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									Swimming Pools, Spas and Pool Fencing
Development Guide
To install an above ground or in-ground swimming pool or spa you will most likely
require approval from Council under the Development Act 1993, (Development

Development approval is made up of two types of consents known as the Development
Plan Consent (Planning) and the Building Rules Consent (Building). You can make the
application for both of these together or separately with the Alexandrina Council.

The Building Rules Consent (Building) can be provided by a Private Certifier instead of
Council if you wish.

Current Regulations
New swimming pools
Swimming pools built after 1 July 1993 must comply with the Building Code of Australia
(BCA). The BCA includes provisions which require child resistant doors and windows
where they open directly into the pool enclosure.

Existing swimming pools
All private pools built before 1 July 1993 must comply with the Swimming Pools (Safety)
Act 1972. The Act requires, as a minimum, fencing at least 1.2 metres high which
restricts access from outside the property. Suitable barriers which restrict access from
the house are a preferred option which also complies with the Act. A swimming pool
includes a paddling pool and a spa pool, but not a spa bath.

Does it require approval?
A swimming pool requires approval, unless it:
• has a depth not exceeding 300mm; or is an,
• above ground or inflatable swimming pool–not incorporating a filtration system.

Above ground or inflatable pools that incorporate filtration systems which are dismantled
and reinstalled do not need further approvals after the initial approval provided they are
placed in approximately the same location within a two-year period.

A spa pool will require approval if it has a maximum capacity exceeding 680 litres or is
located within a Local or State Heritage Place.

How do I make an application?
You can make an application by lodging a Development Application form and other
relevant information to the Council and paying a lodgement fee. The application form is
available from the Council Offices at Goolwa and Strathalbyn.

To avoid unnecessary delays, make sure you include the following information with your

1. Site plan details (provide 3 copies)
You must provide the following details on a properly scaled site plan, drawn to a
recommended scale of 1:200 (minimum scale 1:500), A4 or A3 showing:
• all boundaries of the site including measurements and site area;
• location of existing buildings on the site;
• any easements on the property;
• north point and scale;
• location of proposed pool or spa (including distances to boundaries and other buildings
   located on the property);
• details of cut and/or fill; and,
• a copy of the Certificate of Title.

2. Building plans (provide 3 copies)
The plans must be drawn to a scale of at least 1:100 showing:
• location of safety fencing and protection of openings to pool area including details of
   latches on gates and openings;
• location of pump and filtration equipment including second pump intake point;
• construction details;
• manufacturers/engineers design details and calculations;
• plumbing layout and location of shut off valve;
• builder’s indemnity insurance certificate (where costs exceed $12,000); and
• construction industry training levy form (where costs exceed $15,000).

Note1: The plans submitted for building consent must be consistent with the approved
       planning consent plans.
Note2: Where an in-ground pool is proposed to be located near the boundary of the
       property notice must be given to the adjoining owner under Section 60 of the
       Development Act allowing them 28 days notice of any proposed cut or filling that
       may affect their land.
Note3: Permission from SA Water is now required before filling a pool.

How long does it take?
Council will deal with swimming pool applications as quickly as possible. If additional
information is needed it may take longer than usual.

How much does it cost?
A lodgement fee, a building fee and planning fee will be charged. As fees vary each year
contact the Alexandrina Council on 8555 7000 for the latest rates set by the State

In some special cases a referral consultation fee or public notification fee is required.
Council staff will advise you if this is necessary.

The above information is advisory and a guide only to give you a general understanding
of the key points associated with the approval system. It is recommended that you seek
professional advice or contact the Alexandrina Council regarding any specific enquiries
or for further assistance concerning the use and development of land.

Being properly prepared can save you time and money in the long run.

Telephone: (08) 8555 7000
Facsimile: (08) 8555 3606

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