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To submit a prayer request, submit an email to the webmaster.


To submit a prayer request, submit an email to the webmaster.
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Prayer Requests
Beit Tefillah Prayer Requests

Please join us in prayer. These items will soon be placed on the Beit Tefillah

Prayer Requests Page:
Prayer Request
From Emily Harkins (Nov 16th)

My brother Daniel ("Danny Joe") is enroute to the hospital with asthma and allergy problems. Please
pray for healing for him, and that his wife Amber not be stressed and fearful with this situation.

Prayer Request
From Regina (Nov 15th)

My grandma was actually admitted to the hospital last night. Please add her to the prayer
requests....They really don't know what is wrong with her and I don't know that I even understand
what her symptoms are. It seems she is just wearing out. She is 82. Not that that is old, but she is
getting more and more ... feeble?
Prayer Request
From Leo (Nov 9th)
Family and Friends,
A civil complaint have been filed against us from Elijah’s Foster parent on the 19th and the
Juvenile Courts also set up another hearing on the same date. Her complaint is Adrian’s name is
not on the birth certificate, no visitation from any of the family members, and she loves Elijah. The
court hearing is for his adoption.

After much, much, thought and prayer we have come to the conclusion that there has been
deception from the very start. The last time when we were down in San Carlos, AZ we had a
meeting with the director of CPS, Elijah’s case worker, and our case worker. In the course of the
meeting the director said some things he probably didn’t mean to blur out.
1. This was all supposed been done in confidently, but word got out and a relative of my ex-wife
heard about it and she in turn told my sister in-law, who in turn called us.
2. Traditionally the children are given to the mothers side of the family if that doesn’t work than
the relatives, if that doesn’t work than the clan of the family, if that doesn’t work the Tribe, and the
last recourse is non members of the Tribe and at the bottom line is white people (these were his
words). They never intended for us to find out. But we showed up.

As I have stated there’s more to what‘s going on. We need your prayers as we go back down to
San Carlos in two weeks.

One thing I know back in 2006 when the first initial meeting was to take place we were to meet with
both the foster parents and talk about the kids than take the kids for the weekend. We got to San
Carlos around 10:00am and met with the case worker Tonya, she told us that Shamiquia was
already placed with a relative and we were not able to take her. Since Elijah was in School Tonya
said to come back around 2:30 and we’ll meet with Elijah’s foster parent and pick up Elijah. We
went to Globe, AZ for a few hours and we got back to the CPS office at 2:30, we asked for Tonya
and we were told she had gone for the day. The secretary said their driver was going to pick up
Elijah from school. The meeting with the foster parents never took place. In the course of our
conversations over the phone she has been telling us about both kids and how we will meet with
the foster parents and so on. Keep in mind the case worker was supposed to have set all this up.
Shamiquia’s foster parent didn’t even know we were in town until the secretary called her and said
Shamiquia’s grandfather was in town. They came right over and got to meet with Shamiquia.

So we spent a wonderful weekend with our grandson Elijah. We never got to meet Ms. Grimes
because she was not at home when we returned Elijah and could not be reached by phone. After
we left him with Ms. Grimes brother we drove to Gallup, New Mexico to see my family. As we drove
we prayed and decided to go ahead and take the child in. We wanted to know what the next step
was. So the next morning before we left the area we put a call in to the social worker and left
messages for us to return our call. She never did and all week we effortlessly try but to no avail
she didn’t take our calls or returned our calls. By Friday I was upset and I asked to talk to the
director and he got on the phone and said, “Mr. Leonard we don’t know who you are, but if you
want to pursue this matter you will need to go through the Juvenile Courts and get you a lawyer or
a advocate from within the Tribe? What Tonya did was not proper protocol?” So I asked him why
did you let us take Elijah than if you didn’t know who I was? He just said it was a mistake on their

As Abraham called upon the Father. I’m calling upon Him wither if Elijah needs to be with us or he
stay with Ms Grimes. I asked for your prayers for the Fathers will and guidance.
As David face Goliath I’m facing not just the San Carlos CPS, but also the Tribe itself. What they
said they didn’t hold their end and the door is still wide open and it needs to be closed. I asking
prayer also for the Judges favor. I have put all this situation into the Father’s hands.

