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									                                    McALLEN ISD
                               BAND BOOSTER COUNCIL
                                  3016 XENOPS AVE.,
                                 McALLEN, TX 78504

May 14, 2007

Dear Sponsor:

On behalf of the McAllen ISD Band Booster Council, we would like to take this opportunity to
thank you for your support for the “CHILDREN” of McAllen ISD through your advertisement

Work has begun on the 2007 football programs, and we hope we can count on your continued
support. The McAllen ISD Band Booster Council is offering you last year’s fantastic
opportunity: advertisement in ALL THREE HIGH SCHOOL football programs at one low
advertisement cost! This enables you to place your personal and/or business ad in over 2500
programs at a very inexpensive rate while, at the same time, supporting the students of our

We are enclosing our current ad price list as well as a contact for your convenience. If you have
further questions, do not hesitate to call any of us.

Once again, thank you for your continued support.


McHi                        Ralph Garcia/President                     956-454-0258

Rowe                        Martha Jones/Secretary                     956-664-9036

Memorial                    Ruben Rodriguez/Treasurer                  956-533-0106

Rowe                        Alicia Mena/Rowe Rep.                      956-655-1097

McHi                        Susan Marie Wenner/McHi Rep.               956-655-1163
                                        McAllen ISD
                                     Band Booster Council
                                      3016 Xenops Ave.
                                      McAllen, Tx 78504

                       2007 Sponsorship Football Program Ad Contract

Name of Sponsor/Company: ______________________________________________

Address: _______________________________________________________________

City: __________________________________________ Zip Code: _______________

Phone: ___________________ Contact Person: _______________________________

2007 Football Program Sponsorship Specification:

       _____   Camera-Ready Art Enclosed
       _____   Use same Ad as last year
       _____   Business Card Attached
       _____   Contact Advertising Agency: __________________________________
                                   Address: __________________________________
                            Contact Name: __________________________________
                                     Phone: __________________________________

2007 Sponsorship:

Size of Ad: ________        Amount of Ad: __________________________________

Deposit Amount: ______________            Balance Due: _______________________


Please make check payable to:      McAllen ISD Band Booster Council
                                   3016 Xenops Ave.
                                   McAllen, Tx 78504

All business Ads will appear in all McAllen Football Programs for all three schools. All Personal
Ads for each school will appear in their particular High School programs, respectively.

____________________________       __________    _____________________       ______
   Sponsor Signature                 Date         Ad Sale Representative      Date
                               2007 Football Program Ad Sales

Page Size                                                        Fee Amount

1/8 ------------------------------------------------------------- $ 125 b/w   $ 175 color

¼ ------------------------------------------------------------- $ 250 b/w     $ 325 color

½ ------------------------------------------------------------   $ 500 b/w    $ 600 color

Personal Ad - Black/White------------------------------- $ 50
     (with a personal note from you to your child)

Full Page         ----------------------------------------------- $ 900 b/w $ 1000 Color

Front Inside Page (colored)------------------------------- $ 1500

Back Inside Page (colored)-------------------------------- $ 1500

Center Bottom Page (colored)---------------------------- $ 1000

Center Side Page (colored)-------------------------------- $ 500

Back Cover (colored) -------------------------------------- $ 2000

    Business Ads will appear in all three High School Programs
    Any Personal Ad with reference to a business will be considered a
     Business Ad and priced accordingly
    Personal Ads will appear in the student’s respective High School Program

               Please return to us or call us no later than August 10th, 2007

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