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           Canterbury College
• Available directly from
  universities to help students
  from lower income
  households with little financial
  support who face financial
  difficulty during their study.

             Designed by Aimhigher   55
              Canterbury College
• Full-time students and part-
  time students whose study
  equals 50 per cent or more
  of full-time study can apply.

• Payment may be as a (non-
  repayable) grant or a short-
  term repayable loan.
            Designed by Aimhigher   56
             Canterbury College
Hardship Funds and
  Hardship Loans
• Who?
• What?
• How?

          Designed by Aimhigher   57
           Canterbury College
• Hardship Loans of up to
  £500 (available direct from
  the University/College) are
  only available to students
  who have already received
  the first instalment of their
  student loan and then find
  themselves in difficulties.
             Designed by Aimhigher   58
              Canterbury College
• Hardship Funds are for
  students who have higher
  than expected costs and
  have usually already received
  a Hardship Loan.
• Payments from the Hardship
  Fund can range from £100
  to £3500. Designed by Aimhigher   59
             Canterbury College
  Getting this money
• PN1 form

• Apply online at
             Designed by Aimhigher   60
              Canterbury College
PN1 Forms Continued
• send in a paper form

• Large print forms also
  available on request

• Deadline
             Designed by Aimhigher   61
              Canterbury College
  Further Information
           Designed by Aimhigher   62
            Canterbury College

            Designed by Aimhigher   63
             Canterbury College
  Further Information
• Dawn Chapman
• Janet Reynolds
• Victoria Perks
           Designed by Aimhigher   64
            Canterbury College
  College Surgeries
• Every Tuesday – 12.30 p.m.
  – 1.30 p.m. LRC top floor

          Designed by Aimhigher   65
           Canterbury College

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