Brother Leo
Prayer Request
From Leo and Rebecca (Oct 4th)


It didn't go like we thought it would. The Judge looked through the file
and two documentation were not in the file. Death certificate of the mother and
the father giving up his parental rights. Also we need to get an attorney that
can practice law on the Reservation.
Good news we still have Shamiquia with us.

Elijah is going to be a little more of a challenge too. Adrian does not have
his name on the birth certificate, so there might be a blood test or he has to
state that he is the biological father. At this moment we don't know where
Adrian is, see if I can find him tomorrow? Elijah's foster parent also
petition of adoption too.

There are some more information we need to find (vital records) here while
we're here so we might not leave here until Saturday morning? Shamiquia
wants to see her brother and sisters so we are arranging a meeting Friday

From Don and Linda (Sep 17th)
Dear Brethren and Sisters,
   We ask that Rachel Tardif's brother,Rex be lifted up in prayer. He was admitted to
the ICU for chest pain.The heart catherization showed 100% blockage in the left
coronary artery and 90% and 95% in his right coronary arteries!! Open heart surgery is
scheduled next week.Pray that the cardiac surgeons,the open heart team,the ICU staff
and others involved in his care succumb to and be guided by the Holy Spirit while
caring for Rick.We also lift up his family and pray for shalom,forgiveness and teshuva
in the month of Elul.In the name of the Master,the great Physician.Amen and Amen.

From Leo and Rebecca (Sep 16th)

We received the letter from San Carlos Juvenile Courts for the adoption of Shamiquia.
We have a court date on Oct 1st at 2:00pm. Please keep us in prayer for safe travels
and the courts favor. In addition, there may be some progress in adopting our
grandson Elijah. Please lift this up in prayer as well.
Prayer Request and Praise Report
From Shirley (Sep 11th)

A testimony to God's mercy and compassion and to the power of prayer.Amen.

According to the latests CT Scans, cancer is no longer evident in my pelvis as it had been in April. Also,
the lymph node under my right arm that they left to see if the chemo was working is also free of cancer.
Where my liver had "multiple" tumors in April, there are now only 2 and they shrunk from 2 centimeters
to less than 1 centimeter a piece. The only concerning place is in my spine between my shoulder blades.
That area hasn't changed, but I am faithful that there will be improvement there, soon.

The doc did say that because the cancer was in my lymphatic system, that it was in my blood and
tumors could pop up elsewhere. I refuse to accept that word in the name of my Savior Messiah and I
send that back to hell where it belongs. God is very good and prayer is very powerful. I have faith that I
will survive this cancer.

In fact, Tuesday night I was telling Danny that I thought that when this healing is complete, that I would
be called upon to visit churches with my testimony. Sure enough. I spoke to Pastor Ponce last night and
he asked me to come and give my testimony to his church!! I'm waiting on a second witness to see if that
word came to me truly from the Hol y Spirit.

Dr. Grim also said that I will have to have chemo indefinitely. The insurance approved a year, but she
says I will have chemo beyond that. I will take the chemo I'm on until I can't tolerate that anymore, than
they'll use something else. I'm going to ask for a second opinon on that before we lose the house. I'm
asking that the Father heal me completely before the end of the year, so perhaps that won't be a concern
after all.

Also, when I left the clinic, the billing department called me aside. My bill for chemo is already nearing a
6 digit amount for 5 months. They say that the insurance is only paying less than half of that and they are
appealing. I'm on a PPO. They suggested that I may be responsible for the rest of the amount, so please
PLEASE pray that this is resolved in my favor. We're talking about a catastrophic amount of money.

