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					Please enclose a copy of your resume.      Thank You!
                                                       Don Hite Associates
   NAVY GAS SYSTEMS ELECTRICIAN                        Technical Recruiting
     RESUME SUPPLEMENT SHEET                           5903 North Campbell Road
                                                       Otis Orchards, WA 99027
              _____________      DATE: ______________ Phone (509) 921-0497
                                                       Fax (509) 921-0498
   DHA Candidate #: ______       _____________________ Email dha@donhite.com
                                                       Web Site www.donhite.com

   NAME:      ________________________      DUTY STATION: _______________________

   ADDRESS:   ________________________      HOME PHONE:        _______________________

              ________________________      WORK PHONE:        _______________________

              ________________________      EMAIL:             _______________________

   EAOS: _________________       ACTUAL AVAILABILITY FOR WORK: _________________

   HONORABLE DISCHARGE: _______      HOME OF RECORD/HOME STATE: _________________

   MARITAL STATUS: ________      SPOUSE'S NAME/HOME STATE: _____________________

   MOST RECENT EVALUATION: _____________       PREVIOUS EVALUATION: _____________

   EDUCATION:                 Class Rank     DHA Codes:       ____   ____   ____   ____

   __________________     ______________                      ____   ____   ____   ____

   __________________     ______________             Please list either your actual
                                                     or approximate class rank in
   __________________     ______________             each of your Navy Schools as
                                                     either a number (such as 12/24)
   GSE "A" School         ______________             or as a percentage (top 50%).

   ______   ________   __________________    _______________________         __________

   ______   ________   __________________    _______________________         __________
   (Year)   (Degree)        (Major)                 (School)                    (GPA)

   In many cases, employers request contact information after our candidates
   have relocated from their final duty station. For this reason, please list
   a permanent telephone number of a close relative or trusted friend who will
   always be able to get a message to you when you are on terminal leave or
   even several months after you have left the service.

   PERMANENT CONTACT:    ________________________        PHONE:      ___________________

   Please mark all of the following employment categories that are applicable.

   What work will          HEAVY                   LIGHT                      FIELD
   you consider?         INDUSTRIAL ___          INDUSTRIAL ___              SERVICE ___

   What shifts will           DAYS                    SHIFT                  ROTATING
   you consider?              ONLY    ___             WORK       ___          SHIFTS ___

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Please enclose a copy of your resume.   Thank You!


   Current Navy Grade of E-____         Total Years Experience at EAOS      ____
   (E-4, E-5, E-6 etc.)

   ____   Engineering Officer of the Watch        ____   Leading Petty Officer
   ____   Propulsion/Auxiliary Console Operator   ____   Work Center Supervisor
   ____   Electric Plant Console Operator         ____   Classroom Instructor
   ____   Central Control Station Watch           ____   Training Petty Officer
   ____   Engine Room Operator                    ____   Master Training Specialist
   ____   Engine Room Equipment Monitor           ____   Gage Calibration Coordinator
   ____   Main Power Distribution Operator        ____   Quality Assurance Inspector


   In marketing you to all of our corporate
   clients, it is important that we know
   where you would like to go, where you
   will go for a good opportunity, and where
   you will not go under any circumstances.

   Please use the United States Map to list
   your geographical preferences, alternate
   areas of considerations, and undesirable
   locations by using one of two methods:

   Either, shade the map as follows:                 NOTE: Please choose carefully.
                                                           You will be marketed in
                                                           only those areas that
     Blacken all Desirable Areas:                          you shade in as being
     Cross-hatch Alternate Areas:                          either a Desirable or an
                                                           Alternate Geographical
     Leave blank Undesirable Areas:                        Area of consideration.

   Or, list all nine geographical areas and/or individual states under one of
   the following:

      Desirable Areas:    ____________________     NOTE:    If you are completely
                                                            open as to relocation,
      Alternate Areas:    ____________________              just write "Open" under
                                                            Desirable Areas.
      Undesirable Areas: ____________________

   I certify that the professional information provided is true and accurate.

                              ___________________________          ______________
                                      (Signature)                      (Date)

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