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									            Sutton Middle School Capital Expenditure* Request Form

Every school year the Sutton Middle School PTA operates within a budget that has been approved by the
general membership to promote programs and events that benefit all SMS students. Thanks to a lot of
hard work, and the generosity of our supporters, this year the PTA is fortunate that our fundraising efforts
will exceed our budget. After the budget expenses have been met, the PTA will use the remaining funds
for capital expenditures*.
As a member of the SMS PTA we would like your input regarding which capital expenditures should be
considered. Each request that is received (including the ones listed below) will be researched by the
Capital Expenditure Committee for cost and feasibility. The Committee will present their findings to the
PTA membership at the Coffee Talk on Wednesday, April 2, and a vote will be taken to determine how
the money will be spent.
Please let us know what improvements you would like to see happen at SMS by filling out this form
and returning it to the “PTA Grants” mailbox in the Copier Workroom by Friday, February 29.

        Some Capital Expenditure requests that have been received include…
       High speed digital copier for Copier Workroom
       Volleyball net and equipment
       Resurface tennis courts
       Washer and dryer for school sports programs
       Replace brick wall along Jett Road sidewalk
       Wrestling mats
       Track around lower (football/soccer) field

        Please Complete;

        Requestor:                                                                                Date:___________________

        E-mail:                                                                                   Phone:_

        I am available to serve on the Capital Expenditure Committee;                                        Yes                    No

        Prioritize from highest to lowest. Also please include any helpful information such as possible resources,
        vendors, contacts, approximate cost, etc.

    1. _____________________________________________________________

    2. _____________________________________________________________

    3. _____________________________________________________________

                    Contact Kathryn Proffitt at or 404.705.9319 with any questions.

        *Capital Expenditure is money spent for acquiring or upgrading physical assets creating future benefits for Sutton Middle School
        students, faculty and administration. Sutton Middle School’s capital expenditures are generally made to purchase furniture or fixtures,
        computers, technical equipment or upgrades, sports equipment or uniforms and building or grounds improvements.

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