My dryer also went on the fritz. This is the 4th or 5th time sinse we bought the set only 14 months ago. I
have to call and have it repaired. Satan succeeded in robbing my joy for awhile until Danny reminded me
of the miracle that had taken place. Then I became very contrite and repented. I feel so sad that I set
aside my joy so easily and lost my faith over a few meaningless (compared to my life) issues.

We're in Lewisville , TX north of Dallas . Danny called Wed. AM to tell me that he had a training here.
We had to wait to leave until I was finished with chemo at 5PM, so we got a late start. We had a
good and safe trip. Danny just called to tell me that this is a two day class instead of one day, so I'll have
to make some arrangements for an extra night. Fortunately, Danny's meals, gas, and hotel are paid for.
Also, he has a company car to drive. Emily and I are going to stay in the hotel for today, I think. I didn't
sleep well, last night (or the night before) and I'm going to rest. Emily is enjoying the cable TV. We don't
have cable at home. We'll keep Danny's car tomorrow and go mall hopping after we have to check out.
The room is lovely and comfortable. It even has a sofa so can sleep in comfort. Life is good.

We are rejoicing and praising God!!!! Thank you SO MUCH for all standing beside me with all your
faithful prayers!

Peace and Blessing
From Benji and Stephanie West (Sep 14th)

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Our son David Jacob West died this morning. He was born April 11, 2007 and has
returned to be with Yahushuah today. He is a witness to all of you Brethren of things
to come.

We ask for prayer at this time and if the Father leads you, we will need help to pay for
the funeral arrangements, but other than that I am waiting for the message from the
Father that will come soon, and I will be coming to pass this message to you. For
those of you who have stated the Father does not require sacrifice from us please read
the following passages from Yahushuah and seek his forgiveness. The Messiah’s
Mercy is all we have, We are but dirt and will return to dirt.

Matt. 10:34-38
34 "Don't suppose that I have come to bring peace to the Land. It is not peace I have
come to bring, but a sword! 35 For I have come to set 36 a man against his father, a
daughter against her mother, a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law, so that a
man's enemies will be the members of his own household. 37 Whoever loves his father
or mother more than he loves me is not worthy of me; anyone who loves his son or
daughter more than he loves me is not worthy of me. 38 And anyone who does not
take up his execution-stake and follow me is not worthy of me.

Matt. 8:19-22
19 A Torah-teacher approached and said to him, "Rabbi, I will follow you wherever you
go." 20 Yahushuah said to him, "The foxes have holes, and the birds flying about have
nests, but the Son of Man has no home of his own." 21 Another of the talmidim said to
him, "Sir, first let me go and bury my father." 22 But Yahushuah replied, "Follow me,
and let the dead bury their own dead."

Your Brother Benjamin and Stephanie West
101 Green Street
Petal, MS 39465
   Praise Report
From Leo (Sep 7th, 2008)Family & Friends,
        Results of my stress test for my heart. Good news, my heart is still strong and
the pacemaker is doing its job. But in December I go in for another check for the
battery life. If it’s down to 2 months or so they are going to go ahead and replace it.
Thank you for all your prayers and support.

Prayer Request
From All of Beit Tefillah (Aug 28th, 2008)

Please keep JD Kimbrell and Yvette Alley as they train up to deploy in support of
Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Praise Report & Prayer Request
From Wayne & Ceci (Aug 25th, 2008)

Our son Andy and his wife Sofia are expecting their first child in April. This is definitely
a praise, but also a prayer for Sofia and baby's safety and comfort. Earlier this month,
they met with a missions pastor regarding the possibility of going to Kazakhstan. Andy
and Sofia were provided with a three year prep timeline if they felt called to go (and
they do).

Prayer Request
From Kerry Alexander (July 21st)

My son Nehemiah and his girlfriend Jordan were in a car accident. Nehemiah is OK,
but Jordan is in critical condition. Please pray for healing for Jordan and comfort for
her family. (Prayer request relayed by Linda Thomas)
Prayer Request
From Wayne and all of Beit Tefillah (July 15th)

Please continue to keep our sister Shirley and her family
lifted up in prayer.